Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 9

It sounds like you guys are all doing well. My p days will be on Thursday's and I encourage you to use dear elder to communicate to me and then i'll keep you posted on letters and emails. But me and my comp. taught Luis our first investigator and we had 4 lessons with him and it's crazy to think that we did the whole thing in espanol. But it's been great so far in the mtc my district and zone are so great. I've grown so much in a week in the gospel, testimony wise, and hablo en espanol. Like i said i think i learned more in 4 days then i did in 3 years of spanish class.  But as i got over confident with one of my lessons with luis i didn't prepare too much i just figured i'd use the old west weber wing it method..... I soon was humbled before the lord. The lesson didn't go very well and it kinda all fell apart. After the lesson was over i was heartbroken. Heartbroken that i was letting down my family, my grandpa's example, my friends, Joseph smith and the trials he faced in preserving the word of god through the book of mormon, and most of all the name i carry on my badge Jesus Christ. I felt like i hadn't used my time to the best of my abilities to be the best missionary i could be. I'm grateful for that learning experience because that night i made a personal covenant with the lord to remember the people who i represent and the church i represent and that i would put all my might mind and strength in the work. To learn spanish to, learn the tongue of angels, and to learn how to be the missionary the lord wants me to be..... Ever since i've felt like i've pleased the lord with my works and our lessons have went a lot better. We actually got luis to pray read the scriptures and set a date for baptism. It's been awesome even though it's a practice it feels so real. To be able to testify of this gospel... there's not a better feeling on this earth. Something cool that was shared with us by one of the president's councelors was the story of christ feeding the thousands of people. He said bring your fish and your bread which you have and give it to the saviour and let him feed thousands. he also talked about dropping our nets and going straight away and follow the saviour. It made me think of one of the last things dad told me and the spirit hit me so hard. So that's what I'm doing leaving all you behind and following the savior and his teachings and letting others know of this great gospel. I love you all and i'm striving to not let any of you down back home. I don't want to let down my savior, my ancestors,  my family, and all the people that sacrificed for the truth that we all know now. I love you all once again and i'm grateful for all the great support i've had thus far. 
Work Work Work like it all depends on you.
Pray Pray Pray like it all depends on the lord.
Love Elder Hobbs

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