Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 26

Well I Forgot my camera so sorry about not getting those pictures I promised to send but next week i'll try my best. The library here in Brownsville will be able to send them with ease so be expecting them next week. But hmmm.... We already just talked yesterday so what do I have to say to you today??
Elder Carling just ended up getting the missionary that I replaced here in Brownsville we did a little switch-a-Rue. 
 What more can I say about Brownsville.... There are so many beautiful Rasacas (which are little Rivers) and there's a ton of ducks and turtles I have yet to see a Gator. And like I said the people in my area are pretty well off compared to San Benito there is one trailer park in my area here and it's actually pretty nice. There's no mounds of garbage or what not. And we have a lot of members in this area probably double of my last area and it was hard enough keeping track of them over there. I can onlly imagine how missionary's in Utah feel. 

But speaking of missionary's in Utah have they received a lot more cuz I remember hearing about the 40 day fast for new misssionary's to come to the area so i'm just a little curious about that. And yeah I'll be excited to maybe go hit up some stores and get some soccer jersey's on P-Day. We played a little bit of soccer last monday for the zone activity so you may have to send me some cleats. Jk. But I'm very very exictied about my area here I hope you didn't get a bad vibe from me because all I talked about was San Benito in the call. There's a ton of potential here we just gotta harness it. We have a lot of part members and a young family we found last week by helping them in there yard hauling around some dirt or what not so we'll have to get on them. But I have a feeling the lord we'll leave me here in Brownsville for a while I just hope I get to have a comp for longer than 1 transfer i've been flying through them.
I love you guys and it was great talking with you all it seemed to fly by at a milliona miles an hour. Have a great week and I love you all. 
Enjoy the Holidays.
Elder Hobbs

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Dear Family,

     Well Christmas came early for me here in San Benito.... I found out on last Friday I will be being TRANSFERED!!! to the country club area in Brownsville and I'll be breaking in my bike I've only been riding on Saturday's. haha and honestly I've felt the last two weeks that I would be being transfered for some odd reason.  But it's been a great 2 transfers at Sanny B and I haven't made it two transfers with any of my companions yet and I am actually going to be put with an elder who's either on his last or second to last transfer so I may only get one with him too.
     This last week has been pretty sad to say so many goodbye's to so many people I love. Some day I hope to return to my birth place here in Texas and to see how far the branch has sky rocketed. I'll be leaving 3 part members and a family of 3 on track to be baptized in January..... So it's selfish of me to say I don't want to leave because I want to be there for the people I've found and started to teach. I know it's what the lord wants and I've done what I could for this area and it's time to start a new chapter in my mission over in Brownsville and maybe hit a few tie bodegas when the tie fast gets lifted up. Haha but let me tell you what has made my mission up to this point.
     When I first got here the branch president wanted me and Elder Smith to go over to one of the part member families and start teaching the father who is not baptized and the plan was for the gringo who can't speak spanish to ask him why he wasn't baptized and win over his heart for not being able to speak. haha I thought I did a pretty good job at giving him quite a bit to laugh at as I tried teaching and talking with him. haha but me and Elder Smith taught him quite a bit and me and Elder Carling have taught him here and there and he just would say "No siento listo" (I don't feel ready) and just kept saying that everytime we brought up baptism with him and the first approach me and Elder Smith took with him was to explain the book of Mormon simply through the Introduction so we did and he said thanks elders I'm glad you explained it to me or what not and we hadn't talked with him for about a week or two and next thing you know he's asking us questions about the vision in the book of Jacob. Haha but long story short we were at the branch cookout with all the families there and he was there with his family (this is on Saturday). I came over and told him I was leaving and that I was going to miss him a ton and I'll never forget the look in his eyes and what he said whether I understood every single word he said to me or not.... He said Hermano I did what you said I've prayed and I feel ready. He said "My wife's birthday is on the 20th of December and I'm going to tell her I want to be baptized" I about started crying and I hugged brother Rosas and Said Hermano no puedo explicar como yo siento ahorita en espanol y si usted puede entender ingles todavia no puedo explicar and gave him a hug. That made my mission to hear that and to see the look on his face and to imagine how happy his family is going to be to hear this news. They are all so active and just missing one thing a father who has the priesthood and that's going to be the best Christmas gift they'll ever receive.... He also thanked me for the love and patience we showed him and the things we taught. He is the first person I want to see when I come back to san Benito someday.... You may now know why I don't want to leave but I'm not the first missionary to suffer a heart breaking transfer and I won't be the last. it's time to move on and take what I learned here and take it to Brownsville. That's all life is when it comes down to it..... Leaving..... and going somewhere else whether it's physically or spiritually. As I've went around in the car the last couple of days it has felt the same as my last couple of rides around West Weber and I've come to realize I'm leaving home again.
But I love you guys hope all is well sounds like everyone's got so many things going on and tell Alli I said Congrats. And tell Levi he doesn't have his good luck mate on the boat with him. haha but love you guys and I'll be calling Christmas night from 7  Texas time or later so whatever time that is in Utah. And it could so happen to be on  Christmas Eve depending on what my new comp wants to do. and please answer your phone mama. haha love you guys a ton. estoy animado para comunicar con mi hermano y hermana y no make fun de mi tex mex. por favor. And I got my package.
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 10

