Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 6

Dear Family,
   Well it's gotta be oftly lonely at home for momma bear??? What happened to those days in Nauvoo??? Jk. But sound like everything is great and that everyone is being real proactive. I will be in McAllen this week for some trainings so I should  be there to get my package. I''ll lble overly excited to see that thank you for sending it. Congrats to Elder Stratford and Roundy that's gotta be very very exciting.
   But this week has been one of the fastest yet slowest in my entire life. Things have been going really really well we were reffered by a member to a house that we got in contact with and it turned out to be a less active member that has been like our missing link to finding here in the area. He's explained how he wants to spread the gospel and become active again he's in his 70's but he's got a ton of heart i love the guy a ton. We've actually been working with his Provider/Future wife to be baptized at the end of may we will just need to get some permision on the situation because they live together for a little while. And the Best part M T the provider has 8 grandchildren and 3 daughters that he also wants to get on board to learn so we our super excited to be working with them. Also she has been to the church in Florida for close to a month and has desires to do her family history already so it'll be awesome to be apart of helping her to be baptized.  She also loved church this week and in gospel principles the teachier even dived into a bit of doctrine for Baptisms for the Dead so she really enjoyed that i'm super stoaked for her we'll just need to work out a few odds and ends and everything should be great. And the best part is it's in spanish!!!
   We've also been working with another family we found. We came in contact with the father messing around in his garage and we talked for a bit and then had a lesson and he's super excited to get baptized but he just wants to get his family to have his same desires. He's actually from Tampico Mexico and is married to a woman from England that I ask to read from the scriptures every chance I get because I love hearing her accent and they have a 16 year old son that has some good relations through school to some members so we'll be excited to help them to come to church. They didn't end up coming this week because they were painting a rooom and were busy so we'll have to teach them a bit on the Sabbath Day. But they're awesome and what are the chances that we have to teach someone from england. And also spiced up the mix of teaching techniques becuase she has roots to the Church of Engalnd..... (Glad i was in a.p. European History and know the flaughts of everysingle one of those churches). But this week we've been very very blessed to find the people we have and it's such a blessing to be a missionary I love feeling the spirit as we teach and i wouldn't trade this for anything. I'm grateful for all the support and love and I hope you continue to have a great week in the one to come and i'll be excited to talk with you on your special day. Les Amo mucho.
Elder Hobbs

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