Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23

Fun Fun Fun!!!
   Sounds like everythings going good back home.... We had a good week. We have been making some plans with some member families that are super down and excited to do missionary work and have givin us refferals right and left so things are looking really good. I've forgotten to tell you this but i've been strangely running into people that used to live in Ogden Utah. Most of them are Mexicans so it's been fun to run into a couple of people that know how good the 2 for a 1 dollar tacos are downtown. What a small world it is right there's connections right and left.
   But I'm jsut about at that point where I know the area and have a feel for things that are going on. And the members somewhat know me. But we have not had any troubles at all finding people to teach as i've told you before people are wanting to listen to us right and left but the troubles we've been having or the battles we've been having is just getting them to church. That's where we can find the desires of people is if they are truely willing to act and follow Christ they'll come to church...... This week as I was in church I was reminded of something a 70 said in the MTC.... He said that when were on our missions that Sundays will be either the best day or the worst day and that you'll wanna weep the days your investigators don't come.... And itn's completely true. People's agency dictate your emotions on Sunday. haha not that I cry or weap or freak out when people don't come but it's one of those low feelings. but as coach Bosgeitor would alwyas say not to high with the highs and not to low with the lows. it's the same with the mission.
   I was studying a bit this week on the story of Ammon and his bretheren and the people of Anti Nephi Lehi and Alma the Youngers wrap up story in Alma 29 and it hit me how joyful it really is to be a missionary and to see the fruits of your labor or should I say be blessed to see the fruits of your labor. Because there are those who never get to see it. Abinadi for example never got to see the conversion of Alma the older and to see that the one person he converted became a prophet that changed the life of many many people. Instead he got to see how hot some flames could get. But as I've looked back at a year on my mission (trunky) I've truely been blessed to see some of the fruits of my labor and even though I'll never see all the fruits of my labor I can never put in words how blessed I am to be here in Texas preaching the gospel and good news. I can now understand Ammon and Alma and his bretheren maybe not perfectly but I can understand my favorite book of mormon charecter (Ammon) next to Harryman and his armies:)
But it's been a good week and a ton of fun here in Laredo. I love it, i love you, and have a good week
Elder Hobbs

September 16

Dear Family,
Well I'll be brief... it was a great week!!! We keep seeing miracles left and right for church. The past 3 weeks we've had people show up at church that have been invited by members or that want to call a number on a tarjeta Sunday morning so it's been tons of fun enjoying the blessings of the lord here in Laredo. As for President we had the zone meeting tons of fun lots and lots of spanish. President Maluenda speaks nothing but spanish in trainings or anything involved with missionaries. And I'm about accustomed to his Chilean accent in order to understand him completely he's a quick speaker. But he knowsthe scriptures like the back of his hand. He has done a lot of cool things for the mission. He has pushed super hard on scripture stories for trainings and what not and actually for trainings President Trainer used to have a matrix that you'd follow for every month there'd be a designated training/role play but President Maluenda has had us make up trainings as the spirit directs and according to the needs of our districts so that's tons of fun.

Laredo's been awesome we've talked to a lot of people that come from Honduras, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and all parts of South America and Central America. It's tons of fun to hear different accents and stuff and to know that I can communicate with half the world basicaly. So tons of fun lots of miracles and blessings to spread and reap.

Love you family have a good one.
Elder Hobbs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8

   So many questions to answer and so many crazy things that happend this week. As for the area I love it to death it's Laredo!!!! And the border is a 1 min. drive from our apartment we see the river everyday. The difference between here and Sanny B is that there is no fence here it's all just open. And we live like right next to the border so where as sanny b it was like a 15 min. drive to the border of our area. And things are very safe nothing crazy has happened and the drugs and stuff aren't bad in our area I've heard nothing about it. Basically mom I'm a representative of christ and as a representative I got a lot of perks. And one of those is protection as I'm keeping the commandments/mission rules. I can assure you i'll be fine.
But as for the week we had so many huge miracles!!!! We found a family of 7 that we've been teaching. Ond that wants to get  closer to god. A guy that called us up in the middle of church to tell us that he wanted to come. A 16 year old that just got out of detention that wants to get cleaned up from drugs. And all accepted baptismal dates but 1 so we are getting very blessed. I'm in a branch that was just split so there's like 30 to 40 people here. I'm getting fed every single day (i can already feel the extra weight). And the members are super supportive for fellowship we're working on them helping us find but they're doing verywell and we have already worked a couple of splits to do hometeaching/lessons.
Laredo is the biggest zone missionary-wise in the mission. I have caught myself in contacts and talking to missionaries or members saying "down here in brownsville" "or do you know anyone in brownsville" I'm still getting used to the area but I'm def. hitting the ground running no time can be waisted en la obra del senor! And the car's a boss. we can get from one area to the other in a flash of time compared to mosying on around in a bike. but speaking of president he will be here tommorow for a zone conference so i'll get to see Elder Smith here in laredo mi papa. He only has 2 transfers left (btw he's the AP).
But congrats on the train dad that's very cool.  Also how's the dogs doing? Ranger needs to go to hunting school to become a bird dog. haha jk  But one last thing to share with you I was studying this morning a talk in the ensign that mentioned John 15:7 and then I crossed it to story of nephi ( helamen something) then to 1 nephi 17:50, jacob 4:6 and basically got the theme that as we are obedient and have the same will as the father. We secure the blessings from our father in heaven rather then change the will of the lord. but those blessings will never be secured as we are disobedient to he commandments. That basic knowledge is something our brothers and sisters live without in the world so do your best to continue to do missionary work to help others understand that. but I love you family and i'm greatful for your love, prayers, and support, I love being a missionary!!!
Elder Hobbs