Dear Family,,
Sounds like the usual everyone has crazy stuff they're doing back home. haha But yeah so this week has been so great we have so many people who are very interested and very solid investigators we have a few part member families we're working with and we're looking at reactivating some families with kids that haven't been baptized (which is usually a pretty good driving factor for parents). But our golden investigators right now are S and her 3 kids F, V, and D also a few part member families and other refferals. But it's interesting how all of our solid people and progressing investigators are THROUGH MEMBERS!!!! I've really had such a testimony builder on member missionary work since I've been out on my mission and seen what works and what doesn't work. Some pretty interesting words from our Mission President "You Elders need to become the mission president's of your areas and assign different members different commitments and involve them and oversee the missonary work they do in your area" (Paraphrased) and as i've seen us involve the members and seen the work they've put in it has really been a blessing for our area for our district. We're looking at baptising 2 or 3 families and a few other investigators THROUGH members. It's really the most effective way and the way missionary work is intended to do. I would invite you to read the page's in PMG 12 and 13 (I think) on missionary work quotes from the prophets. Each one has members involved in some way so I'd just like to invite you to set goals with the missionaries of who you can share the gospel with and ask them how you can do it. If there's any questions "Ask the missionaries" But I've just seen the blessings of the fruits of members here in San Benito and I want to see that in my family when I get home. So I'd encourage you for a family home evening this week to make a list of all the people who are not members. Prayerfully seek for guidance on which people you should invite to learn about the restored gospel and then contact the missionaries.
So that's my family committment for the week. But I love you all it's been a blessing to be on the misisona I love every second y mi espanol es todavia mal per lo mejor es puedo communicar pero tengo mas trabajo hacer. Estoy muy animado para dar una llamado y hablar con mi nativos hermanos. Hijole!!! Nos Vemos
Vaya con dios.
Con amor, Elder Hobbs

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Dear Family,
     Korny packages coming my way sounds like I got a treat. Haha and speaking of packages the Parslow's sent me some with a bunch of treats let them know they were edible and I loved them and soon became the most popular guy in the apartment. haha But I actually didn't get the chance to make it to the Christmas devotional this year.  Sounds like everyone's having a blast back at home.  i'm still not as fluent as i'd like I can say about anything i'd like but I just can't quite understand everything maybe Sam and Saren could throw me a few suggestions via e-mail for next week. 
But where do I start with this week....... just a quick thought I want to ask forgiveness to mi madre for asking why you wouldn't let us buy that book at Nauvoo.  I can see now how people can be affected when they accept non doctrinal things as doctrine. This last week we found a hidden less Active's house and it turned out she was a descendant of Joseph Smith and was the lady who in the conference of 2008 ran up and tried to give the prophet the sealed portion she had found on the internet. she was telling us all these crazy beliefs and we finally just said we gotta go it's sad to see what Satan can do to some people and when people depend on their own knowledge rather then God's knowledge.  So  madre it was a good lesson to monitor what we read and make sure we are preaching and teaching TRUE DOCTINE because in this area there's millions of churches and everyone just puts their own spin on the bible and what not and then "Bam" Satan's got his chains on you.
Ok.... minus that thought. haha this week was awesome me and Elder Carling are really starting to figure things out and we got quite a few investigators we had 5 investigators at church this last week so we were very very excited the only problem is nobody has dates yet. But we are really starting to get the people we need, we are getting the branch involved and we are working on setting goals for missionary work in the branch since we just got a new president who is super missionary minded. It's amazing what can be accomplished when everyone is on the same page and working together. Members are so crucial when it comes to missionary work so I'd just like to challenge the family to set a goal for the next year to baptize another Family or Friend or something. And when I say Baptize them that means fellowship someone, and point them to the missionaries and offer the home for a place to take them to teach. So that's my missionary committment for the family this week.
But man I can now say I really do love the people here in San Benito with my whole heart there's so many members and investigator's that are so awesmome and it's such a great oppurtunity we have as missionaries to not be strangers it's like the first time in my life where I feel like I have a badge to be able to just talk to people I've never seen before in my life and befriend them and love them. That has to do with my calling but also is a sense of mind But anyways..... We have thiese 2 super cool part member familys that I just love to death they we are working with both of their families and the kids are awesome the parents are awesome and they love the missionaries it's such a blessing to be with them. One of the families is A R's family she is divorced but we are working with her parents that are also divorced and A's kids are super super good kids and basically help us teach lessons R and D.  I need to get a picture of them and send them to you guys. Also the M family we are working on another one of her kids wtih the hopes of the father wanting to sit down with us sometime. And I just gotta finish by telling you about my favorite guy I've found so far. His name is Ch and he has one eye. haha he's about 75 and just has that old man attitude like Grandpa Val but just likes to talk a lot more and tell stories to us. He's explained how all churches have let him down through his whole life and how everyone teaches things but no one lives them and he refuses to call us elders. because he said we are not old enough. he loves to read the bible and we are working on him getting immersed in the BoM we just gave it to him and said we'll be back in a week and half. haha I'll have to tell you more about him when we follow up on it but I just feel like my heart goes out for the guy and I want to help him so much he just doesn't quite understand it yet. he just thinks I'm another wolf in sheeps clothing. But anyways I gotta go I hope you enjoyed the long e-mail i'm starting to get quicker at reading everything it seems like a race when I get to the library. 

haha Love you guys keep loving life and don't forget to read and study together have a great week! 
Take Care!]
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26

 I cannot tell you how proud I am to see those pictures of HESTON knocking down a swan!!!!! How awesome is that. But everything sounds awesome back home.  
     Well things have been great here in San Benito. As I said I got a new companion and it's been such a growing experience to have to "put my team on my back" here and there as Levi would say. But it really has been great it's definitly got me out of my comfort zone and made me work on planning things. Haha this last week has been awesome we had a great holiday we had 3 meals with different members and actually found 4 brothers on the holiday's that are in a heavy metal Christian band. haha we are trying to work with them but they're stoaked enough for us to just pass by they think we are good luck but my Thanksgiving was great. 

Things have been flying by it's crazy to even look back at my life before everything seems like a dream. haha it's finally hitting me that I'm not a salesman and I'm a missionary I got my eyes opened up on an exchange with one of our zone leaders and I'm pretty excited about a lot of the ideas he had for our area. 

Well that's all for this week  I love you guys and hope you have a great holiday. Feed the missionary's!!! And get them referrals and Sam you'd make a pretty good member present so don't be afraid to offer them your services and talents. 
Love you all
Elder Hobbs

November 19

Dear Family,
     Well hmm where do i start...... This week has been full of it's ups and downs and it's just been awesome with the new change up and having to step it up and plan things out where to go who to talk to and introduce everyone.  My Spanish is getting there it’s still a little rough but it's a lot better then day one. But you'll never guess where my companion is from......... He went to Weber High and lives by Orion jr. haha He's awesome and was a drummer before the mission and it's funny because there's a few people we both know.

