Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 23

That's cool to hear what's going from everyone back at home and it's cool to get the picture other than i can't print it off i'm going to need you to send it to me in the mail. Sorry to hear about the Roy Black game Heston, one of these days you'll get them perhaps in high school or jr. high. And that's also to bad about the Fremont game but from what i've heard jordan's got quite the team this year.  Quick story so me and my comp go to the weight room to lift on p-days and this last week we were in there with a world wrestler who could have competed in the olympics, a safety for university of utah, a college basketball player, DJ Nelson the kid from Logan who set a bunch of records for quaterback two other kids going to suu and usu, and are byu guard roomate Elder Mulitalo. haha it was just funny to be in a room with so many greats before the mission. And now they're just another elder with the rest of us.  We got the oppurtunity to hear from Elder Anderson of the twelve this last Tuesday devotional. it was awesome to hear from him. All he basically talked about was the prophet.  It was really neat to hear his testimnoy it reminded me of Elder Scott's back at the home ward.

    But i feel like i'm pretty well adapted to the mtc here. it's amazing to think i've almost been here for a month.  We received a new district just yesterday so were not the newbies anymore so that was great.  It's good to hear that walker and ranger are still alive and kickin if you could I'd love to get a picture of them along with our family pic.  I've got  some letters from a few more of my friends which were nice to get. It's been awesome speaking spanish i'm still not quite where i need to be but i'm understanding a lot more.  Tell heston and maisie to work on grammar a lot cuz you need to know grammar to speak spanish. I'm excited to hear about heston's schedule it'll be good for him to have some of those harder teachers. Oh and Maise's going to thte big homecoming with  Garret that'll be fun. And i'm excited to hear about Sam's almost date hahaha i wish i could have been a fly on the wall for that one.  But i've been hearing more and more about my mission lately and i'm getting more and more excited. A teacher for another district has served there and on sunday sombody taliked about our mission in his talk about a family that got converted and said that he analyzed there teaching skills and said they were the best he had come arouond, so i'll have some good trainers/trayners to help me out when i get there. I was so stoaked to here from that talk. he also asked those who were going to McAllen to raise there hand and me and my comp proudly did and he said what a wonderful mission it'll be so i'm pumped. and i also know that it'll only be wonderful if i make it that way. I'm starting to see the glass half full more often and have really started to accept and love my district. I'm starting to work on obedience with exactness so that's been one of my goals. And i feel so happy, i love going to the temple, reading and understanding doctrine, and declaring this great message, and most of all to be able to look down and see my missionary tag. I've felt your prayers and i've felt the spirit so strongly. I feel like there's moments that come by where i think how am i possibly going to feel the spirit this strong again and it happens again and again. I love it!!!  Read the scriptures and learn from the nephites. The most important thing i've attained recently from it is to pass down what we know to our next generation about the gospel, trades, blessings, and what not so that they can continue to live in righteousness. that's the best gift we can give to someone and i know it's something i've received from my family.  i can't tell you how many times something comes up and i think to my self oh mom told me about that, or dad taught me this, or sam and saren both said this will happen, or maisie and heston both did this so well, and also a lot of advice levi gave me has came up. I'm so grateful for everyting you guys have done for me and all the love you've shown me. Keep being who you are and strive for righteouness because with that lies happiness. Give it your best and through the lord your best becomes better.
Love you all Elder hobbs


Well I'd first off apologize I keep forgetting my camera every time I come to email. But as you know i was never much of a picture guy so there's only a few thingts on there anyway. haha and Dan was right.  And life seems normal back home I remember those days getting in such a routine. But I'm excited to hear about the dogs and that dad's keeping them taken care of make sure Heston is taking them on walks at their favorite place across the street.It just barely clicked for me just yesterday during Hermano Barton's lesson, he talked about revelation through the book of mormon and the purpose of it. And how the bible works side by side with it. You see The book of mormon provides the steps we need to take in order to become like christ and come unto him which is the doctrine of christ (2nd Nephi 31). Whereas the Bible exemplifies the character of christ and his earthly ministry where he himself used the doctrine of christ in his own life.  And these two books aren't meant for us to argue over and try to prove which one is right they both have the same exact message to come unto chirist it also states in second nephi why we have both books (don't have the exact reference). But they both are for us and we need to take advantage of them the best we can so i encourgage you all to read the scriptures as often as you have time for them.

 A cool experience that we had in class was are teacher was using a story and putting us in the situation of the story. He talked of a lady who tried kicking off the missionaries because they were ministers and the missionaries said why don't you want to give us a chance.... She said how her child had passed away and she needed to be comforted and seeking out a church and the minister there told her her child was in hell and she was going there too because they she didn't get her baptised..... Then our teacher asked us what would you share in the 2 min. you have on her door step. I felt the spirit prompting me and I raised my hand..... I said I would read the BOM section that talks about infant baptism and how christ's atonement provided children with a chance... I felt overcome with the spirit and our teacher said tha'ts exactly what those missionaries did. I was overwhelmed with pure joy that the spirit gave me the oppurtunity to see what someone needed and that's exaclty how missionary work goes.... the book of mormon and bible offer so much and are so broad but we need the spirit to channel everything out and let us know what that exact thing is they need and after they see that nothing on this earth will keep them from reading, and coming unto christ but it's are job to be worthy, obedient, and filled with the spirit to be a tool for Christ to let these things be known upon the earth and it's inhabitants. I love this work and I love the scriptures and the spirit here at the MTC and i'm so excited for the opurtunity to help those in Texas whether there's a hurricane or not i'll be there.

A scripture that hit home with me was second Nephi chapter 4 i'd encourage you to read it as a family. Personal revelation is real, the Holy Ghost is real, and our cause is just. So I'd encourage you all to share the hapiness we've all had in our life with neighbor's friends and everyone else. And know the scriptures so we can assist in the holy ghost finding the scripture's someone needs. I love my family so very much and I'm proud to be representing all of you out here. But I'm more excited to represent The Savior and I know I have a long ways to go but I'm giving my best and I know through him I will be better. Mathew ch 10:39
Yo se que nuestro trabajo es por bueno de todos personas en de tierra.
Love, Elder Hobbs

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