Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 3

Dear Family,
   Well actually I am not driving a van, it was t-boned a while back so they just gave the area a Ford Fusion instead. But things are awesome I love this area a ton we have basically the biggest area in Laredo. We have tons of miles and tons of houses in our area I've been in shock the last week because I'm still wondering why my butt doens't hurt from my bike seat. There's nothing like A.C. in Laredo heat. But the heat is actually a bit hotter, dry heat it's a lot worst in Brownsville with the humidity factor. But I'm super stoaked my area is full of recent converts, active members, and youth that always come out with the missionaries. So we usually just throw a member in the back of the car and say let's go vato!!!! Vamos a predicar!

My companion's name is Elder Christensen........ and he's from Star Valley Wyomin! I was wondering which street name / city in star valley grandma and grandpa lived on.... but anyways he's awesome he's had 2 transfers on his mission so far so it's fun seeing him take over the area he's a very on the ball missionary. And I'll admit it's not Brownsville here. haha the city is a little bit more run down compared to some mansions in my last area but the people here are so interested in religion and god and seeking for churches it's super awesome.
There were a lot of sad goodbyes in Brownsville but a lot of great welcomes here in Laredo so I know it'll be tons of fun and there's so much work to be done here in Laredo so i'm super stoaked. My last night I found out that Alicia has done family history for a hobbie in the past and already can trace her lineage back to 1600's without help from the church so I was super excited to hear all the relatives on the other side of the veil that were chearing her on the whole time to get baptized so she can do there work for them so I can't tell you how humbling of a experience that was. So 1 more year and I'll be able to go to the temple with her and Adolfo when they first go through we already set that date together. (but whose counting).
   But it's been tons of fun my comp wants Sam to look out for his sister at Weber State and i'm sure goes to institute over there. But I love you all have a great week and i'll get back to you with things that are going on in the area once I get my feet under me. haha
Elder Hobbs

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