Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2

Dear Family
   Well what a great week full of miracles and fun stuff!!! WE HIT OUR GOAL OF 110 BAPTISMS AS THE MISSION!!!!! We ended the month with 113 baptisms after lots of fasting and praying it was such a testimony builder to me about the power of fasting and how much the Lord wants to bless us we just need to show him where we our willin to go ( look up elder Dube's talk from conference).
   We got to work a day of the week with the AP's so that was tons of fun. I got to work with my old zoneleader in Laredo so it was funny to see how much the both of us had already grown with our new callings. We had a very successful week on finding investigators. One of our coolest guys we found was Robert this is his story:
So we were going by a former contact that we had on our records and we showed up to the house on an old country road and theres this hispanic guy smoking outside and we approach him and we have some small talk and we ask if we can sit down wtih him and he doens't decline so we start speaking with him and getting to know the guy he is recently been seeking to put his life in order he's been on drugs and drinking and other problems but he had recently been reading in the bible and he was actually praying right before we showed up telling god to help him put his life in order and there we go BAM the Lord puts us in his path we had a 20 minute lesson with him and invited him to be baptised and he said yes. He was so happy and smiling and explained how he felt full that his heart needed to be patched up and he felt like it was under way. It was just such a great testimony builder to me to know that the Lord's plan is being fullfilled everyday through the actions that we take.
The lord has plans for us to be happy for us to be married in the temple, successfull in school, to be a good friend, and to bring many miracles to others in their lives but it all comes down to our personal agency. How we choose to live our lives how we choose to submit to the Lords will (luke 22:42) After looking back to the 1 or so that I've served I would not choose to do anything else with my time to think of all the lives that I've been able to reach and touch and help come closer to Christ and in the process I've brought my own soul closer to the saviour..... Missions are the best thing that could happen to someone.  As quoted by Nacho Libre It's de Beeessst! A lady just got her call to head to Sacramento this past Sunday and I thought how cool is that. And to think to where I was a year ago in her shoes and to think of the many struggles, doubts, success, and blessings that have come to experience in my life to give me the testimony that I now have. Whooo it's the best!!!! If you have the chance to serve vayase! dejen sus redes y vayanse. Les amo mucho que tenga una buena semana.

Elder Hobbs

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25

Dear Family,
   Hijole where do I start for this week....... So the Mendez family back in Laredo got baptized all together and before I left I probably got the best complement in the world from the father. We were super tight even though we only had 1 week and a half together. But he's the man and we already were making plans for me to come back and go to the temple with them so Whoo I miss them a ton.
   Robstown.... So many crazy things going on here. haha it reminds me so much of home lots of farmlands and not really any big neighborhoods. Even the building had a little West Weber feeling to it. The people are great here! We have the bishop and the stake president in our area. Lots of powerhouse members that are super awesome. I bashed a bit my first day in the parking lot with this guy that claimed to be a member that had fallen from the church that was bashing on Joseph Smith. We had a good little talk. haha next thing you no turns out he was jsut testing my testimony and he owns the house we stay in and has done so much for the church here and loves to play with the missionaries. My companion said I was just lucky he didn't pull his shotgun move on me. haha
   We are teaching an awesome family of 7 that has some super humble parents and they are just eating up the gospel. You know people are prepared when they feed you. So there great and are always full of great questions and we finally got them to accept baptismal dates. Things are tons of fun up here lots of driving around lots of rural roads and farmers and southern accents I've been honing my southern accent. haha you gotta speak the mission language right?
   It's been like 40 degrees the past 3 days and has been raining alot. luckily we have a truck but I feel for the elders on bikes. haha our house we live in has no heating other then the 2 space heaters and the oven we have. So we've been survinving for sure it's just a little cold. One day we were following our gps that was guiding us on some back roads the day after it was raining real hard and the speed limit was like 60 miles an hour so I'm flying down this road and theres like a little canal that makes it so you cannot see the other side so as I slowed down just a little for natural precautions next thing you know I'm going about 50 miles an hour down a road that's a foot thick of mud. haha we were fish tailing just a littlely watched over by something cuz we slowly and gradually slowed down and then got stuck so we just went reverse,forward  this road for a good 10 minutes. We escaped alive and only had our truck covered in mud so that was a lot of fun to clean but that's just an example of the lord taking care of his sheep. If I would have slammed on the brakes we would have wrecked. If i had not slowed down we may have wrecked. How did I know how to do both of those.... I didn't I just did them that way. haha but me and my comp talked about it. We couldn't have prevented it cuz he didn't know the road and the gps was just guiding us but what a fun memory to always remember. 
But the work is hastening here and there's tons of good stuff going as a zone we're looking like having the potential to have a lot of success in the month of December. More than the month has ever had. So we're just helping our missioonaries understand truely what success really is.
But love you family keep on doing well.