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 3

Dear Family,
   Well actually I am not driving a van, it was t-boned a while back so they just gave the area a Ford Fusion instead. But things are awesome I love this area a ton we have basically the biggest area in Laredo. We have tons of miles and tons of houses in our area I've been in shock the last week because I'm still wondering why my butt doens't hurt from my bike seat. There's nothing like A.C. in Laredo heat. But the heat is actually a bit hotter, dry heat it's a lot worst in Brownsville with the humidity factor. But I'm super stoaked my area is full of recent converts, active members, and youth that always come out with the missionaries. So we usually just throw a member in the back of the car and say let's go vato!!!! Vamos a predicar!

My companion's name is Elder Christensen........ and he's from Star Valley Wyomin! I was wondering which street name / city in star valley grandma and grandpa lived on.... but anyways he's awesome he's had 2 transfers on his mission so far so it's fun seeing him take over the area he's a very on the ball missionary. And I'll admit it's not Brownsville here. haha the city is a little bit more run down compared to some mansions in my last area but the people here are so interested in religion and god and seeking for churches it's super awesome.
There were a lot of sad goodbyes in Brownsville but a lot of great welcomes here in Laredo so I know it'll be tons of fun and there's so much work to be done here in Laredo so i'm super stoaked. My last night I found out that Alicia has done family history for a hobbie in the past and already can trace her lineage back to 1600's without help from the church so I was super excited to hear all the relatives on the other side of the veil that were chearing her on the whole time to get baptized so she can do there work for them so I can't tell you how humbling of a experience that was. So 1 more year and I'll be able to go to the temple with her and Adolfo when they first go through we already set that date together. (but whose counting).
   But it's been tons of fun my comp wants Sam to look out for his sister at Weber State and i'm sure goes to institute over there. But I love you all have a great week and i'll get back to you with things that are going on in the area once I get my feet under me. haha
Elder Hobbs

August 26

Dear Family,
Well the news is in i'll be heading off tomorow......................... It's been a good run here in Brownsville i'm going to miss it to death but i'll be headed off to Laredo to the area of Larga Vista. And i'll be driving a Van!!!! And supposedly it'll be brand new. But it's the car that the mission uses to do transfers so they load overyone up from Laredo and ship them to Mcallen so this Tuesday I'll probably pick up my van and drive it over to Laredo it's about 3 hours to Laredo but I'll be making a couple stops on the way I'll find out the schedule tonight...... But I almost feel like it's going to be harder to say goodbye to Brownsville than it was to say goodbye to Utah. I'm going to miss the converts that the lord had entrusted me to guide a ton. Tonight I say goodbye to Alicia and Adolfo......... These last 2 baptisms I've been blessed.   I'm just so excited to be here in Brownsville for one last day i'll let you know how the changes go on Monday. But i love you all have a great week good luck with school and I expect an e-mail from one of those track girls from idaho. jk
Love elder Hobbs

Monday, September 9, 2013

August 19

Dear Family,

   Well instead of typing a big long letter i'd thought i'd send you some pictures. But things have been going very well. We hit our goal as a district for baptisms so i can't be any happier. Transfers calls are coming up this saturday so we'll be finding out if i'll get the chance to stick around for my 7th transfer on a bike i still can't believe that it's been since december that i came in to the area it just feels like yesterday. We had Alicia's confirmation this last sunday and i got to confirm her it went very well and to be able to giver her a blessing from her heavenly father was extrodinary i can tell she is a very choice daughter of our heavenly father i'll be excited to come back some day and see how well she is progressing in the gospel. Also Adolfo just got the priesthood this last sunday. 
   Even though we didn't have the chance to have an investigator at church it was a very special day to see some of the converts to the lord in the church progressing in the gospel so well so i'm very excited to be here and to see these things that i've seen i honestly don't know how i'm going to say goodbye to some of these people..... Brownsville has been my home it's seemed the last 9 months.
   Enjoy the pictures and keep up the great missionary work in the Ward as it says in preach my gospel our best source of finding is through less active, active, and potential future missionares MEMBER WORK!!! Keep up the great work and help las hermanas de West Weber tener mucho exito. Y aprendan sus papeles en lecciones. Les amo bastante. Y se que esta obra es la obra del senor y necesitaremos hacer lo en su manera con miembros!!!
Elder Hobbs

