Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13

Dear Family,
   Well I just talked with you last night so I may be a bit brief withthe e-mail. First off that's crazy that I might be missing the next  family 2 weddings coming up... How exciting. It was so great speaking to you over the phone. But like I said things are going great in the area. In the zone and in the mission. Brownsville is the place to be right now!!! And you can tell Glen to just talk with my president about the whole meal thing but I won't be worrying about it. If president says it's ok then i'll be ok with it.
   But my companion's name is Cody Livingston and he's from Flagstaff Arizona. And he's doing great he's a hard worker we're getting along really well and working a lot of great miracles. M received her answer of the restoration and we asked her the baptismal interview questions on Joseph Smith, BoM, and The church being restored and she said all 3 we're true. So right now we will only need to teach a few commandment lessons and then wait for the divorce process for her friend A. But if not we'll probably be inviting her to spend the nights at her trailor. How crazy it is looking at the situation outside of a members perspective to see two 20 year old boys telling two 70year olds to get things figured out. What they don't realize is that invitation is not from two twenty year olds.
   Also the M's had a great time at church. The 16 year old son has good friends at church so we've already won half the battle we will just need to work on getting the dad a little bit more friends gett them baptized and start working on the wife that's from England. Now's my chance to get that british accent I've been yearning for for my entire life so I gotta start working on it.
   But things have been going great I've been working my repentance process on my journal i've fallen into bad habits and not keeping it up to date as well as I should. Also I need to work on getting more pictures but to tell you the truth it's not to big of a desire for me right now. I was thinking about it during the call and really it is such a blessing and also very stressful to not have a care in the world other then whether or not our investigators keep there committments or finding more investigators. It
s so awesome to be able to just leave everything else behind and we occasionaly get those questions from people we talk to. Well is it hard..... And really the answer is no but they never believe us. haha 

 I love you all a ton i hope everything is going well and mother's day was awesome. Good luck with the playoffs coming up Mais. And Heston it sounds like you lost your little girl voice.... haha all a ton and remember to always keep your studies up and to be active in the gospel. 
Les Amo.
Elder Hobbs

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