Elder Hobbs

November 17

Hijole! My friends have already begun to get home from their missions that's super crazy! Well I got the news for the transfer!!!! I'll be headed to Robstown. I'll get to relearn my English over there because i've heard there is absolutley no Spanish at all over there so that'll be interesting. I'm super stoaked though for getting the chance to go up there I will now have hit all 3 corners of the mission so there goes one mission goal. haha And I will actually receive the calling as a zone leader to work up there and we have the biggest zone land wise so I'll be driving all over in a colorado chevy truck and i already spent 3 transfers living in the same appt. with my companion i'm super excited his name is Elder Ayers and he's from Idaho Falls. So we'll have to send over our cousins to visit his family. haha but it sure has been a quick 2 transfers in Laredo I'll miss everyone but I also konw that that's where I need to be is in Robstown I hear it's a lot of farm country too so i'll be in my element. haha
   But as for the week it went really well the Mendez family will be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and they are very excited about doing so. They've seen lots of miracles in the week and a half we've taught them so it's just a great testimony to me how quick people can change. We went over for a lesson and the father and son had already been studying the b.o.m for an hour and had tons of questions for us on the reading so it was one of the moments that melted my heart and as we had them pray about Joseph Smith and everthing at the end of the lesson they all explained the peace and the spirit that they've felt and that they know he is a prophet. During the prayer I got the chance to receive some revealtion...... That this work is not my work. that I can explain/teach/share/whatever to help people understand and know the doctrine but I cannot send the holy ghost to bring the feelings of comfort to  a family or peace to a family or individual. That's how I know god lives, and how I know that this is his church because as I've done my small little part of pointing the direction to people i've been a witness of how much god loves his children and how happy he is as they follow him. My testimony has grown so much these 2 short transfers I've had here in Laredo and I know without a doubt that these things are true. Me and my companion basically had the same oppurtunity that Alma had in Alma 30 when Korihor was denying god and denying the scriptures and it was funny how we used basically exactly what Alma said  to tell her the truth and as I told her all those things I knew them I wasn't just saying them.
 I weighed in at 207 pounds eeek!!!! These members down here have been too good to me I'll need to start jogging with my next comp in the mornings. But love you family have a great week I'll be emailing you from Robstown next week l love you

Elder Hobbs

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 10

Dear family
   Sounds like you all had such a great week. As for me we saw tons of great miracles this last week. As of the lady I told you about Gabriela Mendez.... She brought the rest of her family to church and we set baptismal dates with them for 3 weeks were going to help them get baptised on the 23 they are looking super good to do it as well. We went through a baptismal checklist of what they'd need to do to prepare and the father already threw out his drinks and smokes so they are very very prepared I'm excited for this family big time they loved church to death and sister Mendez's mom got baptised last month and her sister has been a member of around 10 years so you couldn't ask for more fellowship.
This is coming from that same lady that had the church tour with over 30 people so this family has been our workhorses.
   We've also found a less active family that we brought to church this last Sunday that has a 17 year old lady from Honduras that isn't a member and she also has a baptismal date we'll just need to set up some plans to get some permission from her parents somehow in order to be baptised. So we've seen tons of miracles from the big fast that our misson has had. Basically if our zone steps up and hits our goals for this month we will be able to hit our goal as a mission to hit 110.
   Also this last week has been our leadership training in McAllen. It was tons of fun and I learned a lot and got to meet up with a lot of familiar faces and see how all my friends throughout the mission are doing. President Maluenda brings such a strong spirit with him and I have no doubt that he is the one that is to be guiding this mission (although i still do miss Pres. Trainer alot) haha. But it was great to learn all of the great things our leaders have for us in the mission. I have already applied a lot of the trainings to our district and we have seen a lot of success from it. All I got to say is miracles! just keep counting your blessings right? Every person I've baptized on my mission has been a miracle in one way or another I truely am deservant of nothing it's all the lords work and the members work down here I'm just here to point the way for everyone. 
 I love you all have a great week
Elder Hobbs
p.s. transfers our this Tuesday to come so I'll let you know if I stay or if I go.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 4, 2013

Dear Familia!!!!
   Well what to say for this week. MIRACLES!!!!! We had a fast to get the mission up to our intended goal of 1000 convert baptisms to end the year in December and in order to do this we need to have a big turnout for November and December so the mission has gotten together and had a fast for us to hit this goal as a mission.... And this past Sunday was awesome!! For the 2nd branch every missionary companionship (my district of 3 companionships, and the zone leaders) had at least one investigator at church! And as a zone we ended up with 16 investigadores with baptismal dates at church. So it was super awesome. Almost every companionship in the little Laredo south zone had someone there at church!!!

   We in our area also had an unexpected investigador show up with her sister and mom at church. She was a refferall of over a month ago and we've tried and tried but no one has answered we set up an appt. they weren't there and so por fin she just showed up to church loved it to death and said that she will now be attending every single sunday..... So if that's not a milagro del ayuno no se lo que seria! We also had a permagaotor 12 year old and 9 year old show up to church that we've been trying to convert the parents of. And then we had are progressing investigador Victor de la republica dominicana that showed up and he's looking really good he's just going to be having a 10 day trip to his pais so he'll be getting postponed a little but he's going to share the gospel with his family back home and all of his kids running around over there so that'll be good. But it's just been miralcle tras miracle.

   But this week i'm very excited to be headed down to the 3 day leadership training in McAllen this one is going to be President Maluenda style so it's been changed up quite a bit. I'll be getting the chance to work the 3 days with some zoneleaders in McAllen  because we cannot drive all the way home so it'll be agreat experience to learn from some great missionaries. But i've recently studied a lot on Sacrifice and also on Fasting this last little week and i've realizedthat there are some things that i need to sacrifice and put on the alter in order of things that i do or time i could spend better that will help me receive more blessings from the lord. I also this past week traded a tie to a missionary on exchange for a picture dictionary  that has been helping me learn words right and left so i've really been seeing my spanish improve a lot and get a little bit mor polished up here in Laredo or should i say (mexico,hoduras,D.R.,El salvador,cuba,etc) Man I love the culture down here!!!!

   Also this past week I had my first barbacoa tacos that I knew of at least and tongue actually tastes pretty good. I've reflected this past week on a wish Heston gave me that i'd go to a mission where I'd eat lettuce. That prophecy has been fulfilled. I've actually eaten lettuce, onions and I actually like them on my burgers. And i'm a die hard fan of Avacoados..... They are delish. Anyways love you family have a great week tenga exito
Elder Hobbs

