Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 10

Dear Family,
Thanks for the e-mail this week sounds like some cool things are going on back home and that mom is still bringing home crazy stories everyday from school I'll always remember the lunch box left on the playground story. haha FYI my body is still suffering from gag reflex just like it did back home. haha.
But this week was a great one we had some good things going on and the zone is looking really good to hit our goals for the end of the month. All the cool new changes have been helping us out quite a bit. The ward has really rallied behind the missionary work in Robstown and the leadership is starting to step up the game. This next week I landed a talk in sacrament this will actually be the first time on my mission that I'll have spoke.... how crazy right. I'm pretty excited for it and i'll be thinking about what the ward needs to hear....
We've been teaching some kids right now that live out in Petronilla a tiny town in our area and lots of kids are into a card game called magic. Just so happens my companion is super into the card game and has some really good cards so we've been workin on setting up a big tournament on p-day to have  "Come beat the missionaries at magic day."  haha i've been having to learn a little bit every p-day so I can go for the title. haha It's quite the nerdy game but anything to find more investigators or have some small talk with all the kids that are friends with our investigators. haha
There's not really any crazy stories for the week other than we were on our way back from a meeting in McAllen and we decided to go out to eat and I pulled up on the GPS Rudy's bbq so I was talking it up the whole time and was very very excited to bring everyone to Rudys, we pullled up to where the GPS was guiding us and come to find out... it was some little po dunk, closed down building that said Rudy's BBQ nothing like the real deal. my comp and everyone with me burst into laughing and I've recently just got out of depression about the whole experience. haha but it was standing joke in our house for awhile.
Well the gospel is true and I know that those who accept our message are very blessed. Continue with your efforts with the sisters back in West Weber and make sure that you are sharing your testimonies without words.... I love you all
Elder Hobbs

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