Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18

Dear Family,
     This week was a great one!  We got the chance to take part in a baptism with M a 10 year old that we've been working with for the last couple of weeks. The service went really well and the ward took them under their wings and showed them so much love. The home teacher of the family ended up doing the baptism for him and everyone was in attendance the bishop shared a strong testimony and it all ran smooth. The only problem is before the baptism our newly sustained ward mission leader started the font really early and didn't know that you need to fill most of the water up with hot water..... So as we checked it after sacrament it was about as high as it could go and very very cold. My comp and I (plus the zone leaders) called an audible to drain it a bit and fill it up with some hotter water. So as being the youngest missionary I got to go in and pull the plug so everyone else guarded the doors and I went for a swim and pulled the plug. haha anything for the salvation of others is my motto. haha but the baptism was so great and so spiritual it's so worth it to go through so many people to find those people who are preapred and so ready and willing to listen to the gospel. So start on that list of people that you've been feeling are being prepared huh???
     The Zone of Brownsville has been on fire this last week we are looking like we will be hitting our goal of 14 baptisms and even hitting above that goal. The Stake president has a goal for us to be up to 28.... So we have a lot of work to do. Me and Elder Stewart are back to starting from scratch for finding we don't have too many in our teaching pool. but we've discussed it a lot and will be planning our eternal family that we'll be baptizing together and we're very excited for that. I ran into a member that knows good ole President Hancock up in Austin you'll have to ask him if he knows brother Bradshaw. It's funny to have so many little missionary connections. Love you all and continue to stive to do member missionary work and diligintly read as a family as you have time. And remember your spiritual CPR (church prayer Read) Love you all and send me that rap Sam had. 
Love you Y que tengan una buena semana viene!
Con amor,
Elder Hobbs

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