Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24th

Dear Family,
   Well I hope you enjoy some of these pictures that i sent I'm still working on sending more pictures but hey it's better to be focused n missionary work rather then missionary things as sister Trayner would say.  
   Here is a picture of the Brownsville Zone in the month of May when we baptized 22 people!!! So we took the picture because that was something that hadn't been done for a long time (or maybe even ever). And for the month of June we are at 16 of 20 and will be praying mightily for 6 people scheduled to be baptized throughout the zone so keep them in your prayers also. But right now the Brownsville zone is the place to be in the mission we're seeing miracles right and left and leading the mission as of now. As old Devil hands hatfield would say(Levi) put your team on your back.
   Something else that is really interesting that I failed to tell you all is our entire zone covers the English ward....haha that's 26 missionaries in one unit. haha could you imagine 26 missionaries in the West Weber 3rd Ward. And our Spanish ward just received another set making us up to 12. So sometimes we overwhelm the members. haha but the biggest reasons that we have so many in these wards is the stake president is working really hard with the mission president to work on splitting Brownsville and Harlingen into 2 seperate stakes rather then just the one and when we succeed we will be that much closer to getting a temple down here and then opening the door to so many people to do there temple work that cannot cross the checkpoint borders farther north. As i've explained before South Texas is it's own little country because half the people here can't go south to Mexico and they can't go north to pass the checkpoints but I'll leave you to figure out what is keeping them from doing so.
   We had an OK week we found quite a few of new investigators and are still struggling with the same struggle we are working on getting people to church. Our investigator J couldn't come because he was in Mexico for something and the 2 older ladies were busy with their families ultra vec so we will be making some plans with them to be there on Sunday and keep the SABBATH DAY holy. Never forget to do that anyone who reads this letter the sabbath is one of the most important commandments that we so often treat very lightly. Go to church!!!! Not Mexico. haha

But President gave us his last training and it was super sad to see him go. I'll always remember my interviews with him and the love that he showed to me and the missionary that he's helped me to start becoming. We had a video of where we watched the atonement and missionary work with Elder Holland talking and it reminded me of the moment where president helped me out the most. At the moment of my mission where I was at my lowest all it took was pure love from president to lift up my spirits. Continue to strive to be that example to those around you whether your in a calling to serve many or whether you are presented with opportunities to serve. Seve and love those around you and help impact the lives of others. I love you all family and keep working hard on study
ing the scriptures and doing the little things.

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