Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

I don't know where to start with your questions and also with what I want to say. My companion is from Idaho Falls, and doesn't know any of our fam up there.  My apartment is not amazingly nice but it's well equipped and it's clean and will be cleaner after my first transfer. And yes I've eaten some food here and there. Haha no it's been great the members are so friendly and patient with me for being a Texas gringo. haha And man that's exciting to hear about all our friends getting their calls I'm so excited for all of them. And CONFERENCE..... in the other side of heaven movie when the guy tells the girl when we look at the moon at night we'll be connected.... That's how I felt with the world during conference. haha it was awesome to think that you guys were watching the same thing that I was. And also I'm so excited for the age to be lowered so now some of mi amigos can put their papers in right away.

Well let's talk about San Benito....... I still haven't really seen it on the map but I do know it's on the border because i've driven by the fence a couple times. haha and yes we are in a car zone... I kinda wish I could ride my bike more often but we really only ride it on Saturdays and when I go on splits in a couple of weeks when I go with the other baby in my apartment. But it's pretty crazy it's been a reality check since I've been here that it's actually real now that I'm actually talking to real people and it's so weird. But we have 3 progressing inv. Minerva y Ramiro and Joey. Minerva and Ramiro aren't married and are working on doing this in order to be baptized. And some other issues..... But M is such a great lady she's already in 2nd Nefi and has loved the book of mormon and R doesn't read much but he pretty much does anything his wife tells him too. And J is 11 and lives in a part member home. His family is so crazy they have a little red neck in them I love it!!! So there's our 3 B.D. for October 28th and were struggling on getting new investigators but we have a few leads. Oh and j is in english and the others are in spanish. The area is so crazy because you never know when someone is going to speak spanish or english. We've talked with mexicans that only speak english and whites that only speak spanish but my area is about 75 percent spanish speaking. I'm just about over that mountain of talking to random strangers about the gospel. haha but I have faith I can do it and I have done it here and there I just need to get out of my comfort zone. But the people here are all sorts of religions it's great. I'm so excited about my area and my companion and my situation. I just wish i could use a bike a little bit more but count your many blessings right. Love you guys Valla con Dios.
Elder Hobbs
p.s. let me know who all puts their papers in and what not. I hope Cooper and Willie and Lloyd all put in together that'd be such a cool thing!

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