Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 4, 2013

Dear Familia!!!!
   Well what to say for this week. MIRACLES!!!!! We had a fast to get the mission up to our intended goal of 1000 convert baptisms to end the year in December and in order to do this we need to have a big turnout for November and December so the mission has gotten together and had a fast for us to hit this goal as a mission.... And this past Sunday was awesome!! For the 2nd branch every missionary companionship (my district of 3 companionships, and the zone leaders) had at least one investigator at church! And as a zone we ended up with 16 investigadores with baptismal dates at church. So it was super awesome. Almost every companionship in the little Laredo south zone had someone there at church!!!

   We in our area also had an unexpected investigador show up with her sister and mom at church. She was a refferall of over a month ago and we've tried and tried but no one has answered we set up an appt. they weren't there and so por fin she just showed up to church loved it to death and said that she will now be attending every single sunday..... So if that's not a milagro del ayuno no se lo que seria! We also had a permagaotor 12 year old and 9 year old show up to church that we've been trying to convert the parents of. And then we had are progressing investigador Victor de la republica dominicana that showed up and he's looking really good he's just going to be having a 10 day trip to his pais so he'll be getting postponed a little but he's going to share the gospel with his family back home and all of his kids running around over there so that'll be good. But it's just been miralcle tras miracle.

   But this week i'm very excited to be headed down to the 3 day leadership training in McAllen this one is going to be President Maluenda style so it's been changed up quite a bit. I'll be getting the chance to work the 3 days with some zoneleaders in McAllen  because we cannot drive all the way home so it'll be agreat experience to learn from some great missionaries. But i've recently studied a lot on Sacrifice and also on Fasting this last little week and i've realizedthat there are some things that i need to sacrifice and put on the alter in order of things that i do or time i could spend better that will help me receive more blessings from the lord. I also this past week traded a tie to a missionary on exchange for a picture dictionary  that has been helping me learn words right and left so i've really been seeing my spanish improve a lot and get a little bit mor polished up here in Laredo or should i say (mexico,hoduras,D.R.,El salvador,cuba,etc) Man I love the culture down here!!!!

   Also this past week I had my first barbacoa tacos that I knew of at least and tongue actually tastes pretty good. I've reflected this past week on a wish Heston gave me that i'd go to a mission where I'd eat lettuce. That prophecy has been fulfilled. I've actually eaten lettuce, onions and I actually like them on my burgers. And i'm a die hard fan of Avacoados..... They are delish. Anyways love you family have a great week tenga exito
Elder Hobbs

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