Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 1

Dear Family,
   What a week!!! Things are going by super super quickly. We had a great turn out for the month of June as a mission we turned out with 106 baptisms and as a zone in Brownsville we fell short of our goal of 20 with just 17 but that's the 3rd highest the zone has hit in the past couple of years. It's been fun serving the lord as a district leader. I should be having some interviews coming up this week from some missionaries in the district and we also just had an investigator just pass an interview in our area that should be getting baptized next week. The lord has been blessing us and i know we have a lot of good things going on.
   We have been teaching an investigator for the past month named J. He kinda is a little slower but he loves church and loves having lessons with us. He said a prayer just the other week lessons with him have been the funnest ever because you never know what this guy is going to say. haha But we got him over his tea problems and also over drinking and he's already read up to 1 nephi 15 ish and he loves reading in the pamphlets we leave with him. He has already been sharing them with his neighbors and friends and one of his biggest desires is to preach the gospel with us. But we'll be excited to report a bit next week on how it goes.
   I just want to share a quick missionary momenty just this last week I was riding my bike while we on a little trek(btw country club is biggest bike area in brville) and I was thinking to myself "how can I leave this area". I was have truely changed into the missionary that I have wanted to be here in this area. And I've had moments of thinking just get me out of here or why did I have to come to the area, I'll be honest. But as I've seen the changes in myself I've seen the changes in my area and then that's when you can see the changes in the people you teach. But I truely feel like I've found myself in the area  and that I have truely become a man/missionary. It's amazing how tailor fit missions really are and how much the lord really understands what we need and as we get beat down and we have trials of faith it's all for a reason. Nothing is in Vain unless you allow it to be. Unless you fail to understand what is being taught to you.
But I love you family hope everything continues to go well.
Elder Hobbs

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