Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14

Dear Family,
     It's very exciting to hear all the crazy news going on back home. I'm still super excited for Saren I'm sure she's just beamning on cloud 9. I'll have to write her sometime soon. But this week was interesting. Haha my comp went through 3 bike tires and it's still working on being fixed so we've been getting to work out the good old zapatos. President Trayner showed up to Sunday meetings and I got to talk with him a bit about Glen and him meeting in San Antonio, so that was a cool connection. It's too bad you guys didn't finish your goals about the 4th missionary article, I'll have to follow up with you on that next week. But other than the walking part it was a great week.
     Me and my comp got to visit one of our favorite less active members and had a pretty good little chat on going to hell. He also wanted to help us make plans to change the word of wisdom a bit because a lot of people get held up on that. haha We also found a guy that has been in the Air Force in some super top secret bases and had a good little chat on aliens and area 51. We gave him a book of mormon and he said it'll be done sometime next week so we can chat about it. We'll have to get him some real intent. haha also we met an elderly lady that had given us some great marriage advice (it was pretty fitting for Elder Parkin). But I just love being a missionary and being able to get to work with so many random people the diversity is the funnest part of being a missionary you talk with people from all walks of life.
     As missionaries we like to invite people to write a question to think about and ponder during church and I thought to myself well I can't expect my investigators to do something that I don't do myself so I decided to write me a question down and see what answers I could get. (And by the way both of our wards got new bishops, our English speaking bishop moved to Mexico and the Spanish  speaking bishop went to the English ward and the Spanish moved to be the mission president's counselor) but anyways I had the question how can I feel the spirit stronger in my teachings and be able to recognize the promptings because I have recently been feeling a little less of the spirit in my teachings and the retiring bishop of the English ward answered my question word for word what I needed. He said "As we truly love the people we are trying to help, the spirit testifies to us how we can truey help them". (something like that) And I realized that that is what's been holding me up in this new area the most is I don't have that genuine love that I had for the people in my last area and at times I have caught myself   wondering how so and so back in San Benito is doing but that's not my area. So I've been super excited at the church revelation I received and I feel that much more confident in extending that committment to investigators. And I know I've been full of committments lately but maybe you guys oughta give it a try. Just write a simple question down and write down (what the spirit says, someone says, your thoughts that come too you, ETC,.,) It's really been a game changer the last two weeks I've done it because as a missionary sometimes I get caught up in well I just gotta worry about who's in the audience but it's important that we receive revelation for ourselves and make it an experience to be at church ourselves. But that's all for the week have a good one
Love you all.
Elder Hobbs

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