Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21

Dear Family, 

Well what a great week! We had an interviews with president and it was a great one! False alarm on the "talk". I learned a ton from President he's such a great guy he'll be the first Chilean apostle. haha I've truely been blessed to have two great great mission presidents. I've loved pres. Trayner and I’ve loved pres. Maluenda and I've learned so much from the both of them from what they've said and what they haven't said. I'm glad that the lord has blessed me with 2 great spiritual leaders for my mission.

It's been a fun week dodging cascarones and having a few close encounters with some neighborhood dogs I was chased for the first time on my mission by a team of yellow labs.... We knocked this door out in the country that we were referred to and no one answers and we walk into the driveway and there waiting was about 4 grown labs and 10 good sized young labs that just went after us. haha I was def. caught off guard but we escaped with no bites.

We've had the blessing of sharing a lot of Easter messages with others... I remember a letter that Sam wrote me early on in the mission about using holidays to our advantage and that was basically the door approach for the week. WE"RE SHaring AN EASTER MESSAge can we come in? And we saw a lot of success in doors being opened and the spirit being felt. My go too scripture for Easter is Msh 16:7-8 and compared sting of death to how one feels when a loved one passes on.... And then we'd ask the gente if we could share more with them and then go to the restoration and it worked well. A family told us they were catholic and weren't interested and we offered an easter scripture and luego 15 minutes later they all have a baptismal date after the message of the restoration. I really like offering a scripture in contacts it helps you discern real quick if come by another time is really intended or if they're nicely saying get lost.

Anyways Easter went well and we've been doing good. We had quite a full house this last Sunday with all kinds of people so that was great too see the ward is definitly growing and I received some good revelation on how to work areas that haven't been worked too much so i'm real excited to go out and make some things happen in some of these smaller towns i'd like to invite you too look up these following cities Petronilla, Driscol, Banquete. These are some towns we've been trying to hit up a lot more lately.

Anyways love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Hobbs

p.s consider it an iron chef challenge Heston vs. Elder hobbs

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