     But sounds like things are all awesome back at home I'm excited for you all to go visit “The Idahoans” iIve been struggling to get some letters rolling to everyone back home so tell them I'm sorry for not writing them yet but to be expecting a letter very soon. You definitly learn how to juggle your time on the mission and I still haven’t quite mastered that one (not even close). hahah

     Let me tell you about the week... It was a pretty interesting first planning session when my new companion looks at me like what are we doing tommorow. haha It's def. been quite an adventure and have had to get out of my comfort greeny zone in order for us to have a full schedule every day. I can even say i know how to make phone calls to people even in Spanish sometimes! But hmmm... me and elder Carling have been on to a lot of new potential investigators and have done a pretty good job finding new people we just gotta get them a little more committed everyone wants to hear more about Jesus Christ down here they just don't want to show their faith through their actions. And it's sad to see those who are so deep rooted in anther religion to not follow God.

This was a sweet experience, we were driving by a house at night and I thought oh that was a refferal from a potential investigator let's go talk to him. We pulled over said a little prayer and got out of the car and a guy already opened the gate and said come on in. He was like beaming with excitement because he said he just prayed for guidance in his life and we showed up so he already knew we were his answer to his prayers. So we taught him a first lesson, then got him accepted to come to church and the next day his congregation showed up with his preacher and told him they didn't know he was out of prison and of course he told them the mormon’s came by and so now we’re into a little battle of decisions with our new friend R. And he's moving so we have a lot that came up against us but we also have a lot on our side we our just trying to prepare him for the missionaries in a different zone but it's just so cool to just show up and answer someone's prayers and it's not even like we  did anything out of the ordinary. It was one of my favorite moments so far we just gotta do a little teaching. haha but that's all for today my time is about up.

I love you all,
Elder Hobbs

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12

Mi Familia,
      It's been nice to see how everyone's doing and good to hear Heston's keeping Sam on the Ball. It sounds like things are still going well at home, and yes I got dad and Sam's letters.
But this has been quite the week so first off...... My companion had a training for 3 straight days and in San Benito we live with two other elder's and the other companinonship is training a greeny too. So for 3 straight days I got to work with another greeny while our trainers were at leadership conference. haha And it was quite an experiece, we actually saw a lot of success we found about 6-7 people interested and the only problem is they're in the other elder's Area. So we had quite the time speaking to people in spanish. That was the good part of the week. haha Then after leadership conference my comp found out he's getting transferred to be a zone leader and that I'll be getting a step dad/Breaker so Im going to have to teach him the area and introduce him to the members that I still pretty much don't know, so it'll be an adventure I'm excited. haha. But a mission is so full of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We ended up getting the boot from a family and now my trainer's getting transferred. So it's time to buckle down, step up to the plate the best I can and put complete trust in the lord. I'm excited for the challenges coming up and the lessons there are to learned. And I know "If" I do my part "then" the lord will do his.
But all is well in the mission I'm loving it and am still as excited as ever to be here I can't get enough of personal study in the mornings that hour seems to just fly by. But my spanish is still a little shaky but this next transfer starting on tomorrow I've got some goals I've been thinking of to work with my new trainer to get things rolling Necesito hablar todo tiempos mediante el dia. And I think i'm only going to write Saren and Sam in spanish from now on in order to practice more so you may have to be patient with me. haha But I love you guys have another great week and keep firm to your foundation. 
Love you all.
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5

Dear Family,
     It's crazy to hear where the Lord has planned for all my friends to be and I'm proud of everyone for answering the prophet's and the Lord's calling. The Lord is hastening his work and we should do the same. Man it's such an exciting thing for everyone to receive a call.  Pres. Trayner said the applicants have gone from 600 a week to 6000. Haha there's going to be greenies all over I'm excited for everyone.
But it's good to hear how everyone's doing back home I hope all is well with everyone and that everybody is staying strong to their callings and helping the missionary work progress back in Utah. 
Things are going well here in Sanny B we got to eat some homemade tamales that were amazing luckily one of the elders in our apartment is vegitarian so there was plenty to go around. haha We received some sweet referrals these past weeks from some members and the work can progress so much faster when the ward helps out the missionaries I have a very strong testimony on this because we basically have not found anyone on our own efforts everything has been through the Branch members. 
But I wanna just share a quick story on how our examples can effect people. We've been meeting about once a week with this recent convert family the Garcia's and they're a solid family and the kids are all so well behaved and they are from Mexico so I get to practice my spanish with them quite a bit. haha but anyways we've met with them and helped them get going in the church and the kids are just so strong and active and love being at church and one of the daughter's is 7. She has a friend at school that is her best friend a non member and the girl's mother loves her and one day was curious about why she was so happy, loving, smart, and had a glow about her. So she asked this girls mom. So sister Garcia talked about how the church has helped them so much and have taught them great things and then their whole family is now investigators because one 7 year old girl befriended a non member girl and invited her to church and to sing in the primary program.

