Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5

Dear Family,
     It's crazy to hear where the Lord has planned for all my friends to be and I'm proud of everyone for answering the prophet's and the Lord's calling. The Lord is hastening his work and we should do the same. Man it's such an exciting thing for everyone to receive a call.  Pres. Trayner said the applicants have gone from 600 a week to 6000. Haha there's going to be greenies all over I'm excited for everyone.
But it's good to hear how everyone's doing back home I hope all is well with everyone and that everybody is staying strong to their callings and helping the missionary work progress back in Utah. 
Things are going well here in Sanny B we got to eat some homemade tamales that were amazing luckily one of the elders in our apartment is vegitarian so there was plenty to go around. haha We received some sweet referrals these past weeks from some members and the work can progress so much faster when the ward helps out the missionaries I have a very strong testimony on this because we basically have not found anyone on our own efforts everything has been through the Branch members. 
But I wanna just share a quick story on how our examples can effect people. We've been meeting about once a week with this recent convert family the Garcia's and they're a solid family and the kids are all so well behaved and they are from Mexico so I get to practice my spanish with them quite a bit. haha but anyways we've met with them and helped them get going in the church and the kids are just so strong and active and love being at church and one of the daughter's is 7. She has a friend at school that is her best friend a non member and the girl's mother loves her and one day was curious about why she was so happy, loving, smart, and had a glow about her. So she asked this girls mom. So sister Garcia talked about how the church has helped them so much and have taught them great things and then their whole family is now investigators because one 7 year old girl befriended a non member girl and invited her to church and to sing in the primary program.

So my invitation to all who reads this is to just be an example. Everyone recognizes us when we are doing the right things. And sadly enough they also recognize when we do bad things. As members our actions should never ever come in the way of a conversion of someone else.
So that's about it for the week love you guys and i'm excited for the new missionaries.
Elder Hobbs

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