Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17

Dear Family,
 That's good news about another wedding and i'm excited to hear of the health of Grandma Hobbs I hope things will continue to be well with her. But lets talk about the week shall we...
   L GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! on father's day. It was awesome he's been such a miracle. This last week we had plans to have dropped him for the entire week to not go by at all. (We dropped him pretty hard last Sunday night) So the zoneleaders were harrassing us to get things going with him because we need those #'s (numbers represent people being saved((or the road to being saved)). But we didn't have plans going by at all and after talking with zoneleaders and praying about it as a companionship we decided to go by on Wednesday. So we went over with a member and we sat down and talked with him he looked happy to talk with us and he explained to us how horrible his past 2 days were and we told him why those days were horrible. So long story short we resolved his doubt by sharing the parable of the rich young ruler and then tying it into carrying your own cross like Christ or we won't be able to inherit the kingdom of heaven and he just got baptized.....!!! We also brought over anther member for the next lesson we had had on Friday and brought a guy his age that was from Tampico. They both got along real well and he helped us resolve all his doubts and make the choice to be baptized. It was awesome miracles are down here in Brownsville that's for certain. Now the next attack plan is to help him help his family the son dropped us and has been being abit lazy but his biggest problem is the mom she's holding him back quite a bit but we'll see if we can get her to soften her heart a bit to teach her and get her to be supportive of her husband.
   But other than that the abuelas didn't come to church they had to be in Corpus and Matamoros on Sunday. I swear this is the only mission where you have to deal with your investigators going to Mexico to visit family every weekend. We also had our other investigator that was supposed to be being baptized this next Sunday miss. He got a little scared when we started filling out his baptismal record and asking information from him. (He has schirtzophrenia and also was worried we were going to get him deported) but we'll help him make it to church next week. But things have been really great in the district I got to go on my first exchange with Elder Mulitalo future starting Guard for BYU. haha we set 8 baptismal dates on one day with 4 different households. It was such a fun experience cuz we came out of the MTC together as 2 little whimpering pups. And fast forward a year and we were giving the 1- 2 punch to everyone we saw. haha but it was a ton of fun and God has continued to pour out miracles. We've recently in our area figured out how to find families!!!!!! It's through kids of member families you just got to get them excited about baptism and then ask them who there best friends are and where they live and when you can go with them to contact them. WE took a member out with us. 12 year old A that was riding his bike with us and we asked him where do your friends live. So we ride up to this house and the parents are in the garage smoking and drinking and they see us walk up and give us a look like what do you want and then they see A and get their son from in the house and he  comes out and we introduce ourselves and talk with them for a bit and invite them to A's house for a F.H.E. And I loved the words the father said "If A will be there then our family will be there" It was super super awesome miracle without our main man A.  There would have beeen no way they would have even talked with us so now we have an F.H.E. with 6 other families invited to come to see the pepper trick so we'll be very excited to see the results of working through this member family and their kids.
  But in closing I just want to throw a shout out to my father and all that he's done for me and for his example as the patriach of the home to serve a mission and to help all of us have an easy choice to serve a mission. AS I was talking with E. Mulitalo as the day was ending on our exchange we both discussed how there is no other thing better than being a missionary. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the experiences that i've had up to this point. So Elder David Bruce Hobbs thank you for being the example for me, Sam and Saren (Maisie and Heston) as you've served your mission and continued to serve your mission as our father. I love you and hope you know i'm proud of you. I love you familia OBBS (No hay H en espanol jaja) Love you have a great week.
Elder Hobbs

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