Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, September 9, 2013

August 12

DEar Family,
  WW3 represents.... not that we compare because we know how to measure success in the 3rd ward. That's such good news I'm very excited to hear that everythings going good in the missionary news back home keep Jose rolling and make sure Heston is sharing the gospel library app. Some of our last investigators have loved that thing to death. But as for Alicia she got baptized!!! I'll have to wait for next week to send you some pics and I'll make sure to send you some other ones to that's something I'm still working on repenting about is taking more pictures.
   But the baptism was awesome my companion got his name drawn out of the hat so he got to do the honors. And the speaker on Baptism couldn't make it so Elder Hobbs got the call off the bench and I was very glad to have the opportunity I felt the spirit very strongly and shared the story of Alma and his people getting baptized in Msh 18:8-10 or ch 8 don't remember. But it was very awesome and she was super excited about the whole thing and as she came out of the water she gave my companion a big old hug so that was super funny. I made him talk to president so he's repented... jk but you just couldn't stop the joy that she was feeling it was a very spiritual experience and after the baptism a lady invited her over for dinner and began to invite her on camping trips and to sit with her next Sunday so that was super awesome. . (But that's my committment to the family for each baptism that happens in the ward ((convert baptism)) invite them over for dinner!!!) 
But as for the area this may be my last 2 weeks it will almost for sure be my last transfer with my favorite companion Elder Livingston, mi hijo. We've been very blessed in the area and now we hit the top of the mountain of our success we've been having and the mountain is looking pretty steep. We don't have any baptisms set up for a couple weeks so we're going to be focusing a lot on retention with everyone and finding those other prepared people the lord has for us through the members and being in the places the lord wants us to be in. But we know the lord will entrust us with more of his children to teach and more blessings will be in our path. But things are going very well and our district has hit our goals after the first 2 weeks of August so I can't be more happier. And I know the lord is happy but still not content.
But love you family
Elder Hobbs

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