Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11

Dear Family,
   Pues this week has been super crazy the mission has been going through a lot of changes....... And luckily Elder Hobbs didn't have to take one of those changes. I'm still with Elder Stewart here in Brownsville. But there's been a new Assistant called and 6 new zone leaders all at once. So the mission has a lot of new faces as leaders so it'll be really exciting. And also the tie fast was lifted up so we can now buy and trade ties and the news I'm sure you'll love to hear the most is that we now have an hour to e-mail...
   But this week was great. We had an open house for the ward to invite friends and we ended up with a couple people there that will now be becoming investigators. All the missionary's we're in charge of the entire program we all had the chance to sing Joseph Smith's first prayer in spanish to the Come Thou Font song and it was awesome we sang the first 3 verses to the organ and the organ player accidentally thought that there was only 3 verses because they had the english version or something so we ended up singing the last one Accapella Elder Hobbs style and it ended up sounding amazing the members really loved it and want us to sing more often to them. Haha I don't know if it was any different in Mexico or Argentina but in the spanish units here in South Texas the singing isn't exactly the strength of the members. Haha but on the brightside there cooking is! We have a dinner appointment everyday this week i'm super excited for the week to come. But back to the song.... it was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission so far it was such a testimony builder to me and how strong the spirtit can be felt through the power of Himns. I can think back to the day when we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs up in Star Valley and Sam kept trying to shove the hymn book in my hands and we created a little scene up there all because I didn't feel like singing. It's taking me a couple years but I've repented. I love hymns and praying through song!
   We had our interview come up for M our 10 year old part member family we've been working with and he's still super excited about his big day next week and the members have really started ralllying around this family to help fellowship them and it's been awesome to see. The last thing anyone wants is to have the people we've worked with turn around and go less active so i'm praying the family will continue to remain active. But I'm super excited for the kid we've had a great time teaching him and having FHE with him. Haha But this week we've found a little bit more people we have a young family that we have a return appointment with and they've been firing off great questions right and left and we found this super prepared lady she just is going out of town for spring break. Padre Islands will be packed for spring break and the hermanas aren't going to be working all week. haha but life's great and I hope you all made that list like I talked about last week those sisters will need some help in the pink wash and maybe.
Love you all And congrats to the family and to the in-laws for surviving the Hancock party. 
Love you all
Elder Hobbs

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