Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th

Well sounds like life in Utah is amazing almost as good as it is in Texas. I'm excited to hear everyone is getting work done and being active. It's crazy to think back to my old life and how lazy I was and how I feel now like I didn't accomplish anything before the mission. haha But Halloween's just around the corner it's crazy to think this'll be my first halloween out of Utah but hey it's all about the adventure. We actually will be done working at 6:30 so we'll get the oppurtunity to study some spanish for 3 hours in our apartment. Man I'm stoaked for Josh and Jorge I'm excited for them to be able to participate in the lord's work there's nothing as rewarding in life as a mission I've come to realize. 
But let me share a quick experience with you all you'll have to forgive me I'm a little short on time and I couldn't get the picture to go through. This last week I had my first BAPTISM with JM and it was the coolest thing ever. I got to baptize him too his mom felt like I needed to be broken in.  But the ordinance you know flew by like a flash I kinda wished it woulda lasted a little longer and would have been one of those breath taking spirtual events so I was a little disappointed that I couldn't feel the spirit as strong as I woulda liked. But after the baptism when the president of the branch was welcoming him into  the ward he asked him what's next........ he answered "I get the Holy Ghost, then pres asked then what........."I get the priesthood" again....... "I get to go on a mission" Man when I heard those words I about cried to think our teachings have given him the desires to do what we are doing and to bless other peoples lives I felt like I got a glimpse of a future that I helped someone shape it was amazing. Also another thing that made me about cry was something his mom said. She was sharing a comment to the Pres. she said "I know God and Jesus Christ are the most loving people to turn to and help you out  but the missionary's come next." And man it was everything that I've pictured a mission to be and I feel like my mission could be complete if I came home tommorrow (But don't worry i'm not!! haha).
It's just awesome to see the fruits of our labors here in San Benito and to see the effect we have as missionaries and as representitives of christ. As missionaries in some occasion we are HIM to THEM and that's the concept that sometimes blows my mind. To hear people's problems and to hear what they have to say sometimes shatters my soul. To hear them say What do I do or where do I go? and they expect a 19 year old kid to tell them the answer but I'll tell you what it's not the 19 year old answering those questions it's the master of whom he represents so Josh and Jorge and LLoyd and whoever is preparing for the mission realize this is not about you it's about whom you represent and start focusing your time now and giving time to the lord in order to shape your back and to be able to listen to the promptings of the spirit in order to do what christ would do or to say what Christ would say if He was in North Carolina, or in Paris or whomever your called too bring back to the fold.
It's been a great week I love you all and have another great week and remember whose name you bear as members of the Church of "......." Who? Remember that name in all places and remember people's eyes are on you
Elder Hobbs

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