Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13

Guess who sent me pictures this week..... Maria i'm so grateful for that so now I can start my own little shrine with all my friends and a bunch of pictures of the girls. It sounds like life back home is still pretty crazy. haha It's crazy to think that i get my travel plans in a week...... I almost feel like this is my mission rather then knocking on doors and stuff. It's good to hear about the Idahoans I actually got a dear elder from Dori and Weston it's good to hear our family is doing better. And best of luck to Heston in the dove, duck, and possibly swan hunt shoot um dead for me. haha  I've been excited to be getting letters from my friends and seeing how they're doing it's been cool to feel like I'm not forgoten. haah I never would have thought I would have enjoyed receiving dear elders and cartas in the mission as much as I do. hahah so sorry to Sam and Saren for not writing you as much as I should have... and Heston or Sam I'm banking on Ranger being a trained retriever by time I get home.  I'll tell you about my week.

     It's been pretty crazy things have flown by so fast. We had an amazing lesson with Hermano Barton and at the start we sang hymns for an hour.... I never would have guessed that I was capable of that but it was really cool and the spirit was so strong durning the songs. After we finished singing he just asked us questions.... That's it... And he probably taught the best lesson so far, and the lesson we all needed. After he was finished I realized the things that were holding me back. He was truely inspired to ask questions that pertained just to me and come to find out to the rest of the class.  But we had a really cool TRC lesson that went well I like teaching lessons there so much because it's actually real I feel like. And during one of our progressive inv. lessons "Jose" asked me if I was getting paid to serve. I answered no. then jose said well that's gotta be hard for you to give up two years and leave your family. It made me think yes, yes it is. haha but then it made me think of that cheesy quote but only it didn't sound cheesy this time and I shared it with her. A family sacrifices a missionary so other families can have eternity. And I said I want you to have the hapiness that my family has. I was thinking about that all day and all week how blessed I am and that if we all work together and endure to the end we can enjoy eternity together. It was exciting.........
         But that's about it for the week.  Love you all and don't forget family home evening and scripture study. It's just like compainonship study in the mission Sam....
 SUS Hijo

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