Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 29

Dear Family,
Well I am very very excited that Eddie made the choice to be baptized sounds like he had quite the turnout for his baptism and party afterwards. What I would give to have 3 different members of the youth to participate in the ordinances. I know he'll have a lot of support and be a great future missionary. But continue to make sure he stays in the church Heston get him to do baptisms for the dead and read with him at the barn, get him to every Weds. night activity, and get him going on family history he'll have name after name that he can take of his own ancestors. Activity in the church is the key keep him active at the church and in the gospel.
But this week was a good one. We will be having a baptism coming up this week with A. We found out he grew up in Distrito de Federal. but was born in Nejapa de madero, Oaxca. So if Sam you know the geography you can help the family know where that is. Also Al is progressing really well they both came to church this Sunday and are both excited to continue to come to church. It's such a blessing working with people that are willing to keep there commitments. We've had no problems setting those b.d.'s it's just getting those people to do their own work, use their agency, and act has been our struggles but we'll be looking good to get these people baptized and maybe a few potentials at the end of August.
But something I learned this past week is basically if someone reads in the book of mormon they're going to progress and get baptized. And it's the same with us as we strive to live in the gospel if we read each day we'll overcome our obstacles that are in our lives. If we don't we're on our own. There's a promise in Msh 2:41 if we keep the commandments we'll be blessed both temporally and spiritually if we don't we won't and it's a commandment to read in the scriptures. We shouldn't put them "at rest" (don't know the reference offf top of my head but it's in alma) Creo..... But as we read each day we will be blessed each day and as we don't we won't it's as simple as that so family continue to strive to read the b.o.m each day and be blessed.
But I love you all hope you have a great week and yes I did get the letters from sunday school, the day I sent my last e-mail. haha
Con amor Elder Hobbs

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