Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 10

Dear Family,,
Sounds like the usual everyone has crazy stuff they're doing back home. haha But yeah so this week has been so great we have so many people who are very interested and very solid investigators we have a few part member families we're working with and we're looking at reactivating some families with kids that haven't been baptized (which is usually a pretty good driving factor for parents). But our golden investigators right now are S and her 3 kids F, V, and D also a few part member families and other refferals. But it's interesting how all of our solid people and progressing investigators are THROUGH MEMBERS!!!! I've really had such a testimony builder on member missionary work since I've been out on my mission and seen what works and what doesn't work. Some pretty interesting words from our Mission President "You Elders need to become the mission president's of your areas and assign different members different commitments and involve them and oversee the missonary work they do in your area" (Paraphrased) and as i've seen us involve the members and seen the work they've put in it has really been a blessing for our area for our district. We're looking at baptising 2 or 3 families and a few other investigators THROUGH members. It's really the most effective way and the way missionary work is intended to do. I would invite you to read the page's in PMG 12 and 13 (I think) on missionary work quotes from the prophets. Each one has members involved in some way so I'd just like to invite you to set goals with the missionaries of who you can share the gospel with and ask them how you can do it. If there's any questions "Ask the missionaries" But I've just seen the blessings of the fruits of members here in San Benito and I want to see that in my family when I get home. So I'd encourage you for a family home evening this week to make a list of all the people who are not members. Prayerfully seek for guidance on which people you should invite to learn about the restored gospel and then contact the missionaries.
So that's my family committment for the week. But I love you all it's been a blessing to be on the misisona I love every second y mi espanol es todavia mal per lo mejor es puedo communicar pero tengo mas trabajo hacer. Estoy muy animado para dar una llamado y hablar con mi nativos hermanos. Hijole!!! Nos Vemos
Vaya con dios.
Con amor, Elder Hobbs

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