Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 22

     Well sounds like an interesting week for everyone, I got Saren's e-mail. And what is Brandon doing!!! You can't go to the 1st ward and still be a doer doens't he know that??...
But this week has been awesome I just got to go "Tie Digging" for the first time on p-day it was a celestial dig for one time because our zone leader is having to go home early due to some health problems and that was his dying request and president let the whole zone in on it. So we all kicked in 5 bucks in the apartment and bought 20 pounds of ties and ended up with some good looking ties to clean up and  re-pair. But today i'm writing you right before my interview with president he just got done giving the zone a training on charity and becoming the 4th missionary it was exactly what I needed to hear and everytime it seems like president talks the spirit is always there it's such a blessing to have the priesthood authority and revelation coming from those assigned to be our leaders God's organization is flawless
We've been making some good strides this last week  and I'm getting prepared to be taking over my second area due to my dying companion. But we've been doing great we've found about 4 young single mothers that have had some kinda connections with missionaries before and we've been working with them and they all have some really good desires. And for the most part we don't really get called up randomly to speak. The two wards are super strong and have great leadership and priesthood holders. The english ward is on fire with new converts and is actually probably bigger then our ward back home. They're looking to be making a english branch pretty soon because all of the Brownsville missionaries go there for english. All 24 assigned to the same ward. And we have the bishop in our area he's a super hard worker. And in Spanish we have both the counselors in our area. We really have a lot of solid members and have been trying to get some member work with them.
I did find out some really bad news this week. The family in San Benito dropped on their baptismal date..... So that's been a little rough but I can't do much other then write them a letter. But the other 2 part members were on track to get baptized I'll find out here in a bit if they make it to their dates. But we're still working on getting some progressing investigators coming to church but so far we got a few committed. It's been a great wee, you have a good one too...

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