Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, September 9, 2013

August 5

Dear Family,
   Well this week was an awesome one. A M got Baptized!!!!! He loved it and told us everything that day solidified his decision to get baptized there was a himno that mentioned baptism and also he felt good about his morning prayer. He even shaved his stache and came in a white shirt. We got him a tie and he looked like he could be a future counselor in a bishopbric. He's super excited and will be getting the priesthood some time soon. He's really enjoyed the lessons so far and he bore his testimony and called us his little angels. Now we will be focusing on helping him be as faithful to the lord as possible. In order to stay active. He's been very interested in temple work and that'll be the route we take with him is getting him to do some genealogy and temple work real soon. I have realized this week that the member that baptized Adolfo has helped us out with 3 different investigator's and each one of those people he's helped us out with have been baptized. So hno Zaleta is good luck for us. haha
   But I hoped you enjoyed the ties and Rudy's for a little present that's the past time a lot on p-days for missionaries is to go search through big warehouses that have used clothes for ties. Each one of those ties came from a bodega. But as for news this week nothing crazy happened. Other than the baptism. I've managedto continue to stay under 195 I've continued to jump around with weight from 190 to 195 so basically the same as I came out. Our members are feeding us a lot more and things are good just struggling a little bit to find to baptize in weeks to come. We will be planning on a baptism this upcoming sunday of Alicia our miracle contact in the stripes gas station she has been progressing very well just couldn't come to church last week cuz her daughter was sick. But we've talked her up so much to the ward that all the members come around and ask us if she's ok and stuff so it's good to see the ward is doing well with caring for there future converts.
   Member missionary work is also be pushed a lot down here. I don't know if I told you before but we don't knock. We work open your mouth, refferals, and member work, and of course area book potentials are what not. But as our numbers for finding have went down a little bit our numbers for genuine progressors have went up. But things are going well for the district we baptized 4 this last week and in the week to come we have 2 planned ones in the week to come so the lord has blessed us with a lot of great miracles. It's so great to be a missionary!!!!!!! There really is no other joy better than this and there is no other happiness bigger then to help others repent and show that repentance through the waters of baptism. Msh 26 :22-23 is my scripture for the week.!!!!
Love you all have a great week enjoy Rudy's sauce
Elder Hobbs

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