Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 16

Dear Family,
Well I'll be brief... it was a great week!!! We keep seeing miracles left and right for church. The past 3 weeks we've had people show up at church that have been invited by members or that want to call a number on a tarjeta Sunday morning so it's been tons of fun enjoying the blessings of the lord here in Laredo. As for President we had the zone meeting tons of fun lots and lots of spanish. President Maluenda speaks nothing but spanish in trainings or anything involved with missionaries. And I'm about accustomed to his Chilean accent in order to understand him completely he's a quick speaker. But he knowsthe scriptures like the back of his hand. He has done a lot of cool things for the mission. He has pushed super hard on scripture stories for trainings and what not and actually for trainings President Trainer used to have a matrix that you'd follow for every month there'd be a designated training/role play but President Maluenda has had us make up trainings as the spirit directs and according to the needs of our districts so that's tons of fun.

Laredo's been awesome we've talked to a lot of people that come from Honduras, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and all parts of South America and Central America. It's tons of fun to hear different accents and stuff and to know that I can communicate with half the world basicaly. So tons of fun lots of miracles and blessings to spread and reap.

Love you family have a good one.
Elder Hobbs

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