Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28

Dear Family,
     Well Rudy's is actually in my bike area if I didn't already tell you and no I haven't had the pleasure to go there we don't do too much eating out we only get 120 a month but with a few more 4 week months I'll maybe have to go hit it up.  And the weather down here is in 80's to 90's it's starting to warm up quite a bit but it feels super amazing just the other day reminded me of one of those perfect summer days.  But my companion's name is Jared Parkin and his homecoming talk will be on the 17th in the Ogden Utah Weber Heights stake it'll start at 10:50. But he's about at that trunky stage he's been a great companion and knows the bible really well I'm sure he'll give a great talk when he gets home. And that's exciting about all the baptism's back home there's nothing like working with permagators we don't really have too many in our area.
     But this last week I found a guy out of the norm from religion's he was Buddhist somewhat and was super open to learning one of his sons was interested in listening to us so we'll have to start working with him. We just got a new zone leader here in Brownsville and will be looking like the zone will have a lot of big changes on the upcoming transfer. The elders that we room with are going to have their area split in half with the new wave of sisters so that'll be interesting. This week we've been working with 3 young mothers that seem really really cool that have great desires and all 3 of them have went through divorces none of them could make it to church this week but they had some somewhat ok reasons so we'll be following up with them and getting them rolling.
     This last week I had the oppurtunity to get the big interview with president and to hear the advice he had to say and as we've been having the focus on the fourth missionary which is basically just purifying ourselves and developing those 3 big characeristics of christ charity, faith, and hope. It's weighed heavy on my mind how I could have the spirit more stronger with me in my daily life. As I paid close attention to the way he talked to the zone and me in my interview something that came up is basically he loves us and he knows what he's saying is true without a shadow of a doubt. That's about it. No real secrets it's charity and faith right on the dot. So I've applied it to my teachings the last week and it's came out to be real effective.
But something that president said to me in my interview really pulled me back for a second...... He said Do you think they'll ask you what your key indicators are when you get home? Or how many people came to church? Or how many People you baptized? Or how many people you taught?....... It's going to be you they look at......   And I was thinking president that's the most selfish thing I've heard. And he went on to say your mission is for you to benefit you but what you need to know is you cannot help you until you help "them". Until you turn your focus completely outwards you will not completely help yourself....... And I've just pondered on that since so I'd like to invite everyone to do that same thing work on building yourselves.
It's been a great week I love you all and hope everyone's enjoying the snow!!!
Elder Hobbs

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