Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4

Querrido Familia,
     Pues.... I could be writing you from anywhere in Southern Texas next week transfers are coming up this week. And no I haven't made it to Rudy's yet and it's in my AREA. haha you don't really eat out to much while your on the mission but I'll see what I can do about getting there.... especially if I end up getting transfered. I've really like being with Elder Stewart he's another older missionary with 2 more transfers after this one and we've gotten along ok and been working hard together and finally gotten to know most the members and built up our relationships. Hopefully the lord will let me be with him for 2 transfers. haha TRANSFERS what an adventure... And also I'd love if you could update me with Lloyd's blog or what not and also if you could get me Jacee's address I wrote her in the mtc but now that she's gone I won't be able to keep up with her. And so far i haven't had one flat on my bike those flat protector's have worked miracles for me. haha And you oughta tell uncle Brian that he needs to sign me up for one of those marathon's. I just about got my bike legs where i can go full speed everywhere.
     This week has been a little slow. We didn't find too well but we talked to a lot of people. That's the interesting thing is you can work your butt off but it's down to coming across those people that are prepared. We are still working with a less active family and there son who's 10 they've made it to church twice and he's coming up on his interview. I've been making a list of part members for the area and also trimming up the ward roster with who's moved or what not and so far we have over 25 part member families...... Crazy right??? And we';ve been getting fed well from the members so you have no need to worry about your little precious in South Texas. Just today for our p-day activity I ate a jabanero peppper the whole thing. So i'm definitly going to be fluent now. Soy un Nativo!!!!
     But I'd like to talk a bit on member missionary work with you now that the stake will be receiving sister missionary's. I'd like to first off commit you all to come up with a list of 5 names of friends that you can share the gospel with and invite the sisters over for dinner and discuss this list. And avoid changing the subject to things that do not involve missionary work! Help the missionaries live there purpose. As missionaries we sometimes fall into discussing things that don't pertain to our purpose with members. So keep them on topic!... And i'd also like to commit maisie to share mormon messages on facebook (especially with garret((maybe there's a lead for a name maisie)) Often times as members we seem a bit timid to share the gospel with our friends and family. We feel like if we push others to hear the message that they may think less of us or may not appreciate the gesture. But as members of the church we know of all the blessings that we are entitled to when we keep our covenants. For example when we keep our baptismal coventant we have the spirit to be with us at all times. (Sacarament Prayer) Think of all the blessing that we've had in our family of following the guidance of the holy ghost. Also 2Ne 9:21 no one can inherit the kingdom of heaven if they have not been baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority. If we really have love for those around us then we will give the best thing we have to offer them "lasting meat" and water or in other words the gospel. So share the joy of the gospel with those whom you want to see in heaven with us. I promise that as you do that you'll see the joy of missionary work and you'll feel real joy and that you can give someone something that they've been waiting for there whole lives. Some people just need the knowledge in order to repent... So share that KNOWLEDGE
But have a great week love you all!!
Elder Hobbs

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