Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

The  week has been awesome I'm finally starting to figure things out with the work, being a good companion, and how to deal with people through lessons.  I heard about Austin he sent me an e-mail and I feel bad that I cannot e-mail him back...... It's better to be obedient so sorry Austin I'll write you a letter. haha and also just to let you know we only have a half an hour to e-mail home on Monday's so I don't know if I can get the novel's rolling each week just to warn you.

But let's talk about the week. I got to extend my first two baptismal invites in english this week. One was with the zone leader's on a split and she accepted it on the condition of if she felt that it was true. The other was with a 17 year old kid named D. He's kinda a gangster that's got into a lot of bad stuff we contacted him trying to find a former and he turned out to be the son of the former but the dad wasn't there he said he wanted to come closer to jesus christ and thus we were there in order to help him do so. But we shared the story of Alma the younger in alm 36 and talked about how he can be forgiven of his sins and not have anymore pains or afflictions and vs 17-21 did well when we related it to him so he's our 5th B.D. and I'm excited to work with him cuz he's the first one that I will have started with.  But M and R are still figuring stuff out were praying for a miracle. But R's sister has accepted the date on the 11th of November. And we got J on the 28th of Oct. But the field is definitely ripe down here there's a lot of success to be had and the members are few.... But they are so very strong and generousl. I've already made a few ins. haha so you don't have to worry about me eating the members are great. I've had some darn good enchiladas and some pasoly (a weird corn soup that's not to bad) and that's about as crazy as the food has been so far. But it's been great and I'm excited to be here in San Benito y poder a hablar en espanol. Aunque me Espanol is still bad. haha but there's 3 languages spoke here, English, Spanish and Tex-Mex and you nunca know cuando una person will be usando cual language so Era really interesting. haha but the language is coming slow but it's coming with practice.

But that's exciting to hear from you all I got my two letters of our family and Heston's and also i was curious why you took my knives out of the backpack..... Those are mission approved by the Hancock's and also my pancho was in there too. But it's been awesome everything's been holding up great and I just wish I was a better cook and it'd be paradise down here. haha But man I hope you let Austin, Sam, and Whitey know how excited I am for them. They won't know what they're getting into for some time. hahaha but tell them to go forward with faith trusting in the lord and they'll do great. I'm excited for them keep me posted. Por favor
Con Amor, Su hijo Elder Hobbs

p.s. I love seeing spanish speakers pernounce mi nombre. haha Let me know how the reading of the BoM is going with the family. And ponder the question why god would want us to read. Have a good week everybody love you guys.

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