Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2

Dear Family
   Well what a great week full of miracles and fun stuff!!! WE HIT OUR GOAL OF 110 BAPTISMS AS THE MISSION!!!!! We ended the month with 113 baptisms after lots of fasting and praying it was such a testimony builder to me about the power of fasting and how much the Lord wants to bless us we just need to show him where we our willin to go ( look up elder Dube's talk from conference).
   We got to work a day of the week with the AP's so that was tons of fun. I got to work with my old zoneleader in Laredo so it was funny to see how much the both of us had already grown with our new callings. We had a very successful week on finding investigators. One of our coolest guys we found was Robert this is his story:
So we were going by a former contact that we had on our records and we showed up to the house on an old country road and theres this hispanic guy smoking outside and we approach him and we have some small talk and we ask if we can sit down wtih him and he doens't decline so we start speaking with him and getting to know the guy he is recently been seeking to put his life in order he's been on drugs and drinking and other problems but he had recently been reading in the bible and he was actually praying right before we showed up telling god to help him put his life in order and there we go BAM the Lord puts us in his path we had a 20 minute lesson with him and invited him to be baptised and he said yes. He was so happy and smiling and explained how he felt full that his heart needed to be patched up and he felt like it was under way. It was just such a great testimony builder to me to know that the Lord's plan is being fullfilled everyday through the actions that we take.
The lord has plans for us to be happy for us to be married in the temple, successfull in school, to be a good friend, and to bring many miracles to others in their lives but it all comes down to our personal agency. How we choose to live our lives how we choose to submit to the Lords will (luke 22:42) After looking back to the 1 or so that I've served I would not choose to do anything else with my time to think of all the lives that I've been able to reach and touch and help come closer to Christ and in the process I've brought my own soul closer to the saviour..... Missions are the best thing that could happen to someone.  As quoted by Nacho Libre It's de Beeessst! A lady just got her call to head to Sacramento this past Sunday and I thought how cool is that. And to think to where I was a year ago in her shoes and to think of the many struggles, doubts, success, and blessings that have come to experience in my life to give me the testimony that I now have. Whooo it's the best!!!! If you have the chance to serve vayase! dejen sus redes y vayanse. Les amo mucho que tenga una buena semana.

Elder Hobbs

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