Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 3rd

Dear Family,
   Yeah I will be staying in Country Club for my 5th transfer. I'm so excited to stay and I will get to finish training Elder Livingston. And they'll be splitting our old district into 2 new ones because they will be opening a new area that some other Elders will be whitewashing so we will have us, a companionship of sisters, and the new elders that will be whitewashing an area. And I will be leading the district we will be called the Boca Chica District or in other words. La tierra Prometida aka Zion. But it's a bit scarry but I know I'll be able to do it. And no I didn't get the chance to go out to eat with Glen.
   But what a hot date Heston must have been for the Tailor Swift Concert with Maisie, I'm sure they both loved that one a ton. 
   But as for news in the area we pushed back the M family date and we will have to be working with them to commit a lot more they are basically in Limbo right now they know everything for there interview but they are just falting a bit of ganas de hacerlo. But we've also found a guy named J that is the funniest craziest guy you'll ever meet. He's been homeless before and right now his mother is paying for his place, but teaching him is crazy he always has something hilarious to say. He used to be really into drugs and it messed with his head quite a bit. We also have been working with this sweet old lady that accepted to learn from us and come to church and is sitting on the fence with a baptismal date but I know she'll get her answer when we explained the apostasy to her and about personal apostasy she said that's what she's been in her entire life.

Man you gotta love speaking in spanish. Basically everyone we are finding that is interested all speak spanish. haha I love it!! But that's about it for our teaching pool we found a couple secret part member families that haven't been worked really hard so we'll see what we can do about getting them to come to church and being baptzed. but other than that that's it not to crazy of a week. I've also got the chance to eat at Rudy's this last week and  I got a pound of Briskett it was amazing i'll have to go again for sure. But I'm excited to stay in Brownsville for another transfer or two and it's like this place is home now I don't think I'll ever want to be transfered now. But hope you all have a great week remember to study in the scriptures and to pray each day. Hel 5:12 and 3 Ne 18 25
Les Amo,
Elder Hobbs

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