Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 7

Dear Family, 

Well what a week and what a great conference.... We had the opportunity to watch all of conference we watched it at members homes and also at the church on Sunday. There were some very very good talks. I really liked the talk on the priesthood by Dallin H. Oaks in the Priesthood session. We also had been blessed with an investigator that came. His name is Chase he played college football and is now in a semi pro league he's super huge and plays tight end and is african american with super sweet dreads he's already given me a few bro hugs and he just loves us to death he's baptist but before he knows it he's going to be a member of the lords church we've had a few lessons with him and were about to the point of helping him get  over some big obstacles in his life so he can get baptized. We also have had a miracle HQ referral from Oakland, California Temple of a very very prepared family the only problem is she wants to wait till her husband comes back from work he's in Minnesota so I may be transferred by time her husband gets back and it's a family of all boys about 7 in all.

We've recently been having a lot of success in all phases of key indicators/#'s but getting people to church so it was good to see chase come to church and enjoy it so much. We've found a couple of really cool families and i've also had quite a few experiences journal worthy such as a man judo chopping my companion and trying to teach us snake jiu jitsu and then kissing our hands..... He asked if I was wearing cologne and I said no he then said my body smelled beautiful.... haha but we've been teaching his friend and it really helped us break the ice with his buddy and everytime that we come by he stabs at that joke of my body smelling beautiful and so does my comp so elder Hobbs is still the center of jokes... haha

I love the mission so much we were eating at the stake president's house not to long ago and he was talking about missionaries when they come home and how they all ball their eyes out when he takes their tags and I about started crying myself just thinking about it..... So I stopped thinking about it. haha recently in the mission President Maluenda made some changes to rules in the mission... When he came in he made some changes for elders and sisters to be a lot more open to listen to whatever music as long as it was missionary appropriate, etc.... So in last MLC meeting we got together and he defined everything and debujo the lign in the sand for different things and talked about importance of being focused and also cracked on other little missionary traditions so it's been fun talking about it with each companionship about it all and training on obedience so basically the mission is being purified an it's real exciting.

But congrats to Sam for the senator position that's really cool. It appears that Heston may be getting a bit taller huh... And Sam looks super old now. It looks like you took the picture at the old famous Hobbs Family spot at the conference center.

Anyways take care love you all and apply what you heard about missionary work and get Heston and Maisie studying up on PMG so they can discuss it with the missionaries.

Love you all/ y'all

Elder Hobbs

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