Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 20

Dear Family,
   Well this week has been one super super crazy!!!! And quite the adventure. I'll just dive straight into it. Well first off we've been getting M T prepared for Baptism.
 The news on the Mc family is that J the 16 year old son already refers to himself as a mormon and really has some great friends in the church and we'll be super excited to help him get baptized on the 2nd of June he's on the swim team at a rival high school to a lot of the youth in our ward but he's good friends with them and really is excited to be baptized. But we've fellowshipped them pretty well so far and we have a family home evening lesson tonight with them that's one fo my favorite lessons to teach. WE're teaching the sabbath day Sundae lesson. Where we explain things they can and shouldn't do on the sabbath and for the stuff to add to their ice cream we have BBQ sauce, Soy Sauce, Mustard, ketchup or the normal stuff for a sundae and you label what the things are Bad, like working, buy stuff, mall, swimming Good-read scrip. famtime, church, nap/rest. And you put all of it in a bowl of ice cream and you explain even though ketchup or BBQ sauce are good things to do on other days they're not what we should do on The lord's day. And then at the end of the lesson we can have them customize their own Sundaes and everyone gets icecream it's a fun little lesson that most people really enjoy. But they 're doing really well and looking goood to become 2 great priesthood holders in the ward and we're praying for the miracle for M to get baptized I mean the lord has answered our prayers just in a way to make us stress out and frett about it but I don't doubt that his hand was apart of what has come and will come.
 But thank you so much for being such great examples. the last story I want to share is one that was a painful moment for me this last week. We stopped by a member that has grown up in an area that the church is very strong and is run the way it should be. She had not made it to church for over a month or two due to being offended by the bishop and we thought that that was the only reason. As we discussed with her her problems and tried to understand her. She had said she was attending another church trying to find whichever one would be ok for her as my blood boiled and I tried not to start yelling at this lady I said how can you abandon the truth that you grew up knowing your entire life. She came up with a doubt that anymember could use as a cop-out and tried telling us that and tried telling us that all church's were fine and that she had never received an answer to her prayers before whether it was true. It made me feel bad and we left her committed to brush off the dust of her B.O.M and read it and pray about it. But it made me think of 3 things. First, I will never abandon the truth that our parents have cherished (hymnbook true to the faith) Second the talk that Elder Holland just barely gave to us (that we later left in her mailbox highlighted) And third that as a priesthood holder I will not take a job that keeps me from keeping the sabbath day that in turn keeps me from being an example of my family and presiding over them to guide them spirutally. This conversation has left me feeling really bad about her situation and I invite anyone who hasn't found out for themselves whether the church is true or not to "Believe and excercise your Faith" to come to know it is. And to work towards receving that answer. It's not a night and day thing. Joseph Smith didn't get an answer to his question when he first thought about it or asked. Neither did Enos. Neither did anyone who receives revelation it's something that is worked for and sought for. And as your faith is put to the test and trials come stay firm to the foundation in which you have ( How firm a foundation last line). 

Thank you mom and dad for both being examples and both doing your part to help us grow up in the faith that we do have and continue to feed those spirutally that our dependant on you I love you all so very much and continue to excercise your beliefs and your faith.
Love Elder Hobbs

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