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 28

Dear Family,
   Well this week was awesome. I had an interview with President Maluenda and it went really well he just basicaly asked a lot of questions on how I was doing and if I enjoyed the mission and what not but he seemed to just be able to see into my soul. haha but yeah I got the pictures, the e-mail from April, it was so good to hear from everyone else scattered throughout the world. It's good to hear that my bretheren are still bretheren in the Lord as Alma described. But this week like I said was awesome our progressing investigador didn't come to church but a recent convert brought a group of people that live in his apartment complex of a group of 4 people that crossed the border a week ago. haha so we set a b.d. with one of him and he's very very prepared said he's looking for the truth, and loves to read the bible. So we gave him the BOM So far I've taught people from all over Central America. San Salvador,Honduras,Mexico, Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic, etc. So we've been on our toes with different accents of spanish and it's awesome to know we can communicate and talk with people from all over the world. haha
   Our members are still los jefes o los meros meros de la obra!!! We had a noche de hogar with a recent convert she had 2 of her sisters and 1 sobrina and they were all interested and we sent off the refferalls. We got a referral from a girl that was teaching her 13 year old friends at school and she gave them the BOM we left her. A recent convert brought a group of 4 to church like I said and another member is pulling us a chapter 14 out of PME (ask if sam or saren can translate what chapter of pmg that is). And another member is helping us out with his cousin and his cousin's family. And another is helping us teach all his friends before he leaves for his mission((he doesn't want any regrets for not sharing the gospel with his friends. So basically we are just in the area to keep track of what all our members are doing. Haha there's no other way to do the work with so much success than through your members. 
   But one quick principle I learned this week is how important prayer is. Really it doesn't matter if I explain that baptism is a commandment, cleans our sins, we receive the gift of the holy ghost, you'll enter heaven, follow christ, etc. IF GOD SPEAKS TO HIS CHILDREN AND GIVES SPECIFIC REVELATION TO A SPECIFIC QUESTION SUCH AS "SHOULD I BE BAPTIZED?" Then that trumps anything that be explained. Igual como jose smith, o la palabra de sabiduria o cualquier cosa. If god tells you than will you do it? Luke22:42
But love you all have a great week!
Nos juevos
Elder Hobbs

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21

Dear Family,

   Well where do I start we had another baptism this last Sunday with a guy named Roy from Honduras. He just was waiting on some special details and he got them and then he got baptized.  So I'm sending you some of the pics I've been having  problems lately with the compurters here in Laredo.
   But things are going very well we've had a lot of great miracles coming from our member work. We've been working alot throught our members that know a lot of people like our 16 to 18 year old members and they've been hooking us up with some awesome refferals and we've had plenty of people to teach. As of right now Elder Hobbs goal is to find a family to baptize. I've had success with singles I've loved all the people that I've been teaching but I'm just looking for that special family to help our our spanish branch and I think we've found it. I've taught a couple families I just haven't got them to there special day. But that's the plan so be praying for that para mi.
But my companion's name is Elder Jeppesen. He's from Brigham City utah. He's about 6 ft 4ish and very skinny loves to hunt and fish and the outdoors. We've been getting along real well and having some good success together. All the kids love him because he does a special handshake with them all so we're the favorite companionship in the branch as of right now. haha jk but I got another companero de la fabrica. Es lo que tenemos aqui en el sur de tejas muchos misioneros de la fabrica. Quiero unos mexicanos aqui! chiste.
My shirts are holding up well I haven't opened any of the ones you've sent yet and a tie would always be nice. But whatever is en la corazon de mi mama. De la mama osa! Have a great week I love you all and seek missionary oppurtunites and support and pray for the missionaries in the stake.

Elder Hobbs

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14

Dear Family,
   This week we had the baptism of V S R !!! He's an awesome guy that will be for sure getting the melchezdic priesthood soon if he stays on track and stays here in Laredo he's got such a strong testimony and knack for learning the gospel. Also he's been studying a lot of English and he's been talking us into starting some English classes so I'm pretty sure within the next 2 weeks Elder Hobbs is going to  be teaching an english class. (that is once I learn proper English myself). But everything went super well I got the chance to confirm him and a member baptized him. We will also be having a baptism coming up this next Sunday with a guy that had investigated the church about a year ago but got deported and now he's back and going to church again and already has a strong testimony so he will be able to help out the branch a ton too.
   We've also had a miracle with a recent convert member named A. she was baptized about 5 months ago with her family and her x husband has seen a lot of changes in her through the gospel so he is interested and has  been meeting with us here and there and accepted a baptismal date but he's been real busy and we've finally gotten into teaching him the restoration and he's loved everything so far just very willing to learn and go to church. He even came to the baptismal service of S.  We've also been teaching a lot of other people and working on finding people's real intent and if  it's not there we've been dropping them. Our time is too precious to spend with people that aren't prepared. And just looking back to all of the baptisms we've had or have lined up all of them have came through the members so they've continued to support us well and feed us and help us have success. Member Missionary Work it's the best way to go because it's the Lord's way to do the work. But I love you all i hope you have a great week and have success in school and sports and life.
Elder Hobbs

