Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10

Dear Family,
   Did you just mention heat in Utah.....? You can't  be complaining till you jump on a bike in Brownsville humidity in the summer. Haha But I actually have met Hna Ninatype she's in my Zone down here in Brownsville. Also Cooper let me know that Carson just got his call to go to a liitle island off the coast of Australia. But what a week it was huh?
   We prepared everything for the baptism of L and he was interviewed and everything but he didn't show up at church for his baptism. We have plans to get him going back but it's been a heartbreaker up to this point we just gotta get him to follow what he's been feeling the spirit has let him know he needs to do it he just needs to put off some family opposition. But we had a great week at church we had a guy come that has been super fun to teach so far because he just makes us laugh so hard but he's been retaining everything really well and we should be baptizing him the 23. We also have been teaching  2 older ladies that are sisters that have just been awesome. I feel like I am their little grandkid every time we come by they have food for us. They've fed us everytime we pass by. We've eaten Cow tail (it was delish) and Sea Bass (best seafood i've ever had). And we had a miracle with them at church too!!!! We we're running late to church because we tried to go resolve the doubts of L before church started and so we were stressing big time with that and we had these 2 ladies coming to but we were 5 min. late to church and other missionaries had texted us about them and next thing you know we show up and they're sitting down next to another older lady and her husband. She came through in the clutch for us. She showed them the hymns explained everything took them to the classes and hugged them (did the mexican lady kiss on the cheek with them). And just loved those 2 ladies to death and we went by that night to follow up with them and btw( one is catholic and the other is 7th day adventist). We talked to them and all they could say is how much they enjoyed church and how they were already wanting to come back and how everyone is like a family there and how the sister is their new best friend. haha L had to leave while we were talking cuz she was going to some church event but we stayed and talked with M for a bit and we asked if she still had plans to be baptized after she went to church and she said Yes!!!!!! and she said she wanted to go next week really bad we shared msh 18:8-10 and she is now super super committed. And all she could say was how much she loved church and how much more she liked it then her sisters church. It was super super awesome. All because a member saw 2 people she didn't recognize and then loved them.
Now the inspired question I have for the family....... How many times have we even talked to strangers  that have  showed up to church????
But anyways things have been great with the new chances I've received to serve I got to do 2 interviews with a 10 and 13 year old and they passed. It was awesome i'm very excited the distirct is doing really really well and the zone is doing really well. OUr zone last month baptized the 22 which was a new Brownsville record and we're leading the mission. The lord's work is hastening bastante down here. We are looking like a potential of 26 for June. So keep praying for us and help out the sister missionaries back up. Les amo bastante.
Elder Hobbs

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