Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 26

Well I Forgot my camera so sorry about not getting those pictures I promised to send but next week i'll try my best. The library here in Brownsville will be able to send them with ease so be expecting them next week. But hmmm.... We already just talked yesterday so what do I have to say to you today??
Elder Carling just ended up getting the missionary that I replaced here in Brownsville we did a little switch-a-Rue. 
 What more can I say about Brownsville.... There are so many beautiful Rasacas (which are little Rivers) and there's a ton of ducks and turtles I have yet to see a Gator. And like I said the people in my area are pretty well off compared to San Benito there is one trailer park in my area here and it's actually pretty nice. There's no mounds of garbage or what not. And we have a lot of members in this area probably double of my last area and it was hard enough keeping track of them over there. I can onlly imagine how missionary's in Utah feel. 

But speaking of missionary's in Utah have they received a lot more cuz I remember hearing about the 40 day fast for new misssionary's to come to the area so i'm just a little curious about that. And yeah I'll be excited to maybe go hit up some stores and get some soccer jersey's on P-Day. We played a little bit of soccer last monday for the zone activity so you may have to send me some cleats. Jk. But I'm very very exictied about my area here I hope you didn't get a bad vibe from me because all I talked about was San Benito in the call. There's a ton of potential here we just gotta harness it. We have a lot of part members and a young family we found last week by helping them in there yard hauling around some dirt or what not so we'll have to get on them. But I have a feeling the lord we'll leave me here in Brownsville for a while I just hope I get to have a comp for longer than 1 transfer i've been flying through them.
I love you guys and it was great talking with you all it seemed to fly by at a milliona miles an hour. Have a great week and I love you all. 
Enjoy the Holidays.
Elder Hobbs

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