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7

Dear Family,
   Where do I start for this week!!!!! Transfers are tomorrow I'm staying but I'm getting a new companion and taking over the area. We had a super good turn out for general conference we had a goal to bring 12 people as a district of 3 companionships and we brought 13! Tons of conference miracles. During the week we had an event where we had a planned fhe with a family at the chapel and made plans for each of their friends and family members to go and we had a huge turn out. A family of 4 had 30 people there!!!! Of which are now about 10 people to follow up with in our area. We got 2 golden refferals this week from Mexico and Honduras. A guy crossed the border 2 weeks ago that was taught everything just needs to be baptized so we'll have a baptism this Saturday with him( speaking of which i think he's coming from Sam's mission he said that President Marin was his branch president it was the Tampico Stake, he'd visited the temple down there, and he wrote izucar de matamoros. He said it was a little pueblito so quien sabe) And the other was a guy that just needed permission from first presidency and he got it and then he was deported. The permission arrived but he was gone and now he's back and already shared his testimony with us so here we go October Miracles here we come!
 We've also been teaching a guy that has been telling us all these crazy dreams and prophecying of things that are happening to us. haha like just little things like a sprained ankle and he told us that one of us would be transfered before we even explained what they were. haha this guy bought a suit, and dress shoes, and a white shirt and pants and got a haircut in preperation for conference. He's bought a phone so he can be in communication with us and he's also now looking to buy a car so he doesn't have to borrow his mom's truck. He's been very very prepared and he actually knew we were coming the first day we showed up he answered the door as we were walking up. I'd easily say I'm at the busiest point of my mission there are so many things to do and follow up and people to teach and members to support-you gotta love Laredo!!! Speaking of which our zone is getting split in half. Tons of things to juggle up in the air and now everyone in the family to e-mail back. Mama Bear Hobbs must have rounded up her cubs to e-mail me. haha But it's so good to hear from you all. Thanks for all the love and support that you continue to show me. The lord is hastening his work so keep it up and pray for those missionary oppurtunites as the old qb from BYU had said follow his instructions. There are miracles as everyone works together in sharing the gospel just as I shared we had 30 people from a family of 4 for a church tour which means a family of 7-2=5 should bring at least 35 for some sister missionaries in Utah. (btw I forgot to tell you everyone brought a friend in the family the son,the mom, and the daughter, and father everyone hit their goals I wished I would've taken a picture of all of us there)
   But as for conference I loved the first session I just felt a sense of urgency with every speaker. And I loved President Monson's talk on the 3rd session. But one of my favorite things was Elder Dube's talk the black guy that spoke about focusing on the future and the lessson he learned from his mom and most especially a line he said "It's not important to the lord where we've been, but where we are willing to go" I felt like it kinda spiritually jacked me about thinking of home here and there  and of Brownsville and kinda was a kick to the pants to say hey your right in the middle of everything so go to work. Kinda as a running back gets out of the thicket of defenders and everyone is behind him he still needs to run as hard as he can so no one will catch him. Or next thing you know a defender from the Kaysville little league team will catch up to him and punch the ball out of his hands because he wasn't carrying the ball as well as he should "he let up" so the lesson I learned is there is NO letting up in the work of the lord it's all going forward. So here I go onward christian soldier!!! 

 Have a great week and enjoy the talks a scrip. I shared in my contacts this last week to talk up general conference was Eph 3:5 to talk about the things that were revealed to Paul were things not previously revealed just like in our days the prophet and apostles still have things to reveal to us that were never revealed. Even though the bible and the book of mormon have ends god does not and therefore his revelation will continue to come. Como dice la escritura. "Porque no hara nada jehova sin que revele sus secretos a sus siervos los profetas"
Elder Hobbs

Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 30

That's super exciting about the farewell of Tayson he's going to be a great missionary I know it.
Something cool that I'd like to share we had a sweet experience. We've tried to improve our contacts to not be robotic or sound repetitive and about 80 % of the people say I'm busy or not to day come by another time.... So we were thinking about it a bit and we decided to try out an idea to always have a bible/BOM on hand and to offer to just share one scripture with peeps. Whatever comes to mind or ask them what they'd be interested in and we've seen tons of success it helps open peoples hearts to the scriptures and also to us. 

One experience we had a guy was busy working on his car and we talked to him a bit he said it was his day off and didn't really want to waste it so he was messing with his car. So I offered just one scripture it'll take 2 min. I shared John 16:33 33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have apeace. In the bworld ye shall have ctribulation: but be of good dcheer; I have eovercome the world." Then I explained how the world is nasty but through Christ we can find peace and we asked if we could share a quick message to find out how to find that peace. After 15 to 20 mins. he said a prayer and accepted a baptismal date. When we went by the next day he wasn't there but we talked to his wife. She said he was super excited, he said he was going to be baptized, and gonna go to church.... She also said she wanted her kids baptized by us....(1 and 6 ).......... But next funny part of the story so we go by in the morning before church to check that all is well and he's asleep and couldn't get up (he's a trucker) but their roof was leaking (estaba leakeando como dicen en tejas) and they were going to put a mat on the roof to stop the leaking so they had a ladder there so I just grabbed it and took it up and put it on there. I've learned not to ask to serve people on the mission everyone you ask will tell you no. But she said she was going to come to church but was a no show. They had some family roll in and had a little Sunday afternoon carne asada. But well get them next week.
But that's about it we're teaching a few families here and there and some cool guys but we just are having struggles getting them to progress and come to church.
 l love you all have a great week.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23

Fun Fun Fun!!!
   Sounds like everythings going good back home.... We had a good week. We have been making some plans with some member families that are super down and excited to do missionary work and have givin us refferals right and left so things are looking really good. I've forgotten to tell you this but i've been strangely running into people that used to live in Ogden Utah. Most of them are Mexicans so it's been fun to run into a couple of people that know how good the 2 for a 1 dollar tacos are downtown. What a small world it is right there's connections right and left.
   But I'm jsut about at that point where I know the area and have a feel for things that are going on. And the members somewhat know me. But we have not had any troubles at all finding people to teach as i've told you before people are wanting to listen to us right and left but the troubles we've been having or the battles we've been having is just getting them to church. That's where we can find the desires of people is if they are truely willing to act and follow Christ they'll come to church...... This week as I was in church I was reminded of something a 70 said in the MTC.... He said that when were on our missions that Sundays will be either the best day or the worst day and that you'll wanna weep the days your investigators don't come.... And itn's completely true. People's agency dictate your emotions on Sunday. haha not that I cry or weap or freak out when people don't come but it's one of those low feelings. but as coach Bosgeitor would alwyas say not to high with the highs and not to low with the lows. it's the same with the mission.
   I was studying a bit this week on the story of Ammon and his bretheren and the people of Anti Nephi Lehi and Alma the Youngers wrap up story in Alma 29 and it hit me how joyful it really is to be a missionary and to see the fruits of your labor or should I say be blessed to see the fruits of your labor. Because there are those who never get to see it. Abinadi for example never got to see the conversion of Alma the older and to see that the one person he converted became a prophet that changed the life of many many people. Instead he got to see how hot some flames could get. But as I've looked back at a year on my mission (trunky) I've truely been blessed to see some of the fruits of my labor and even though I'll never see all the fruits of my labor I can never put in words how blessed I am to be here in Texas preaching the gospel and good news. I can now understand Ammon and Alma and his bretheren maybe not perfectly but I can understand my favorite book of mormon charecter (Ammon) next to Harryman and his armies:)
But it's been a good week and a ton of fun here in Laredo. I love it, i love you, and have a good week
Elder Hobbs