So my invitation to all who reads this is to just be an example. Everyone recognizes us when we are doing the right things. And sadly enough they also recognize when we do bad things. As members our actions should never ever come in the way of a conversion of someone else.
So that's about it for the week love you guys and i'm excited for the new missionaries.
Elder Hobbs

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th

Well sounds like life in Utah is amazing almost as good as it is in Texas. I'm excited to hear everyone is getting work done and being active. It's crazy to think back to my old life and how lazy I was and how I feel now like I didn't accomplish anything before the mission. haha But Halloween's just around the corner it's crazy to think this'll be my first halloween out of Utah but hey it's all about the adventure. We actually will be done working at 6:30 so we'll get the oppurtunity to study some spanish for 3 hours in our apartment. Man I'm stoaked for Josh and Jorge I'm excited for them to be able to participate in the lord's work there's nothing as rewarding in life as a mission I've come to realize. 
But let me share a quick experience with you all you'll have to forgive me I'm a little short on time and I couldn't get the picture to go through. This last week I had my first BAPTISM with JM and it was the coolest thing ever. I got to baptize him too his mom felt like I needed to be broken in.  But the ordinance you know flew by like a flash I kinda wished it woulda lasted a little longer and would have been one of those breath taking spirtual events so I was a little disappointed that I couldn't feel the spirit as strong as I woulda liked. But after the baptism when the president of the branch was welcoming him into  the ward he asked him what's next........ he answered "I get the Holy Ghost, then pres asked then what........."I get the priesthood" again....... "I get to go on a mission" Man when I heard those words I about cried to think our teachings have given him the desires to do what we are doing and to bless other peoples lives I felt like I got a glimpse of a future that I helped someone shape it was amazing. Also another thing that made me about cry was something his mom said. She was sharing a comment to the Pres. she said "I know God and Jesus Christ are the most loving people to turn to and help you out  but the missionary's come next." And man it was everything that I've pictured a mission to be and I feel like my mission could be complete if I came home tommorrow (But don't worry i'm not!! haha).
It's just awesome to see the fruits of our labors here in San Benito and to see the effect we have as missionaries and as representitives of christ. As missionaries in some occasion we are HIM to THEM and that's the concept that sometimes blows my mind. To hear people's problems and to hear what they have to say sometimes shatters my soul. To hear them say What do I do or where do I go? and they expect a 19 year old kid to tell them the answer but I'll tell you what it's not the 19 year old answering those questions it's the master of whom he represents so Josh and Jorge and LLoyd and whoever is preparing for the mission realize this is not about you it's about whom you represent and start focusing your time now and giving time to the lord in order to shape your back and to be able to listen to the promptings of the spirit in order to do what christ would do or to say what Christ would say if He was in North Carolina, or in Paris or whomever your called too bring back to the fold.
It's been a great week I love you all and have another great week and remember whose name you bear as members of the Church of "......." Who? Remember that name in all places and remember people's eyes are on you
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 22

Looks like a party back at home. It's awesome to see Tucker living the football dream at Air Force in his pads and great to see Sam and mom enjoying the weekend in Colorado. It has been so exciting to see that all my friends are working on papers and starting to receive calls it's an exciting time in the church.
It's been an awesome week here in Sanny B and Rudy's BBQ is just outside of our area. But mi espanol is getting better still a little rough and probably will be for the first bit because I'm not 100 percent immersed but I'm grateful for my area some of the new elders are in area's where there's almost no spanish at all so I'm grateful the stumbling block is at the first of my mission. Most people's spanish has slowed down a bit so I can actually pick out the words they're saying now it's just extending my vocabulary and fluency. But I'll do it I know i can.

So far we've had a lot of B.D.'s and also a lot of people drop us. There are a lot a lot of Catholic's in the area and they just say my dad and his dad and his dad are catholic I don't want to change. It kinda reminds me of the dog throwing up parable. But even though they say no most everyone is very loving and kind about it we've only had a few encounters that were unpleasant most people just say they're happy what were doing but don't want to change. But we've kinda ran into some problems with a family that can't be baptised and it's sad to see but it is what it is. But we got J still onboard for the 28th of October and he's been reading and loving the Book of Mormon he's excited and his mom is very very happy with the change he's going through. He lives in a part member family and the Dad is not to open to us but he likes us coming by to talk with his kids and wife hopefully he'll have a change of heart. That's about it. It's almost out of the high 90's and low 100's. Haha it's crazy that it's almost halloween people here go all out with the decorations.
Well have a great week and I love you all. Hope Trav gets feeling better and stuff gets figured out for him and Maisie...... Read the Book of Mormon for your studies for the ACT. I hope everyone's making time to show god they have love for him by reading the scriptures. Have a great week I love you all. I'm still getting used to the e-mail thing. haha
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

The  week has been awesome I'm finally starting to figure things out with the work, being a good companion, and how to deal with people through lessons.  I heard about Austin he sent me an e-mail and I feel bad that I cannot e-mail him back...... It's better to be obedient so sorry Austin I'll write you a letter. haha and also just to let you know we only have a half an hour to e-mail home on Monday's so I don't know if I can get the novel's rolling each week just to warn you.

But let's talk about the week. I got to extend my first two baptismal invites in english this week. One was with the zone leader's on a split and she accepted it on the condition of if she felt that it was true. The other was with a 17 year old kid named D. He's kinda a gangster that's got into a lot of bad stuff we contacted him trying to find a former and he turned out to be the son of the former but the dad wasn't there he said he wanted to come closer to jesus christ and thus we were there in order to help him do so. But we shared the story of Alma the younger in alm 36 and talked about how he can be forgiven of his sins and not have anymore pains or afflictions and vs 17-21 did well when we related it to him so he's our 5th B.D. and I'm excited to work with him cuz he's the first one that I will have started with.  But M and R are still figuring stuff out were praying for a miracle. But R's sister has accepted the date on the 11th of November. And we got J on the 28th of Oct. But the field is definitely ripe down here there's a lot of success to be had and the members are few.... But they are so very strong and generousl. I've already made a few ins. haha so you don't have to worry about me eating the members are great. I've had some darn good enchiladas and some pasoly (a weird corn soup that's not to bad) and that's about as crazy as the food has been so far. But it's been great and I'm excited to be here in San Benito y poder a hablar en espanol. Aunque me Espanol is still bad. haha but there's 3 languages spoke here, English, Spanish and Tex-Mex and you nunca know cuando una person will be usando cual language so Era really interesting. haha but the language is coming slow but it's coming with practice.

