Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 28

Dear Family,
   Well this week was awesome. I had an interview with President Maluenda and it went really well he just basicaly asked a lot of questions on how I was doing and if I enjoyed the mission and what not but he seemed to just be able to see into my soul. haha but yeah I got the pictures, the e-mail from April, it was so good to hear from everyone else scattered throughout the world. It's good to hear that my bretheren are still bretheren in the Lord as Alma described. But this week like I said was awesome our progressing investigador didn't come to church but a recent convert brought a group of people that live in his apartment complex of a group of 4 people that crossed the border a week ago. haha so we set a b.d. with one of him and he's very very prepared said he's looking for the truth, and loves to read the bible. So we gave him the BOM So far I've taught people from all over Central America. San Salvador,Honduras,Mexico, Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic, etc. So we've been on our toes with different accents of spanish and it's awesome to know we can communicate and talk with people from all over the world. haha
   Our members are still los jefes o los meros meros de la obra!!! We had a noche de hogar with a recent convert she had 2 of her sisters and 1 sobrina and they were all interested and we sent off the refferalls. We got a referral from a girl that was teaching her 13 year old friends at school and she gave them the BOM we left her. A recent convert brought a group of 4 to church like I said and another member is pulling us a chapter 14 out of PME (ask if sam or saren can translate what chapter of pmg that is). And another member is helping us out with his cousin and his cousin's family. And another is helping us teach all his friends before he leaves for his mission((he doesn't want any regrets for not sharing the gospel with his friends. So basically we are just in the area to keep track of what all our members are doing. Haha there's no other way to do the work with so much success than through your members. 
   But one quick principle I learned this week is how important prayer is. Really it doesn't matter if I explain that baptism is a commandment, cleans our sins, we receive the gift of the holy ghost, you'll enter heaven, follow christ, etc. IF GOD SPEAKS TO HIS CHILDREN AND GIVES SPECIFIC REVELATION TO A SPECIFIC QUESTION SUCH AS "SHOULD I BE BAPTIZED?" Then that trumps anything that be explained. Igual como jose smith, o la palabra de sabiduria o cualquier cosa. If god tells you than will you do it? Luke22:42
But love you all have a great week!
Nos juevos
Elder Hobbs

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