September 16

Dear Family,
Well I'll be brief... it was a great week!!! We keep seeing miracles left and right for church. The past 3 weeks we've had people show up at church that have been invited by members or that want to call a number on a tarjeta Sunday morning so it's been tons of fun enjoying the blessings of the lord here in Laredo. As for President we had the zone meeting tons of fun lots and lots of spanish. President Maluenda speaks nothing but spanish in trainings or anything involved with missionaries. And I'm about accustomed to his Chilean accent in order to understand him completely he's a quick speaker. But he knowsthe scriptures like the back of his hand. He has done a lot of cool things for the mission. He has pushed super hard on scripture stories for trainings and what not and actually for trainings President Trainer used to have a matrix that you'd follow for every month there'd be a designated training/role play but President Maluenda has had us make up trainings as the spirit directs and according to the needs of our districts so that's tons of fun.

Laredo's been awesome we've talked to a lot of people that come from Honduras, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and all parts of South America and Central America. It's tons of fun to hear different accents and stuff and to know that I can communicate with half the world basicaly. So tons of fun lots of miracles and blessings to spread and reap.

Love you family have a good one.
Elder Hobbs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8

   So many questions to answer and so many crazy things that happend this week. As for the area I love it to death it's Laredo!!!! And the border is a 1 min. drive from our apartment we see the river everyday. The difference between here and Sanny B is that there is no fence here it's all just open. And we live like right next to the border so where as sanny b it was like a 15 min. drive to the border of our area. And things are very safe nothing crazy has happened and the drugs and stuff aren't bad in our area I've heard nothing about it. Basically mom I'm a representative of christ and as a representative I got a lot of perks. And one of those is protection as I'm keeping the commandments/mission rules. I can assure you i'll be fine.
But as for the week we had so many huge miracles!!!! We found a family of 7 that we've been teaching. Ond that wants to get  closer to god. A guy that called us up in the middle of church to tell us that he wanted to come. A 16 year old that just got out of detention that wants to get cleaned up from drugs. And all accepted baptismal dates but 1 so we are getting very blessed. I'm in a branch that was just split so there's like 30 to 40 people here. I'm getting fed every single day (i can already feel the extra weight). And the members are super supportive for fellowship we're working on them helping us find but they're doing verywell and we have already worked a couple of splits to do hometeaching/lessons.
Laredo is the biggest zone missionary-wise in the mission. I have caught myself in contacts and talking to missionaries or members saying "down here in brownsville" "or do you know anyone in brownsville" I'm still getting used to the area but I'm def. hitting the ground running no time can be waisted en la obra del senor! And the car's a boss. we can get from one area to the other in a flash of time compared to mosying on around in a bike. but speaking of president he will be here tommorow for a zone conference so i'll get to see Elder Smith here in laredo mi papa. He only has 2 transfers left (btw he's the AP).
But congrats on the train dad that's very cool.  Also how's the dogs doing? Ranger needs to go to hunting school to become a bird dog. haha jk  But one last thing to share with you I was studying this morning a talk in the ensign that mentioned John 15:7 and then I crossed it to story of nephi ( helamen something) then to 1 nephi 17:50, jacob 4:6 and basically got the theme that as we are obedient and have the same will as the father. We secure the blessings from our father in heaven rather then change the will of the lord. but those blessings will never be secured as we are disobedient to he commandments. That basic knowledge is something our brothers and sisters live without in the world so do your best to continue to do missionary work to help others understand that. but I love you family and i'm greatful for your love, prayers, and support, I love being a missionary!!!
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 3

Dear Family,
   Well actually I am not driving a van, it was t-boned a while back so they just gave the area a Ford Fusion instead. But things are awesome I love this area a ton we have basically the biggest area in Laredo. We have tons of miles and tons of houses in our area I've been in shock the last week because I'm still wondering why my butt doens't hurt from my bike seat. There's nothing like A.C. in Laredo heat. But the heat is actually a bit hotter, dry heat it's a lot worst in Brownsville with the humidity factor. But I'm super stoaked my area is full of recent converts, active members, and youth that always come out with the missionaries. So we usually just throw a member in the back of the car and say let's go vato!!!! Vamos a predicar!

My companion's name is Elder Christensen........ and he's from Star Valley Wyomin! I was wondering which street name / city in star valley grandma and grandpa lived on.... but anyways he's awesome he's had 2 transfers on his mission so far so it's fun seeing him take over the area he's a very on the ball missionary. And I'll admit it's not Brownsville here. haha the city is a little bit more run down compared to some mansions in my last area but the people here are so interested in religion and god and seeking for churches it's super awesome.
There were a lot of sad goodbyes in Brownsville but a lot of great welcomes here in Laredo so I know it'll be tons of fun and there's so much work to be done here in Laredo so i'm super stoaked. My last night I found out that Alicia has done family history for a hobbie in the past and already can trace her lineage back to 1600's without help from the church so I was super excited to hear all the relatives on the other side of the veil that were chearing her on the whole time to get baptized so she can do there work for them so I can't tell you how humbling of a experience that was. So 1 more year and I'll be able to go to the temple with her and Adolfo when they first go through we already set that date together. (but whose counting).
   But it's been tons of fun my comp wants Sam to look out for his sister at Weber State and i'm sure goes to institute over there. But I love you all have a great week and i'll get back to you with things that are going on in the area once I get my feet under me. haha
Elder Hobbs

