Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 6

Well Hola back at you mi familia,

This week was really really robotic but I learned a ton and have continued to feel the spirit since I've been here. I've ran into Josh Lipscombe, Conner Pendergast, Patrick Fishburn, Luek Frame, Jake Nish (just left last week), Ronnie Wardleigh, Lex Skeen, Tanner Meyerhoffer, and Braden Christensen. It's been awesome to see people here that I've known before the mission and to see them going at the work along my side i've also made some really good friends with people inside our district and a lot in are zone. I've started to really like to play sand volleyball 2 vs. 2 of course and play basketball every now and then.  I've had a pretty darn good week other then i'm at that time of year where I always get a cold during football season and huck loogeys all the time. Haha ever since day one everyone in my zone's made fun of me for coughing up my lungs every morning and now that i'm sick it's throughout the whole day. haha

 Heston said that Levi had an accident I feel horrible for him he always finds a way to get injured, and what's Sam's relationship status these days? And are my dogs still stayin happy? Also my Northridge companion's tried to give me crap that Fremont is 0-4 Que pasa? I hope all is going well in the family with work and school and everything else.  I would like to challenge you guys to have a family home evening every Sunday.  Maisie and Heston need to start going under way with mission prep in order to be ready. That's one thing I wish I would have done was to know doctrine and principles a lot better. But as i've learned these things it's all started to make sense why i've done things the way i've done them my whole life.  I've really understood our whole purpose in life a lot better (Moses 1:39) The doctrine of christ and how it can help everyone come unto christ (2 Nephi 31) And why there are positives and negatives and why things aren't just handed to us (2 Nephi ch2). Also Repentance has been made better known unto me and the purpose of it. The scriptures in General have been amazing to finally understand why we need them.... the bible to see Christ's life and the atonement and the example to follow. The BoM provides the "Straight and Narrow pathway" and how we can use the atonement through repentance and why we need to be baptised and what the sacrament is for us. If I didn't have the best understanding of these things chances are Heston and Maise don't either. So teach them and I encourage everyone to seek revelation in there scripture studies and start out with a question so your looking for something to learn. 
  In Elder Kapinschke(?) of the 70's talk he said something really cool that made me come up with a quote. haha he said we can teach anything if we don't have conviction of it in our own lives. I derived the equation....."Teaching with Conviction brings Conversion." I challenge you all to find Conviction in all doctrine and principles of this great gospel. Also, another awesome lesson we had from our teacher Hermano Barton was about our purpose in life.... And before he's said a quote to us. "If the lord needed mediocre teachers then studying and living the gospel averagely would be accepted." (probably slaughtered it. haha) But I realized that that can apply to the pupose of god.... To bring to pass the immortality of man..... This is not something of  no worth and therefore will be very very hard to achieve and we will have to commit 100 % because if we don't were just telling god that his purpose for us isn't that great. So I encourage you all this week to just try to be better in any way focus on a problem and do what you can to be better. The lord only asks for our best, and through the lord our best becomes better. So Repent(change) and become closer to the spirit. I love you all and remember you and will not bear to let any of you down nor the people of Texas. I love you all have a good week. If I wasn't inviting you to come to christ I wouldn't be doing my job so sorry for getting preachy on you all.haha

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