But that's exciting to hear from you all I got my two letters of our family and Heston's and also i was curious why you took my knives out of the backpack..... Those are mission approved by the Hancock's and also my pancho was in there too. But it's been awesome everything's been holding up great and I just wish I was a better cook and it'd be paradise down here. haha But man I hope you let Austin, Sam, and Whitey know how excited I am for them. They won't know what they're getting into for some time. hahaha but tell them to go forward with faith trusting in the lord and they'll do great. I'm excited for them keep me posted. Por favor
Con Amor, Su hijo Elder Hobbs

p.s. I love seeing spanish speakers pernounce mi nombre. haha Let me know how the reading of the BoM is going with the family. And ponder the question why god would want us to read. Have a good week everybody love you guys.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

I don't know where to start with your questions and also with what I want to say. My companion is from Idaho Falls, and doesn't know any of our fam up there.  My apartment is not amazingly nice but it's well equipped and it's clean and will be cleaner after my first transfer. And yes I've eaten some food here and there. Haha no it's been great the members are so friendly and patient with me for being a Texas gringo. haha And man that's exciting to hear about all our friends getting their calls I'm so excited for all of them. And CONFERENCE..... in the other side of heaven movie when the guy tells the girl when we look at the moon at night we'll be connected.... That's how I felt with the world during conference. haha it was awesome to think that you guys were watching the same thing that I was. And also I'm so excited for the age to be lowered so now some of mi amigos can put their papers in right away.

Well let's talk about San Benito....... I still haven't really seen it on the map but I do know it's on the border because i've driven by the fence a couple times. haha and yes we are in a car zone... I kinda wish I could ride my bike more often but we really only ride it on Saturdays and when I go on splits in a couple of weeks when I go with the other baby in my apartment. But it's pretty crazy it's been a reality check since I've been here that it's actually real now that I'm actually talking to real people and it's so weird. But we have 3 progressing inv. Minerva y Ramiro and Joey. Minerva and Ramiro aren't married and are working on doing this in order to be baptized. And some other issues..... But M is such a great lady she's already in 2nd Nefi and has loved the book of mormon and R doesn't read much but he pretty much does anything his wife tells him too. And J is 11 and lives in a part member home. His family is so crazy they have a little red neck in them I love it!!! So there's our 3 B.D. for October 28th and were struggling on getting new investigators but we have a few leads. Oh and j is in english and the others are in spanish. The area is so crazy because you never know when someone is going to speak spanish or english. We've talked with mexicans that only speak english and whites that only speak spanish but my area is about 75 percent spanish speaking. I'm just about over that mountain of talking to random strangers about the gospel. haha but I have faith I can do it and I have done it here and there I just need to get out of my comfort zone. But the people here are all sorts of religions it's great. I'm so excited about my area and my companion and my situation. I just wish i could use a bike a little bit more but count your many blessings right. Love you guys Valla con Dios.
Elder Hobbs
p.s. let me know who all puts their papers in and what not. I hope Cooper and Willie and Lloyd all put in together that'd be such a cool thing!

MTC Pics

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27, Last MTC Letter

Jacob heads out on Monday October 1st for McAllen Texas!

Hola Familia,
   I'd just like to ask who do you take me for??? don't you know I've watched bear gryls and am an eagle scout.... I already have a phone card and i'll have a layover in Dallas from 12 to 1ish so I'll give you guys a call if I can remember everyones phone number. hahah. And also sorry about not getting pictures to you for two months the MTC computers aren't working out for me too well. hahah. But that's exciting about homecoming and little miss homecoming queen candidate. And I'm sure dad has went all out in making sure there's a good idea for all the homecoming events. It's funny when I get letters and e-mails it reminds me of my old self and how things used to be and now it feels almost like a dream. Haha But I got a great letter from Sam and Heston this week that had some great advice and i'm very grateful for that.  But I'm feeling like I have everything and am ready to head for Texas. And don't worry I've been pushing through this last week even though it's been difficult sometimes to focus but I'm finally feeling successful and like I'm figuring stuff out. (Except for Espanol) Pero mi idioma es no horrible pero le necesite ser mejor. I want to be able to talke with Sam or Saren in spanish and maybe get a little bit of a practice in before I hit my mission. Haha
Alrighty well I'm sorry I am not one of many details in my letters and emails. But the MTC has been an awesome place for me to be prepared for my mission. I've understood most of the lessons in PMG and my knowledge of the scriptures have been so so so much better I am getting closer and closer to the command I want over them in my lessons. I don't know if i told you this but I've been praying specifically to be educated in my dreams so I'm not wasting time. I know this is kinda a crazy concept to pray or think about but it has kinda worked I think. For example when I wake up in the middle of the night either a scripture, PMG lesson, or spanish is on my mind. and some of the elders in my room have said I sleep talk in spanish occasionally. But the coolist experience was when I woke up and had the impression I should read D & C chapter 11 - 12. And these are now some of my favorite chapters. Through chapter 11:7 I now understand what it really means to be rich and what to consider in the future for a job. I wanna work with the church somehow..... But I can't be dreamin offf in the future just yet. But yeah the MTC has been awesome some of my best friends in the older district above us just left and it's been a rough week without them. I've ran in to a guy who knows Glen and Brent. The 3 fingered Stake pres (or Bishop) it was cool to talk to him. Also I ran into an elder from McAllen and talked to him in Spanish he had nothing but good things to say about the area. It's been an awesome adventure and I've made some really good friends and learned things that have changed my life. Mat 10 vs. 39 is my story at the MTC. Sometimes we need to be taken out of the world for a bit in order to find ourselves in it and that's what's happened to me here i'm excited for all my friends to go through the conversiion process also. (Which never ends)
But I'm running out of time I think they'll let us email before we leave also andIi'll also talk with you when I get to dallas. I love you and things have been great so far with our investigators we've had 2 baptisms with both Jose's and a date with Luis. I'll be excited when they are real investigators in a week. I 'm excited to leave but i'm also gonna miss this place I'll always remember how I've felt here thanks to my journaling. I'm excited to perhaps share that with you when I get home. So it's almost time to say goodbye to the mountains...... it's almost gonna be as hard as saying bye to walker and ranger. But I love you guys too. haha :) Take care I love you all have a great week and don['t forget to seek revelation through studies and also focus on christlike atributes. 
Love you all
Elder Hobbs

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 19

Dear Family,

 It's good to hear from everyone and to see what they're up too. And yes I'm over my sickness finally. 

