Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7

Dear Family,
   Where do I start for this week!!!!! Transfers are tomorrow I'm staying but I'm getting a new companion and taking over the area. We had a super good turn out for general conference we had a goal to bring 12 people as a district of 3 companionships and we brought 13! Tons of conference miracles. During the week we had an event where we had a planned fhe with a family at the chapel and made plans for each of their friends and family members to go and we had a huge turn out. A family of 4 had 30 people there!!!! Of which are now about 10 people to follow up with in our area. We got 2 golden refferals this week from Mexico and Honduras. A guy crossed the border 2 weeks ago that was taught everything just needs to be baptized so we'll have a baptism this Saturday with him( speaking of which i think he's coming from Sam's mission he said that President Marin was his branch president it was the Tampico Stake, he'd visited the temple down there, and he wrote izucar de matamoros. He said it was a little pueblito so quien sabe) And the other was a guy that just needed permission from first presidency and he got it and then he was deported. The permission arrived but he was gone and now he's back and already shared his testimony with us so here we go October Miracles here we come!
 We've also been teaching a guy that has been telling us all these crazy dreams and prophecying of things that are happening to us. haha like just little things like a sprained ankle and he told us that one of us would be transfered before we even explained what they were. haha this guy bought a suit, and dress shoes, and a white shirt and pants and got a haircut in preperation for conference. He's bought a phone so he can be in communication with us and he's also now looking to buy a car so he doesn't have to borrow his mom's truck. He's been very very prepared and he actually knew we were coming the first day we showed up he answered the door as we were walking up. I'd easily say I'm at the busiest point of my mission there are so many things to do and follow up and people to teach and members to support-you gotta love Laredo!!! Speaking of which our zone is getting split in half. Tons of things to juggle up in the air and now everyone in the family to e-mail back. Mama Bear Hobbs must have rounded up her cubs to e-mail me. haha But it's so good to hear from you all. Thanks for all the love and support that you continue to show me. The lord is hastening his work so keep it up and pray for those missionary oppurtunites as the old qb from BYU had said follow his instructions. There are miracles as everyone works together in sharing the gospel just as I shared we had 30 people from a family of 4 for a church tour which means a family of 7-2=5 should bring at least 35 for some sister missionaries in Utah. (btw I forgot to tell you everyone brought a friend in the family the son,the mom, and the daughter, and father everyone hit their goals I wished I would've taken a picture of all of us there)
   But as for conference I loved the first session I just felt a sense of urgency with every speaker. And I loved President Monson's talk on the 3rd session. But one of my favorite things was Elder Dube's talk the black guy that spoke about focusing on the future and the lessson he learned from his mom and most especially a line he said "It's not important to the lord where we've been, but where we are willing to go" I felt like it kinda spiritually jacked me about thinking of home here and there  and of Brownsville and kinda was a kick to the pants to say hey your right in the middle of everything so go to work. Kinda as a running back gets out of the thicket of defenders and everyone is behind him he still needs to run as hard as he can so no one will catch him. Or next thing you know a defender from the Kaysville little league team will catch up to him and punch the ball out of his hands because he wasn't carrying the ball as well as he should "he let up" so the lesson I learned is there is NO letting up in the work of the lord it's all going forward. So here I go onward christian soldier!!! 

 Have a great week and enjoy the talks a scrip. I shared in my contacts this last week to talk up general conference was Eph 3:5 to talk about the things that were revealed to Paul were things not previously revealed just like in our days the prophet and apostles still have things to reveal to us that were never revealed. Even though the bible and the book of mormon have ends god does not and therefore his revelation will continue to come. Como dice la escritura. "Porque no hara nada jehova sin que revele sus secretos a sus siervos los profetas"
Elder Hobbs

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