August 12

DEar Family,
  WW3 represents.... not that we compare because we know how to measure success in the 3rd ward. That's such good news I'm very excited to hear that everythings going good in the missionary news back home keep Jose rolling and make sure Heston is sharing the gospel library app. Some of our last investigators have loved that thing to death. But as for Alicia she got baptized!!! I'll have to wait for next week to send you some pics and I'll make sure to send you some other ones to that's something I'm still working on repenting about is taking more pictures.
   But the baptism was awesome my companion got his name drawn out of the hat so he got to do the honors. And the speaker on Baptism couldn't make it so Elder Hobbs got the call off the bench and I was very glad to have the opportunity I felt the spirit very strongly and shared the story of Alma and his people getting baptized in Msh 18:8-10 or ch 8 don't remember. But it was very awesome and she was super excited about the whole thing and as she came out of the water she gave my companion a big old hug so that was super funny. I made him talk to president so he's repented... jk but you just couldn't stop the joy that she was feeling it was a very spiritual experience and after the baptism a lady invited her over for dinner and began to invite her on camping trips and to sit with her next Sunday so that was super awesome. . (But that's my committment to the family for each baptism that happens in the ward ((convert baptism)) invite them over for dinner!!!) 
But as for the area this may be my last 2 weeks it will almost for sure be my last transfer with my favorite companion Elder Livingston, mi hijo. We've been very blessed in the area and now we hit the top of the mountain of our success we've been having and the mountain is looking pretty steep. We don't have any baptisms set up for a couple weeks so we're going to be focusing a lot on retention with everyone and finding those other prepared people the lord has for us through the members and being in the places the lord wants us to be in. But we know the lord will entrust us with more of his children to teach and more blessings will be in our path. But things are going very well and our district has hit our goals after the first 2 weeks of August so I can't be more happier. And I know the lord is happy but still not content.
But love you family
Elder Hobbs

August 5

Dear Family,
   Well this week was an awesome one. A M got Baptized!!!!! He loved it and told us everything that day solidified his decision to get baptized there was a himno that mentioned baptism and also he felt good about his morning prayer. He even shaved his stache and came in a white shirt. We got him a tie and he looked like he could be a future counselor in a bishopbric. He's super excited and will be getting the priesthood some time soon. He's really enjoyed the lessons so far and he bore his testimony and called us his little angels. Now we will be focusing on helping him be as faithful to the lord as possible. In order to stay active. He's been very interested in temple work and that'll be the route we take with him is getting him to do some genealogy and temple work real soon. I have realized this week that the member that baptized Adolfo has helped us out with 3 different investigator's and each one of those people he's helped us out with have been baptized. So hno Zaleta is good luck for us. haha
   But I hoped you enjoyed the ties and Rudy's for a little present that's the past time a lot on p-days for missionaries is to go search through big warehouses that have used clothes for ties. Each one of those ties came from a bodega. But as for news this week nothing crazy happened. Other than the baptism. I've managedto continue to stay under 195 I've continued to jump around with weight from 190 to 195 so basically the same as I came out. Our members are feeding us a lot more and things are good just struggling a little bit to find to baptize in weeks to come. We will be planning on a baptism this upcoming sunday of Alicia our miracle contact in the stripes gas station she has been progressing very well just couldn't come to church last week cuz her daughter was sick. But we've talked her up so much to the ward that all the members come around and ask us if she's ok and stuff so it's good to see the ward is doing well with caring for there future converts.
   Member missionary work is also be pushed a lot down here. I don't know if I told you before but we don't knock. We work open your mouth, refferals, and member work, and of course area book potentials are what not. But as our numbers for finding have went down a little bit our numbers for genuine progressors have went up. But things are going well for the district we baptized 4 this last week and in the week to come we have 2 planned ones in the week to come so the lord has blessed us with a lot of great miracles. It's so great to be a missionary!!!!!!! There really is no other joy better than this and there is no other happiness bigger then to help others repent and show that repentance through the waters of baptism. Msh 26 :22-23 is my scripture for the week.!!!!
Love you all have a great week enjoy Rudy's sauce
Elder Hobbs

baptism of Adolfino