Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 17

Hijole! My friends have already begun to get home from their missions that's super crazy! Well I got the news for the transfer!!!! I'll be headed to Robstown. I'll get to relearn my English over there because i've heard there is absolutley no Spanish at all over there so that'll be interesting. I'm super stoaked though for getting the chance to go up there I will now have hit all 3 corners of the mission so there goes one mission goal. haha And I will actually receive the calling as a zone leader to work up there and we have the biggest zone land wise so I'll be driving all over in a colorado chevy truck and i already spent 3 transfers living in the same appt. with my companion i'm super excited his name is Elder Ayers and he's from Idaho Falls. So we'll have to send over our cousins to visit his family. haha but it sure has been a quick 2 transfers in Laredo I'll miss everyone but I also konw that that's where I need to be is in Robstown I hear it's a lot of farm country too so i'll be in my element. haha
   But as for the week it went really well the Mendez family will be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and they are very excited about doing so. They've seen lots of miracles in the week and a half we've taught them so it's just a great testimony to me how quick people can change. We went over for a lesson and the father and son had already been studying the b.o.m for an hour and had tons of questions for us on the reading so it was one of the moments that melted my heart and as we had them pray about Joseph Smith and everthing at the end of the lesson they all explained the peace and the spirit that they've felt and that they know he is a prophet. During the prayer I got the chance to receive some revealtion...... That this work is not my work. that I can explain/teach/share/whatever to help people understand and know the doctrine but I cannot send the holy ghost to bring the feelings of comfort to  a family or peace to a family or individual. That's how I know god lives, and how I know that this is his church because as I've done my small little part of pointing the direction to people i've been a witness of how much god loves his children and how happy he is as they follow him. My testimony has grown so much these 2 short transfers I've had here in Laredo and I know without a doubt that these things are true. Me and my companion basically had the same oppurtunity that Alma had in Alma 30 when Korihor was denying god and denying the scriptures and it was funny how we used basically exactly what Alma said  to tell her the truth and as I told her all those things I knew them I wasn't just saying them.
 I weighed in at 207 pounds eeek!!!! These members down here have been too good to me I'll need to start jogging with my next comp in the mornings. But love you family have a great week I'll be emailing you from Robstown next week l love you

Elder Hobbs

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