Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25

Dear Family,
   Hijole where do I start for this week....... So the Mendez family back in Laredo got baptized all together and before I left I probably got the best complement in the world from the father. We were super tight even though we only had 1 week and a half together. But he's the man and we already were making plans for me to come back and go to the temple with them so Whoo I miss them a ton.
   Robstown.... So many crazy things going on here. haha it reminds me so much of home lots of farmlands and not really any big neighborhoods. Even the building had a little West Weber feeling to it. The people are great here! We have the bishop and the stake president in our area. Lots of powerhouse members that are super awesome. I bashed a bit my first day in the parking lot with this guy that claimed to be a member that had fallen from the church that was bashing on Joseph Smith. We had a good little talk. haha next thing you no turns out he was jsut testing my testimony and he owns the house we stay in and has done so much for the church here and loves to play with the missionaries. My companion said I was just lucky he didn't pull his shotgun move on me. haha
   We are teaching an awesome family of 7 that has some super humble parents and they are just eating up the gospel. You know people are prepared when they feed you. So there great and are always full of great questions and we finally got them to accept baptismal dates. Things are tons of fun up here lots of driving around lots of rural roads and farmers and southern accents I've been honing my southern accent. haha you gotta speak the mission language right?
   It's been like 40 degrees the past 3 days and has been raining alot. luckily we have a truck but I feel for the elders on bikes. haha our house we live in has no heating other then the 2 space heaters and the oven we have. So we've been survinving for sure it's just a little cold. One day we were following our gps that was guiding us on some back roads the day after it was raining real hard and the speed limit was like 60 miles an hour so I'm flying down this road and theres like a little canal that makes it so you cannot see the other side so as I slowed down just a little for natural precautions next thing you know I'm going about 50 miles an hour down a road that's a foot thick of mud. haha we were fish tailing just a littlely watched over by something cuz we slowly and gradually slowed down and then got stuck so we just went reverse,forward  this road for a good 10 minutes. We escaped alive and only had our truck covered in mud so that was a lot of fun to clean but that's just an example of the lord taking care of his sheep. If I would have slammed on the brakes we would have wrecked. If i had not slowed down we may have wrecked. How did I know how to do both of those.... I didn't I just did them that way. haha but me and my comp talked about it. We couldn't have prevented it cuz he didn't know the road and the gps was just guiding us but what a fun memory to always remember. 
But the work is hastening here and there's tons of good stuff going as a zone we're looking like having the potential to have a lot of success in the month of December. More than the month has ever had. So we're just helping our missioonaries understand truely what success really is.
But love you family keep on doing well.

Elder Hobbs

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