Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21

Dear Family,

   Well where do I start we had another baptism this last Sunday with a guy named Roy from Honduras. He just was waiting on some special details and he got them and then he got baptized.  So I'm sending you some of the pics I've been having  problems lately with the compurters here in Laredo.
   But things are going very well we've had a lot of great miracles coming from our member work. We've been working alot throught our members that know a lot of people like our 16 to 18 year old members and they've been hooking us up with some awesome refferals and we've had plenty of people to teach. As of right now Elder Hobbs goal is to find a family to baptize. I've had success with singles I've loved all the people that I've been teaching but I'm just looking for that special family to help our our spanish branch and I think we've found it. I've taught a couple families I just haven't got them to there special day. But that's the plan so be praying for that para mi.
But my companion's name is Elder Jeppesen. He's from Brigham City utah. He's about 6 ft 4ish and very skinny loves to hunt and fish and the outdoors. We've been getting along real well and having some good success together. All the kids love him because he does a special handshake with them all so we're the favorite companionship in the branch as of right now. haha jk but I got another companero de la fabrica. Es lo que tenemos aqui en el sur de tejas muchos misioneros de la fabrica. Quiero unos mexicanos aqui! chiste.
My shirts are holding up well I haven't opened any of the ones you've sent yet and a tie would always be nice. But whatever is en la corazon de mi mama. De la mama osa! Have a great week I love you all and seek missionary oppurtunites and support and pray for the missionaries in the stake.

Elder Hobbs

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