August 26

Dear Family,
Well the news is in i'll be heading off tomorow......................... It's been a good run here in Brownsville i'm going to miss it to death but i'll be headed off to Laredo to the area of Larga Vista. And i'll be driving a Van!!!! And supposedly it'll be brand new. But it's the car that the mission uses to do transfers so they load overyone up from Laredo and ship them to Mcallen so this Tuesday I'll probably pick up my van and drive it over to Laredo it's about 3 hours to Laredo but I'll be making a couple stops on the way I'll find out the schedule tonight...... But I almost feel like it's going to be harder to say goodbye to Brownsville than it was to say goodbye to Utah. I'm going to miss the converts that the lord had entrusted me to guide a ton. Tonight I say goodbye to Alicia and Adolfo......... These last 2 baptisms I've been blessed.   I'm just so excited to be here in Brownsville for one last day i'll let you know how the changes go on Monday. But i love you all have a great week good luck with school and I expect an e-mail from one of those track girls from idaho. jk
Love elder Hobbs

Monday, September 9, 2013

August 19

Dear Family,

   Well instead of typing a big long letter i'd thought i'd send you some pictures. But things have been going very well. We hit our goal as a district for baptisms so i can't be any happier. Transfers calls are coming up this saturday so we'll be finding out if i'll get the chance to stick around for my 7th transfer on a bike i still can't believe that it's been since december that i came in to the area it just feels like yesterday. We had Alicia's confirmation this last sunday and i got to confirm her it went very well and to be able to giver her a blessing from her heavenly father was extrodinary i can tell she is a very choice daughter of our heavenly father i'll be excited to come back some day and see how well she is progressing in the gospel. Also Adolfo just got the priesthood this last sunday. 
   Even though we didn't have the chance to have an investigator at church it was a very special day to see some of the converts to the lord in the church progressing in the gospel so well so i'm very excited to be here and to see these things that i've seen i honestly don't know how i'm going to say goodbye to some of these people..... Brownsville has been my home it's seemed the last 9 months.
   Enjoy the pictures and keep up the great missionary work in the Ward as it says in preach my gospel our best source of finding is through less active, active, and potential future missionares MEMBER WORK!!! Keep up the great work and help las hermanas de West Weber tener mucho exito. Y aprendan sus papeles en lecciones. Les amo bastante. Y se que esta obra es la obra del senor y necesitaremos hacer lo en su manera con miembros!!!
Elder Hobbs

August 12

DEar Family,
  WW3 represents.... not that we compare because we know how to measure success in the 3rd ward. That's such good news I'm very excited to hear that everythings going good in the missionary news back home keep Jose rolling and make sure Heston is sharing the gospel library app. Some of our last investigators have loved that thing to death. But as for Alicia she got baptized!!! I'll have to wait for next week to send you some pics and I'll make sure to send you some other ones to that's something I'm still working on repenting about is taking more pictures.
   But the baptism was awesome my companion got his name drawn out of the hat so he got to do the honors. And the speaker on Baptism couldn't make it so Elder Hobbs got the call off the bench and I was very glad to have the opportunity I felt the spirit very strongly and shared the story of Alma and his people getting baptized in Msh 18:8-10 or ch 8 don't remember. But it was very awesome and she was super excited about the whole thing and as she came out of the water she gave my companion a big old hug so that was super funny. I made him talk to president so he's repented... jk but you just couldn't stop the joy that she was feeling it was a very spiritual experience and after the baptism a lady invited her over for dinner and began to invite her on camping trips and to sit with her next Sunday so that was super awesome. . (But that's my committment to the family for each baptism that happens in the ward ((convert baptism)) invite them over for dinner!!!) 
But as for the area this may be my last 2 weeks it will almost for sure be my last transfer with my favorite companion Elder Livingston, mi hijo. We've been very blessed in the area and now we hit the top of the mountain of our success we've been having and the mountain is looking pretty steep. We don't have any baptisms set up for a couple weeks so we're going to be focusing a lot on retention with everyone and finding those other prepared people the lord has for us through the members and being in the places the lord wants us to be in. But we know the lord will entrust us with more of his children to teach and more blessings will be in our path. But things are going very well and our district has hit our goals after the first 2 weeks of August so I can't be more happier. And I know the lord is happy but still not content.
But love you family
Elder Hobbs

August 5

Dear Family,
   Well this week was an awesome one. A M got Baptized!!!!! He loved it and told us everything that day solidified his decision to get baptized there was a himno that mentioned baptism and also he felt good about his morning prayer. He even shaved his stache and came in a white shirt. We got him a tie and he looked like he could be a future counselor in a bishopbric. He's super excited and will be getting the priesthood some time soon. He's really enjoyed the lessons so far and he bore his testimony and called us his little angels. Now we will be focusing on helping him be as faithful to the lord as possible. In order to stay active. He's been very interested in temple work and that'll be the route we take with him is getting him to do some genealogy and temple work real soon. I have realized this week that the member that baptized Adolfo has helped us out with 3 different investigator's and each one of those people he's helped us out with have been baptized. So hno Zaleta is good luck for us. haha
   But I hoped you enjoyed the ties and Rudy's for a little present that's the past time a lot on p-days for missionaries is to go search through big warehouses that have used clothes for ties. Each one of those ties came from a bodega. But as for news this week nothing crazy happened. Other than the baptism. I've managedto continue to stay under 195 I've continued to jump around with weight from 190 to 195 so basically the same as I came out. Our members are feeding us a lot more and things are good just struggling a little bit to find to baptize in weeks to come. We will be planning on a baptism this upcoming sunday of Alicia our miracle contact in the stripes gas station she has been progressing very well just couldn't come to church last week cuz her daughter was sick. But we've talked her up so much to the ward that all the members come around and ask us if she's ok and stuff so it's good to see the ward is doing well with caring for there future converts.
   Member missionary work is also be pushed a lot down here. I don't know if I told you before but we don't knock. We work open your mouth, refferals, and member work, and of course area book potentials are what not. But as our numbers for finding have went down a little bit our numbers for genuine progressors have went up. But things are going well for the district we baptized 4 this last week and in the week to come we have 2 planned ones in the week to come so the lord has blessed us with a lot of great miracles. It's so great to be a missionary!!!!!!! There really is no other joy better than this and there is no other happiness bigger then to help others repent and show that repentance through the waters of baptism. Msh 26 :22-23 is my scripture for the week.!!!!
Love you all have a great week enjoy Rudy's sauce
Elder Hobbs