But let me tell you about my great week...... All my hard work is starting to pay off and it's awesome to see my progress. I've learned so much more about spanish and about the scriptures and how to apply them and teaching skills.  The Gospel/God/Commandments are all an IF.... Then..... Statement if we do something then god's going to do something. In all cases I've seen the if.... is usually a lot less than the then....... Also I've loved my temple attendance and I've found to make the most out of my visits if I try and focus on the characteristics of Christ and god and it seems to be so much more spiritual. But me and Elder Stock had two awesome lessons this week with Jose 1 and Jose 2 both of our progressive investigators have had the same name. haah Even though it's fake it's so so real at the same time. Both lessons we started out with a hymn and it really set it off the mood and we've really found out how to teach by the spirit ask questions, and make commitments and explain why they need to make those commitments.

 But i'm excited for the field and ready to leave. haha the language isn't as bad as it was before I've learned most of it through studying in spanish PMG and BOM and it's seemed to help a lot more then anything else. Well gotta go I'm excited to serve and get out of the MTC but I'll also miss the strong spirit that I've felt here.  I love you all so much and I love the pictures you sent me it's been pretty rough keeping the pictures of Maisie, Jacee, and all the other girls from getting around the dorm. Haha love you all have a great week. I've felt your prayers and have continued to be firm in my works. MAS ALLA
Elder Hobbs

p.s. and we did get to host it was awesome.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13

Guess who sent me pictures this week..... Maria i'm so grateful for that so now I can start my own little shrine with all my friends and a bunch of pictures of the girls. It sounds like life back home is still pretty crazy. haha It's crazy to think that i get my travel plans in a week...... I almost feel like this is my mission rather then knocking on doors and stuff. It's good to hear about the Idahoans I actually got a dear elder from Dori and Weston it's good to hear our family is doing better. And best of luck to Heston in the dove, duck, and possibly swan hunt shoot um dead for me. haha  I've been excited to be getting letters from my friends and seeing how they're doing it's been cool to feel like I'm not forgoten. haah I never would have thought I would have enjoyed receiving dear elders and cartas in the mission as much as I do. hahah so sorry to Sam and Saren for not writing you as much as I should have... and Heston or Sam I'm banking on Ranger being a trained retriever by time I get home.  I'll tell you about my week.

     It's been pretty crazy things have flown by so fast. We had an amazing lesson with Hermano Barton and at the start we sang hymns for an hour.... I never would have guessed that I was capable of that but it was really cool and the spirit was so strong durning the songs. After we finished singing he just asked us questions.... That's it... And he probably taught the best lesson so far, and the lesson we all needed. After he was finished I realized the things that were holding me back. He was truely inspired to ask questions that pertained just to me and come to find out to the rest of the class.  But we had a really cool TRC lesson that went well I like teaching lessons there so much because it's actually real I feel like. And during one of our progressive inv. lessons "Jose" asked me if I was getting paid to serve. I answered no. then jose said well that's gotta be hard for you to give up two years and leave your family. It made me think yes, yes it is. haha but then it made me think of that cheesy quote but only it didn't sound cheesy this time and I shared it with her. A family sacrifices a missionary so other families can have eternity. And I said I want you to have the hapiness that my family has. I was thinking about that all day and all week how blessed I am and that if we all work together and endure to the end we can enjoy eternity together. It was exciting.........
         But that's about it for the week.  Love you all and don't forget family home evening and scripture study. It's just like compainonship study in the mission Sam....
 SUS Hijo

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 6

Well Hola back at you mi familia,

This week was really really robotic but I learned a ton and have continued to feel the spirit since I've been here. I've ran into Josh Lipscombe, Conner Pendergast, Patrick Fishburn, Luek Frame, Jake Nish (just left last week), Ronnie Wardleigh, Lex Skeen, Tanner Meyerhoffer, and Braden Christensen. It's been awesome to see people here that I've known before the mission and to see them going at the work along my side i've also made some really good friends with people inside our district and a lot in are zone. I've started to really like to play sand volleyball 2 vs. 2 of course and play basketball every now and then.  I've had a pretty darn good week other then i'm at that time of year where I always get a cold during football season and huck loogeys all the time. Haha ever since day one everyone in my zone's made fun of me for coughing up my lungs every morning and now that i'm sick it's throughout the whole day. haha

 Heston said that Levi had an accident I feel horrible for him he always finds a way to get injured, and what's Sam's relationship status these days? And are my dogs still stayin happy? Also my Northridge companion's tried to give me crap that Fremont is 0-4 Que pasa? I hope all is going well in the family with work and school and everything else.  I would like to challenge you guys to have a family home evening every Sunday.  Maisie and Heston need to start going under way with mission prep in order to be ready. That's one thing I wish I would have done was to know doctrine and principles a lot better. But as i've learned these things it's all started to make sense why i've done things the way i've done them my whole life.  I've really understood our whole purpose in life a lot better (Moses 1:39) The doctrine of christ and how it can help everyone come unto christ (2 Nephi 31) And why there are positives and negatives and why things aren't just handed to us (2 Nephi ch2). Also Repentance has been made better known unto me and the purpose of it. The scriptures in General have been amazing to finally understand why we need them.... the bible to see Christ's life and the atonement and the example to follow. The BoM provides the "Straight and Narrow pathway" and how we can use the atonement through repentance and why we need to be baptised and what the sacrament is for us. If I didn't have the best understanding of these things chances are Heston and Maise don't either. So teach them and I encourage everyone to seek revelation in there scripture studies and start out with a question so your looking for something to learn. 
  In Elder Kapinschke(?) of the 70's talk he said something really cool that made me come up with a quote. haha he said we can teach anything if we don't have conviction of it in our own lives. I derived the equation....."Teaching with Conviction brings Conversion." I challenge you all to find Conviction in all doctrine and principles of this great gospel. Also, another awesome lesson we had from our teacher Hermano Barton was about our purpose in life.... And before he's said a quote to us. "If the lord needed mediocre teachers then studying and living the gospel averagely would be accepted." (probably slaughtered it. haha) But I realized that that can apply to the pupose of god.... To bring to pass the immortality of man..... This is not something of  no worth and therefore will be very very hard to achieve and we will have to commit 100 % because if we don't were just telling god that his purpose for us isn't that great. So I encourage you all this week to just try to be better in any way focus on a problem and do what you can to be better. The lord only asks for our best, and through the lord our best becomes better. So Repent(change) and become closer to the spirit. I love you all and remember you and will not bear to let any of you down nor the people of Texas. I love you all have a good week. If I wasn't inviting you to come to christ I wouldn't be doing my job so sorry for getting preachy on you all.haha

