Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 10

Dear family
   Sounds like you all had such a great week. As for me we saw tons of great miracles this last week. As of the lady I told you about Gabriela Mendez.... She brought the rest of her family to church and we set baptismal dates with them for 3 weeks were going to help them get baptised on the 23 they are looking super good to do it as well. We went through a baptismal checklist of what they'd need to do to prepare and the father already threw out his drinks and smokes so they are very very prepared I'm excited for this family big time they loved church to death and sister Mendez's mom got baptised last month and her sister has been a member of around 10 years so you couldn't ask for more fellowship.
This is coming from that same lady that had the church tour with over 30 people so this family has been our workhorses.
   We've also found a less active family that we brought to church this last Sunday that has a 17 year old lady from Honduras that isn't a member and she also has a baptismal date we'll just need to set up some plans to get some permission from her parents somehow in order to be baptised. So we've seen tons of miracles from the big fast that our misson has had. Basically if our zone steps up and hits our goals for this month we will be able to hit our goal as a mission to hit 110.
   Also this last week has been our leadership training in McAllen. It was tons of fun and I learned a lot and got to meet up with a lot of familiar faces and see how all my friends throughout the mission are doing. President Maluenda brings such a strong spirit with him and I have no doubt that he is the one that is to be guiding this mission (although i still do miss Pres. Trainer alot) haha. But it was great to learn all of the great things our leaders have for us in the mission. I have already applied a lot of the trainings to our district and we have seen a lot of success from it. All I got to say is miracles! just keep counting your blessings right? Every person I've baptized on my mission has been a miracle in one way or another I truely am deservant of nothing it's all the lords work and the members work down here I'm just here to point the way for everyone. 
 I love you all have a great week
Elder Hobbs
p.s. transfers our this Tuesday to come so I'll let you know if I stay or if I go.

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