Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11th

Dear Family,
     Well you always have so many questions I never know if i can answer all of them each e-mail. Haha But I cannot tell you how excited I am for Jacee to go to the MTC it's one of those things that you get what you put into it. The spirit there is so strong and it's a place where a lot of revelation can be received. I'm excited for her desire to serve the lord. There's not a better blessing then giving.

And for the transition we got a new Elder in the new apartment. His name is Elder Stewart and he's from Orem Utah. He's a great elder and I know we're going to accomplish some great milagros juntos. And I feel a lot better knowing this area then the last time I had to take over and show the new elder in the area around. But elder Stewart is the District Leader like I said and we'll be getting to do some exchanges with the ZL's so that'll be great oppurtunities ahead of learning from them. But let me tell you about the week......
     So we've still have been working on getting a few people to church but the clientel for potentials is definintly there. This last week we had the oppurtunity to get a refferal from one of our members and we went to it and she turned out to be an older lady that had had her house broken in a month or so back and she didn't feel comfortable about the area so never really took care of her lawn or was around the house too much so we offered to cut her lawn and ended up doing that this last Saturday for her. And we went back taught the 1st half of the Restoration to her and will be following up with her onTuesday. But we would have never really gotten into that door (or backyard) if we didn't mow the lawn so my testimony on service has definitly been strenghthened. 

Also on Saturday en route to one of our appointments we came accross a guy in his car on the side of the road and we started talking to him and he was being a bit macho on him and then we offered to give him a push (he was out of gas) So he agreed. So we pushed the car to the nearest gas station and he filled. He went from telling us to leave to giving us a hug. The only sad thing is he didn't live in our area. So we got his directions and sent them over to some other elders. It's a bit sad to not see the results of your efforts right away. But how great is going to be the day to review all of our works and desires and see what the effect we've really been on people lin there lives. It's a blessing to be a missionary, but it's even a bigger blessing to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day SAINTS. And to be that change for others. I'd just encourage everyone to not worry about seeing the immediate results of your efforts but slow down and serve others. One of the best gifts we have to offer others is our Time. Seek to serve with your time and I know you may not see them all the time but miracles will follow.
      But there's my weekly rant. I hope everyone knows I love them and know that there's no better thing to do then to give our time for 2 years to serve a mission. I'm excited for all who have responded to a prophets advice and have embarked in this great service amongst our brehthren there's going to be miracles worked around the world. And as a lady asked me this week "How can a 19 year old fix my problems" my answer was I cannot but whom I represent can. Represent our lord and our saviour and love those around you. I love you all and Saren I cannot tell you how proud I am of you to have made it to the temple with whom you truely love. Have a great week everyone.
Elder Hobbs

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