baptism of Adolfino

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 29

Dear Family,
Well I am very very excited that Eddie made the choice to be baptized sounds like he had quite the turnout for his baptism and party afterwards. What I would give to have 3 different members of the youth to participate in the ordinances. I know he'll have a lot of support and be a great future missionary. But continue to make sure he stays in the church Heston get him to do baptisms for the dead and read with him at the barn, get him to every Weds. night activity, and get him going on family history he'll have name after name that he can take of his own ancestors. Activity in the church is the key keep him active at the church and in the gospel.
But this week was a good one. We will be having a baptism coming up this week with A. We found out he grew up in Distrito de Federal. but was born in Nejapa de madero, Oaxca. So if Sam you know the geography you can help the family know where that is. Also Al is progressing really well they both came to church this Sunday and are both excited to continue to come to church. It's such a blessing working with people that are willing to keep there commitments. We've had no problems setting those b.d.'s it's just getting those people to do their own work, use their agency, and act has been our struggles but we'll be looking good to get these people baptized and maybe a few potentials at the end of August.
But something I learned this past week is basically if someone reads in the book of mormon they're going to progress and get baptized. And it's the same with us as we strive to live in the gospel if we read each day we'll overcome our obstacles that are in our lives. If we don't we're on our own. There's a promise in Msh 2:41 if we keep the commandments we'll be blessed both temporally and spiritually if we don't we won't and it's a commandment to read in the scriptures. We shouldn't put them "at rest" (don't know the reference offf top of my head but it's in alma) Creo..... But as we read each day we will be blessed each day and as we don't we won't it's as simple as that so family continue to strive to read the b.o.m each day and be blessed.
But I love you all hope you have a great week and yes I did get the letters from sunday school, the day I sent my last e-mail. haha
Con amor Elder Hobbs

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 22

Dear Family,
   Well this week was a fun one. We have still been working with A and she has been progressing super well we've finished teaching the plan of salvation to her as the spirit indicated to do and next thing you know she misses chruch because her mom is in a hospital in Corpus. So we don't know how severe or what's going on just that we have taught the plan of salvation and she has that knowledge. She really enjoyed it and has continued to read the book of mormon like crazy. We've taught the first half of the restoration and I basically just marked her pamphlet with 6 or 7 references for each theme so hopefully that'll keep her busy while she's up in Corpus till we hear back from her. But it's just been so much fun teaching her and to witness the changes she's been making. We went over a B.D. Checklist(basically just a map till her baptism where you mention commandments,lessons, and things they'll have to do) And we mentioned no coffee and she hasn't drank any. And we mentioned tithing and the first time that she went to church she asked us why didn't they pass around the trays for her to pay. haha So me and my companion picked ourselves up off the ground after those comments. It truely is a pleasure to find one of god's elect and chosen prepared people. We just hope all will be well with her family and that she can have the peace she needs. And I forgot to tell you she works for lens doctor and is the manager at some glasses store and knows her spanish vocab for the eye that she's been teaching us. haha
   Our next investigator A M has been progressing really well also. He's been reading the book of mormon and tonight we'll be teaching him about some commandments. He came to church this last week and had a really good time. He's liked church alot. We were actually at his niece's 14th birthday with him. He wanted to introduce us to his family so we got to meet quite a few people and even got the other elders some refferals as we enjoyed some burgers with everybody. But the coolest part of the whole teaching process with him is that he looked up online (i don't know how) his origin which is the farthest south state of Mexico and how it correlates with the book of mormon basically he found out that he's a lamanite and he was very interested. We also talked to him a little bit about family history and he's been super excited -  so tell President Saunders thanks for my calling before the mission I've been able to use it here and there with a couple of investigators and less active members. But back to the south part of Mexico..... It was funny I felt prompted to leave mormon 7 which is an invite that Moroni left to the latter day lamanites which talks a lot about baptism  after the first lesson we had had with him the only problem is he read the story of Abanadi instead just at random.
   But all in all our finding has been a little bit slimmer numbers but I feel like our quality of investigators has been up really well. Like I've said my companion and I have stayed together now for the 3rd transfer and we've been doing really well together at this point we have been teaching super close to the 50/50 ideal style of teaching so we've been having some really spirtitual lessons lately. It's such a great blessing when the lord entrusts you to work with people that are so prepared. Me and Elder Livingston have been having a lot of success and having a lot of good times together.
   But I'd like to let you know to be expecting something in the mail this week. And also that I have not gotten that letter that I was supposed to be waiting on i don't know if you forgot to send it or the chupakabra mauled it but quien sabe. But things have been awesome I love being a missionary
Love Elder Hobbs