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 23

That's cool to hear what's going from everyone back at home and it's cool to get the picture other than i can't print it off i'm going to need you to send it to me in the mail. Sorry to hear about the Roy Black game Heston, one of these days you'll get them perhaps in high school or jr. high. And that's also to bad about the Fremont game but from what i've heard jordan's got quite the team this year.  Quick story so me and my comp go to the weight room to lift on p-days and this last week we were in there with a world wrestler who could have competed in the olympics, a safety for university of utah, a college basketball player, DJ Nelson the kid from Logan who set a bunch of records for quaterback two other kids going to suu and usu, and are byu guard roomate Elder Mulitalo. haha it was just funny to be in a room with so many greats before the mission. And now they're just another elder with the rest of us.  We got the oppurtunity to hear from Elder Anderson of the twelve this last Tuesday devotional. it was awesome to hear from him. All he basically talked about was the prophet.  It was really neat to hear his testimnoy it reminded me of Elder Scott's back at the home ward.

    But i feel like i'm pretty well adapted to the mtc here. it's amazing to think i've almost been here for a month.  We received a new district just yesterday so were not the newbies anymore so that was great.  It's good to hear that walker and ranger are still alive and kickin if you could I'd love to get a picture of them along with our family pic.  I've got  some letters from a few more of my friends which were nice to get. It's been awesome speaking spanish i'm still not quite where i need to be but i'm understanding a lot more.  Tell heston and maisie to work on grammar a lot cuz you need to know grammar to speak spanish. I'm excited to hear about heston's schedule it'll be good for him to have some of those harder teachers. Oh and Maise's going to thte big homecoming with  Garret that'll be fun. And i'm excited to hear about Sam's almost date hahaha i wish i could have been a fly on the wall for that one.  But i've been hearing more and more about my mission lately and i'm getting more and more excited. A teacher for another district has served there and on sunday sombody taliked about our mission in his talk about a family that got converted and said that he analyzed there teaching skills and said they were the best he had come arouond, so i'll have some good trainers/trayners to help me out when i get there. I was so stoaked to here from that talk. he also asked those who were going to McAllen to raise there hand and me and my comp proudly did and he said what a wonderful mission it'll be so i'm pumped. and i also know that it'll only be wonderful if i make it that way. I'm starting to see the glass half full more often and have really started to accept and love my district. I'm starting to work on obedience with exactness so that's been one of my goals. And i feel so happy, i love going to the temple, reading and understanding doctrine, and declaring this great message, and most of all to be able to look down and see my missionary tag. I've felt your prayers and i've felt the spirit so strongly. I feel like there's moments that come by where i think how am i possibly going to feel the spirit this strong again and it happens again and again. I love it!!!  Read the scriptures and learn from the nephites. The most important thing i've attained recently from it is to pass down what we know to our next generation about the gospel, trades, blessings, and what not so that they can continue to live in righteousness. that's the best gift we can give to someone and i know it's something i've received from my family.  i can't tell you how many times something comes up and i think to my self oh mom told me about that, or dad taught me this, or sam and saren both said this will happen, or maisie and heston both did this so well, and also a lot of advice levi gave me has came up. I'm so grateful for everyting you guys have done for me and all the love you've shown me. Keep being who you are and strive for righteouness because with that lies happiness. Give it your best and through the lord your best becomes better.
Love you all Elder hobbs


Well I'd first off apologize I keep forgetting my camera every time I come to email. But as you know i was never much of a picture guy so there's only a few thingts on there anyway. haha and Dan was right.  And life seems normal back home I remember those days getting in such a routine. But I'm excited to hear about the dogs and that dad's keeping them taken care of make sure Heston is taking them on walks at their favorite place across the street.It just barely clicked for me just yesterday during Hermano Barton's lesson, he talked about revelation through the book of mormon and the purpose of it. And how the bible works side by side with it. You see The book of mormon provides the steps we need to take in order to become like christ and come unto him which is the doctrine of christ (2nd Nephi 31). Whereas the Bible exemplifies the character of christ and his earthly ministry where he himself used the doctrine of christ in his own life.  And these two books aren't meant for us to argue over and try to prove which one is right they both have the same exact message to come unto chirist it also states in second nephi why we have both books (don't have the exact reference). But they both are for us and we need to take advantage of them the best we can so i encourgage you all to read the scriptures as often as you have time for them.

 A cool experience that we had in class was are teacher was using a story and putting us in the situation of the story. He talked of a lady who tried kicking off the missionaries because they were ministers and the missionaries said why don't you want to give us a chance.... She said how her child had passed away and she needed to be comforted and seeking out a church and the minister there told her her child was in hell and she was going there too because they she didn't get her baptised..... Then our teacher asked us what would you share in the 2 min. you have on her door step. I felt the spirit prompting me and I raised my hand..... I said I would read the BOM section that talks about infant baptism and how christ's atonement provided children with a chance... I felt overcome with the spirit and our teacher said tha'ts exactly what those missionaries did. I was overwhelmed with pure joy that the spirit gave me the oppurtunity to see what someone needed and that's exaclty how missionary work goes.... the book of mormon and bible offer so much and are so broad but we need the spirit to channel everything out and let us know what that exact thing is they need and after they see that nothing on this earth will keep them from reading, and coming unto christ but it's are job to be worthy, obedient, and filled with the spirit to be a tool for Christ to let these things be known upon the earth and it's inhabitants. I love this work and I love the scriptures and the spirit here at the MTC and i'm so excited for the opurtunity to help those in Texas whether there's a hurricane or not i'll be there.

