Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, May 5, 2014

April 28

First things first I'd like to give a shout out to Brad and Dori Hobbs! They broke the streek of Elder Hobbs not getting a letter in the Robstown house I almost made it two transfers without one that isn't missionary related. So thanks for the letters... Right now we have a young missionary in the house that gets letters all the time and then the other 2 missionaries have like 3 girls writing them.

This week was great though we went back to the house with all the labs just yesterday and right as we get there and get out of the truck they bolt at us... This time I was prepared and wasn't caught off guard I smacked one in the face with my backpack and was about to spartan kick the next one  but the owner called them off.... That was my Ammon moment for the week my companion and I got a good laugh about it and the old guy just told us we shouldn't have just stood there we should have kept walking and told them no and they wouldn't have bothered us..... haha but the guy let us in and we taught him about the book of mormon it went really well and he's committed to a church tour and a baptismal date.

I've been working out a lot in the mornings and trying to get back in shape. We've also recently gotten the chance to receive 40 referals in a week so that was quite a miracle I've never done that before... Almost all of them came from a member that is our ward mission leader. We drew up a family with him we'd like to find and baptize around his city area and told him to start writing down addresses of people who fit that description and people he talks with in the mornings when he goes on his long walks and he hooked it up for us so far most of the people have rejected us because it's a lot richer of a neighborhood but we've found some really cool potentials and now have an inn to an area that hasn't really been worked very hard by missionaries for a long time. We just end up talking to alot of preachers around the area.

I've had an interesting week with coming across other religions.... we saw a jehovah witness bash with a catholic nun across the street from our house Saturday morning for a good 20 minutes, and then got to talk with the lady that knocked on our door. I was on a split with a priest in the ward and we went to his friend's house that's baptist and we answered all his questions about the mormon church and that went well the baptist church trains up there 16 year olds to ask those hard questions. haha but something I've learned is that the church always has an answer, there is always doctrine behind everything and sometimes the answers cannot be understood by the listeners just think of Christ and his teachings none of the pharisees understood anything he said because they didn't have open hearts, ears, and eyes so some answers take people back a bit if they're not understood by the spirit or pondered out in thier minds. It's been a testimony builder to me to be on the mission and come across so many different types of beliefs and different churches and to know that there's only one that has the fullness of the gospel, only one that can open up the gates to the celestial kingdom for individuals.

Other than that that's basically how my week went lots of random things happening to us. I've been working on slimming down and getting my muscles toned I also don't wanna be a dead missionary so I'm gonna continue to work my hardest and get the most out of these final strides. Heston's gonna have to start working out cuz I still got the belt that we stole from Sam before he left. Hope you all have a good family home evening tonight and also work on making sure the family is really strong in the relations which we have always make sure that Christ is the center of our relationships. Like mosiah 2:17 says when were in the service of our fellow man we're in the service of our god..... so if were in the service of helping ourselves then were serving ourself so make sure you serve your lord by serving one another.

Have a great week I love you all!

Elder Hobbs

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