Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 29

Dear Family

   Well where do I start with this e-mail!!!!! My new companion  is from Flagstaff Arizona and he knows Camille  my friend that I met on senior trip so we've had some funny stories to break the ice. And he's doing really really well for being so young he's working hard and will have some great spanish here in a bit. We've got along well and we've managed to teach all of our spanish lessons together real well. It's like as soon as I got the reins of being Sr. Comp I could understand everything completely my prayers have been answered. But I can't tell you how hectic this week has been. We've had a lot of investigators with baptismal dates in spanish and we've been having to work on getting them to start acting and reading and coming to church. And our investigator in english just got baptized!!!!!!!! It has been such a quick process A was just super super prepared and got baptized on her 3rd Sunday. She's already mastered the Gospel library app and she has been attending Institute and has been sharing her testimony there with all the other y.s.a members. She's really been loving the church and now we will be focusing our efforts on helping her family also. It has been very stressful getting everything set up for that but hey it was worth every ounce of stress. Haha And a great way to break in a greeny I'd have to say.

   Other than that things have been pretty normal it hasn't been too crazy becoming sr. comp. trainer or anything just the normal missionary life just a little bit more on my plate. Mountains to climb as president Eyring would say. It's such a blessing to take part in the conversion of others. It's just so crazy to think that this little change in A will affect nations as she continue's to live in righteousness. I like to think of Lehi and his family how they decided to answer the call of the lord and how great his posterity came to be and because through him and his decisions we have the Book of Mormon and the way to make it back to our father in heaven. I'm just super excited to see the things this girl will do her testimony is already super super strong and she's already expressed to us her desires to help us teach others. Brother's and Sisters Mom and Dad. This was a refferal and a change so great that someone made. Please I'd encourage you to help those missionaries in the stake to find people to teach. Nothing can happen as a missionary untill you find. And the best way to find is through the members so please open up your mouths and help the missionaries. And I'll be excited to hear the changes that come to others as you do so. No tienen miedo de el compartir de la verdad. But here's some pictures of the baptism and from the past couple of months.

  Things are going well and I'm still living off of my own cooking.  Pero eso es todo que tengan un buena semana.

I love you all

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