Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8

   So many questions to answer and so many crazy things that happend this week. As for the area I love it to death it's Laredo!!!! And the border is a 1 min. drive from our apartment we see the river everyday. The difference between here and Sanny B is that there is no fence here it's all just open. And we live like right next to the border so where as sanny b it was like a 15 min. drive to the border of our area. And things are very safe nothing crazy has happened and the drugs and stuff aren't bad in our area I've heard nothing about it. Basically mom I'm a representative of christ and as a representative I got a lot of perks. And one of those is protection as I'm keeping the commandments/mission rules. I can assure you i'll be fine.
But as for the week we had so many huge miracles!!!! We found a family of 7 that we've been teaching. Ond that wants to get  closer to god. A guy that called us up in the middle of church to tell us that he wanted to come. A 16 year old that just got out of detention that wants to get cleaned up from drugs. And all accepted baptismal dates but 1 so we are getting very blessed. I'm in a branch that was just split so there's like 30 to 40 people here. I'm getting fed every single day (i can already feel the extra weight). And the members are super supportive for fellowship we're working on them helping us find but they're doing verywell and we have already worked a couple of splits to do hometeaching/lessons.
Laredo is the biggest zone missionary-wise in the mission. I have caught myself in contacts and talking to missionaries or members saying "down here in brownsville" "or do you know anyone in brownsville" I'm still getting used to the area but I'm def. hitting the ground running no time can be waisted en la obra del senor! And the car's a boss. we can get from one area to the other in a flash of time compared to mosying on around in a bike. but speaking of president he will be here tommorow for a zone conference so i'll get to see Elder Smith here in laredo mi papa. He only has 2 transfers left (btw he's the AP).
But congrats on the train dad that's very cool.  Also how's the dogs doing? Ranger needs to go to hunting school to become a bird dog. haha jk  But one last thing to share with you I was studying this morning a talk in the ensign that mentioned John 15:7 and then I crossed it to story of nephi ( helamen something) then to 1 nephi 17:50, jacob 4:6 and basically got the theme that as we are obedient and have the same will as the father. We secure the blessings from our father in heaven rather then change the will of the lord. but those blessings will never be secured as we are disobedient to he commandments. That basic knowledge is something our brothers and sisters live without in the world so do your best to continue to do missionary work to help others understand that. but I love you family and i'm greatful for your love, prayers, and support, I love being a missionary!!!
Elder Hobbs

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