Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 19

Dear Family,
     Well hmm where do i start...... This week has been full of it's ups and downs and it's just been awesome with the new change up and having to step it up and plan things out where to go who to talk to and introduce everyone.  My Spanish is getting there it’s still a little rough but it's a lot better then day one. But you'll never guess where my companion is from......... He went to Weber High and lives by Orion jr. haha He's awesome and was a drummer before the mission and it's funny because there's a few people we both know.

     But sounds like things are all awesome back at home I'm excited for you all to go visit “The Idahoans” iIve been struggling to get some letters rolling to everyone back home so tell them I'm sorry for not writing them yet but to be expecting a letter very soon. You definitly learn how to juggle your time on the mission and I still haven’t quite mastered that one (not even close). hahah

     Let me tell you about the week... It was a pretty interesting first planning session when my new companion looks at me like what are we doing tommorow. haha It's def. been quite an adventure and have had to get out of my comfort greeny zone in order for us to have a full schedule every day. I can even say i know how to make phone calls to people even in Spanish sometimes! But hmmm... me and elder Carling have been on to a lot of new potential investigators and have done a pretty good job finding new people we just gotta get them a little more committed everyone wants to hear more about Jesus Christ down here they just don't want to show their faith through their actions. And it's sad to see those who are so deep rooted in anther religion to not follow God.

This was a sweet experience, we were driving by a house at night and I thought oh that was a refferal from a potential investigator let's go talk to him. We pulled over said a little prayer and got out of the car and a guy already opened the gate and said come on in. He was like beaming with excitement because he said he just prayed for guidance in his life and we showed up so he already knew we were his answer to his prayers. So we taught him a first lesson, then got him accepted to come to church and the next day his congregation showed up with his preacher and told him they didn't know he was out of prison and of course he told them the mormon’s came by and so now we’re into a little battle of decisions with our new friend R. And he's moving so we have a lot that came up against us but we also have a lot on our side we our just trying to prepare him for the missionaries in a different zone but it's just so cool to just show up and answer someone's prayers and it's not even like we  did anything out of the ordinary. It was one of my favorite moments so far we just gotta do a little teaching. haha but that's all for today my time is about up.

I love you all,
Elder Hobbs

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