July 15

Dear Family,
   What a week it has been!!! And speaking of transfers the call came in this morning and turns out............. I'll be staying in Country Club. I'm super excited to stay this place is like home and I couldn't imagine leaving so the lord has permitted me to stay and continue to serve. It's funny I can now say that i'm the ancient of Brownsville everyone in the zone isn't even close to the same time as I got now that one of our zone leaders just left. So I'll still be here in Country Club. But what an exciting week you've all had I'm super excited for Eddie's baptism make sure to get me a picture and if you could please please get me his e-mail I'd like to write him a quick e-mail next week.
   But as for the week here in Country Club we found this lady A last week like I had told you at a gas station and she has already read all of 1 nephi and about 5 or 6 chapters that we've assigned her and she is just taking off in the gospel I can't tell you how prepared she is. Just being with her in lessons just iluminates you with the spirit to see her desires. Basically she has two little problems. Just a belief on god that has been increasing and also she drinks a little bit of coffee. After all the people I've come across in my mission so far I can say she of all people NEED the gospel the most. She has been through a lot in her life. She has two kids with autism one with severe and the other mas o menos. She has also came off of a divorce and has been left with all the kids to take care of and when we're over at her house you can just see how much it wears on her to have the kids all to herself to care for.  She has fear going into public a lot so she was a little timid to come to church for the first time but we sent her 1 ne 3 7 for a little pump up and she said that that gave her a little spark and she loved it! Her kids were all handled by the primary and she really enjoyed the members and they really pulled through for us and helped her have a good time so she's are little miracle in the area right now.
   We also had a guy show up in the spanish ward at random. He offers funeral services and goes door to door knocking and he knocked on a member's door and bless her soul whoever she is. She invited him to come and he showed up. He had a good experience and we're excited for him to come back next week. Also one of our investigators in the spanish ward came to church this last Sunday and he had a great time he only came for 1 hour becuase he had work but he said he'll see if he can arrange stuff to be there next time. We got him some good fellowship and his neighbor is a member so we'll get him rolling also. The lord has been blessing us right and left in the area I couldn't be happier. (def. not content with what's going on i'm just very excited for the people we got).
   Also I got the chance to translate for a guy from Florida that was telling me all his gator hunting stories in the chapel it was super funny he made me want to go there someday to go hunting with him.haha but it was pretty darn tough to translate it seemed like the speakers were speaking extra fast and their vocab seemed a bit strange to so I struggled a bit but my friend didn't care to much he still enjoyed coming. But it was such a great week what can I say..... I love being a missionary!
Elder Hobbs

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 8

   Well this week was a great one we had the oppurtunity to have a baptism with our investigator J.... Habiendo Sido.... So that was a really cool moment we actually had quite the time getting him to his baptism. haha so we had an appt. with him Saturday night at 8 to make sure that all would be well for his baptism and it turned out he never showed so we called him all night but he never answered. So in the morning we went by his house at 8 in the morning to wake him up so we get him rolling and had his ride scheduled for 830. So as it turns out he went back to sleep after we left and our ride called us and let us know what was going on so we gave him a call and he told us he wasn't going to show until 11:30 because he needed to rest and I was being a bit bold with him to tell him why he needed to be there in order for his baptism and so he hung up on me and wouldn't answer after that. So we call the ride and tell them to not leave until they have him and they say they can't because Hno de la yata is on the high council and had to be on time. So we start asking every member to give us a ride and it got to the point where the opening himno started and we still have noboody. And finally a member agreed to help us out so we get over there. Get J dressed and he came with us and he apologized for wanting to sleep and the baptism turned out really really well aftrer it happened he told us his misisona is to get his neighbors baptized too. haha So we're very excited for him to get rolling.
   Next cool thing that happened this week we we're using the bathroom at a stripes (gas statino) and we were sitting on the benches for a bit planning on what we could do because some things fell and we had no where to go and as we sat there a lady came up to us and asked if we were mormans...... (Best question ever to hear as missionaries) So we get her info and ask her if she's a member and she says no but I want to be..... And me and my comp are just praying please be in our area!!! So turns out she is and she has investigated the church up farther north in Texas and told us that the day we talked to her we saved her because she has had a lot of trials in her life and they were really starting to weigh down on her. She is coming off of a divorce and has two autistic kids and she just really needed that little pick up that we gave her by being right where the lord wanted us to be. So we're very excited to have the chance to apply matt11:28-30 in her life I know she'll really need the help of christ in her life Msh 24 is are next chapter we'll be leaving her with.
   But other then that that's what happened this week. We actually got the 4th of July to work. But we could only visit members. We just shared a couple of scriptures about independance day with everyone in 1 nephi 13 and i wanna say 2 nephi 10 or 11ish and people enjoyed to see that in the book of mormon just  another little testimony of the bom it prophecys of the revoultionary war. But that's too bad about grandma falling off her bike, that's all your fault momma jk. Hope all will be well with grandma that's too bad she was bleeding all over. But hope you have a great week I love you all. nos vemos. les amo
Elder Hobbs

July 1

Dear Family,
   What a week!!! Things are going by super super quickly. We had a great turn out for the month of June as a mission we turned out with 106 baptisms and as a zone in Brownsville we fell short of our goal of 20 with just 17 but that's the 3rd highest the zone has hit in the past couple of years. It's been fun serving the lord as a district leader. I should be having some interviews coming up this week from some missionaries in the district and we also just had an investigator just pass an interview in our area that should be getting baptized next week. The lord has been blessing us and i know we have a lot of good things going on.
   We have been teaching an investigator for the past month named J. He kinda is a little slower but he loves church and loves having lessons with us. He said a prayer just the other week lessons with him have been the funnest ever because you never know what this guy is going to say. haha But we got him over his tea problems and also over drinking and he's already read up to 1 nephi 15 ish and he loves reading in the pamphlets we leave with him. He has already been sharing them with his neighbors and friends and one of his biggest desires is to preach the gospel with us. But we'll be excited to report a bit next week on how it goes.
   I just want to share a quick missionary momenty just this last week I was riding my bike while we on a little trek(btw country club is biggest bike area in brville) and I was thinking to myself "how can I leave this area". I was have truely changed into the missionary that I have wanted to be here in this area. And I've had moments of thinking just get me out of here or why did I have to come to the area, I'll be honest. But as I've seen the changes in myself I've seen the changes in my area and then that's when you can see the changes in the people you teach. But I truely feel like I've found myself in the area  and that I have truely become a man/missionary. It's amazing how tailor fit missions really are and how much the lord really understands what we need and as we get beat down and we have trials of faith it's all for a reason. Nothing is in Vain unless you allow it to be. Unless you fail to understand what is being taught to you.
But I love you family hope everything continues to go well.
Elder Hobbs