Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23

Fun Fun Fun!!!
   Sounds like everythings going good back home.... We had a good week. We have been making some plans with some member families that are super down and excited to do missionary work and have givin us refferals right and left so things are looking really good. I've forgotten to tell you this but i've been strangely running into people that used to live in Ogden Utah. Most of them are Mexicans so it's been fun to run into a couple of people that know how good the 2 for a 1 dollar tacos are downtown. What a small world it is right there's connections right and left.
   But I'm jsut about at that point where I know the area and have a feel for things that are going on. And the members somewhat know me. But we have not had any troubles at all finding people to teach as i've told you before people are wanting to listen to us right and left but the troubles we've been having or the battles we've been having is just getting them to church. That's where we can find the desires of people is if they are truely willing to act and follow Christ they'll come to church...... This week as I was in church I was reminded of something a 70 said in the MTC.... He said that when were on our missions that Sundays will be either the best day or the worst day and that you'll wanna weep the days your investigators don't come.... And itn's completely true. People's agency dictate your emotions on Sunday. haha not that I cry or weap or freak out when people don't come but it's one of those low feelings. but as coach Bosgeitor would alwyas say not to high with the highs and not to low with the lows. it's the same with the mission.
   I was studying a bit this week on the story of Ammon and his bretheren and the people of Anti Nephi Lehi and Alma the Youngers wrap up story in Alma 29 and it hit me how joyful it really is to be a missionary and to see the fruits of your labor or should I say be blessed to see the fruits of your labor. Because there are those who never get to see it. Abinadi for example never got to see the conversion of Alma the older and to see that the one person he converted became a prophet that changed the life of many many people. Instead he got to see how hot some flames could get. But as I've looked back at a year on my mission (trunky) I've truely been blessed to see some of the fruits of my labor and even though I'll never see all the fruits of my labor I can never put in words how blessed I am to be here in Texas preaching the gospel and good news. I can now understand Ammon and Alma and his bretheren maybe not perfectly but I can understand my favorite book of mormon charecter (Ammon) next to Harryman and his armies:)
But it's been a good week and a ton of fun here in Laredo. I love it, i love you, and have a good week
Elder Hobbs

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