A scripture that hit home with me was second Nephi chapter 4 i'd encourage you to read it as a family. Personal revelation is real, the Holy Ghost is real, and our cause is just. So I'd encourage you all to share the hapiness we've all had in our life with neighbor's friends and everyone else. And know the scriptures so we can assist in the holy ghost finding the scripture's someone needs. I love my family so very much and I'm proud to be representing all of you out here. But I'm more excited to represent The Savior and I know I have a long ways to go but I'm giving my best and I know through him I will be better. Mathew ch 10:39
Yo se que nuestro trabajo es por bueno de todos personas en de tierra.
Love, Elder Hobbs

August 16

Well i'll try to answer the million questions you have written for me. haha but everything is going well i am not too big of a fan of the CCM comida it's no bueno. And i could really use some better tocado papel.  But other then that those are my only complaints. i've gotten to know my district a lot better and my zone, they're all such great and funny people sometimes they help me at struggling to stay on task but it's just one of those things you gotta push through.  i'm astonished that sam hasn't had a date yet.... heston might be getting more ladies at the stomp then sam is.  But the work's been really cool the spanish is flowing. our district is full of smart people so there flying leaps and bounds over me in espanol but i'm not discouraged and i won't fear. i've been called of god to speak the language and i'll speak the language. It's crazy to think that i've been here for two weeks... it already feels like two years. i've already had to sew part of my pants and i've been doing laundry happily. i'm starting to pick up quite a few trades. But the thing i miss the most is not being able to listen to my music on my ipod and seeing the dogs...... and friends and family of course. But the spirit has continued to stay strong. We've had like close to ten lessons in spanish already and i feel like i can understand a lot better then i can speak. y mi maestro taught me a valuable lesson. i need to not worry so much about understanding what the words exactly mean but more on what the spirit feels like. focusing on the language is focusing on youself.  But i've loved being able to read the book of mormon so much i feel such a stronger testimony from them as i've found out more and more about it. Here's a scripture for heston and everyone else. Alma 13:28-31. Have heston read that. You should send me that picture of our family i could hang it up in our room. i also need to get a picture of a chica to put on the shrine of all the missionary chicas. haha it's funny how crazy 19 year olds can be. i'm glad i didn't leave a girl to wait on me. But the biggest struggle i've had in the mtc is just staying awake. i feel like my eyes are constantly tired. haha but the lord's given me plenty of strength to go about the day. I'm still focusing on charity and having patience with all those around me.  The mission's kinda opened my eyes to how much i enjoy solitude sometimes but that's something to look forward too in two years. But you'll have to have heston keep me posted on how the football season goes and maybe even my fantasy football team. and Toad's call seems perfect for him i'm hoping to hear from him in a letter soon. i hope all is going well at home and i can feel the assistance of everyone's prayers. i would just like to end with a question for everyone to ponder over the week. What do we want to be? and What does Christ want us to be?  I love you guys and i'm doing great i've loved the ability to act in the name of JesuCristo and testify of the hapiness of the gospel. Oh and have sam sing you my recently favorite song himnos 88 mi hermano canta por mi en nuestro familia. 
Love you guys

August 9

It sounds like you guys are all doing well. My p days will be on Thursday's and I encourage you to use dear elder to communicate to me and then i'll keep you posted on letters and emails. But me and my comp. taught Luis our first investigator and we had 4 lessons with him and it's crazy to think that we did the whole thing in espanol. But it's been great so far in the mtc my district and zone are so great. I've grown so much in a week in the gospel, testimony wise, and hablo en espanol. Like i said i think i learned more in 4 days then i did in 3 years of spanish class.  But as i got over confident with one of my lessons with luis i didn't prepare too much i just figured i'd use the old west weber wing it method..... I soon was humbled before the lord. The lesson didn't go very well and it kinda all fell apart. After the lesson was over i was heartbroken. Heartbroken that i was letting down my family, my grandpa's example, my friends, Joseph smith and the trials he faced in preserving the word of god through the book of mormon, and most of all the name i carry on my badge Jesus Christ. I felt like i hadn't used my time to the best of my abilities to be the best missionary i could be. I'm grateful for that learning experience because that night i made a personal covenant with the lord to remember the people who i represent and the church i represent and that i would put all my might mind and strength in the work. To learn spanish to, learn the tongue of angels, and to learn how to be the missionary the lord wants me to be..... Ever since i've felt like i've pleased the lord with my works and our lessons have went a lot better. We actually got luis to pray read the scriptures and set a date for baptism. It's been awesome even though it's a practice it feels so real. To be able to testify of this gospel... there's not a better feeling on this earth. Something cool that was shared with us by one of the president's councelors was the story of christ feeding the thousands of people. He said bring your fish and your bread which you have and give it to the saviour and let him feed thousands. he also talked about dropping our nets and going straight away and follow the saviour. It made me think of one of the last things dad told me and the spirit hit me so hard. So that's what I'm doing leaving all you behind and following the savior and his teachings and letting others know of this great gospel. I love you all and i'm striving to not let any of you down back home. I don't want to let down my savior, my ancestors,  my family, and all the people that sacrificed for the truth that we all know now. I love you all once again and i'm grateful for all the great support i've had thus far. 
Work Work Work like it all depends on you.
Pray Pray Pray like it all depends on the lord.
Love Elder Hobbs

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1

Elder Jake Hobbs arrived at the MTC... just the beginning of great things to come!