Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, April 21, 2014

March 31

Dear Family, 

   Well it has been a great week we've had a lot of fun and have been working hard we had an exchange over the weekend and I got to work with some elders and go to church with them and it was a good experience.... We've been flying around and training on this new way of teaching basically to everyone we can in the zone. Everyone knows it but it's still new to everyone and everyones still working on getting kinks out and new things come up from president and the assistants and we've been kept on our toes. I actually got to work with an Elder that was an ambassador from USU and had heard of Maisie but wasn't sure if he met her. I also found out that we finally got some Fremontites into the mission. We've been surrounded by Weber kids and Alta and all other schools but finally I heard that there's some elders in the valley (Mcallen area) that went to Fremont, So it's a small world I may never run into them due to the fact we're up here on the north border and never really go down south other than for an occasional meeting but hey there's still hope.

As for the release date..... Nothings been officially stated they let elders know 90 days in advance but it's looking like the 30th of July as I wrote to sam in a letter ( may not have made it out of Robstown postal service....) and I will have no choice whether to extend or not Pres. Maluenda has stated we need to accept the call from the Lord to go home so whatever your priesthood keys say is the way to follow. 

Now this is some advice to Sam and was actually something that I learned this week in Sunday. One of my favorite sections in D&C is in 121 where it talks about the importance of using our priesthood, ruling in righteousness, and being what thou art and then acting the part (the characteristics of being a priesthood leader are in the section). So the Branch President in Alice was discussing vs. 46 and it hit me pretty hard what the section may be implying there.... but it says along the lines "let the holy ghost be thy sceptor".....and he asked who holds a sceptor?..... answer A king/queen. and then discussed bad leaders who ruled in tyranny and then good leaders. And it's been my experience that if you are all over someone trying to make them do things then they don’t respond as well but if you show them how to do it, guide them, and encourage and support them then they  are very more likely able to do what you ask of them.

And especially under Pres. Maluenda I've learned how much he trusts his leaders in the mission to go and take care of issues i've felt a lot of weight on my shoulders at times but it's been for great experiences. Experience is one of the best teachers and the way i see Pres. Maluenda guide and lead the mission it has a phrase in chapter 4 of PMG pondering in my mind... Joseph Smith said it and I'm paraphrasing of course.... but it says along the lines "the way the kingdom of heaven is run is through personal revelation to your own assigned stewardship." (please look that up and read it I didn't do the quote much justice. hahaha) So I feel the lord has intended for us to understand what the holding the Priesthood on earth is preparing us for and how important it is to seek your own personal revelation and use the talents and gifts in which you possess. So Sam be a righteous Senator and you'll be able to accomplish much more personally and in the fields in which you are assigned to render service to.

But that's my letter for the week..... thank you for your prayers and thank the family also for those that have kept me in there prayers I feel everyones love and support.

Love "y'all"

Elder Hobbs

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